Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza

This has actually been my favorite set of workouts for Best Body Bootcamp so far. The lower body workout is short, but boy was my butt hurting the next day! Awesome! And my abs! My poor, poor abs! It would have been had if I didn’t have cramps this week too :( I survived though!

I’m been doing well with the tic tacs. Averaging only about six a day. Already had two today though :O

Haven’t been doing as well with the non pigging out. Not my fault! Maryam invited us over for dinner Friday. Do you know how yummy her food is??? I couldn’t sit comfortably after I was so full, but it was worth it :P I took home leftovers too. That actually worked out well because Saturday we went to my cousin’s Eagle Scout lunch thing and I knew if I didn’t eat something before we went I’d be die, so I had a couple of Maryam’s leek dumplings before we left around 10:30. I was so glad I did because they didn’t start serving lunch until 1 and I’m starving by 11, so that would not have gone well at all. The pizza and pasta was pretty good though and always nice to see family :)

Yesterday we had dinner at Uno’s because we didn’t get enough pizza? Had the deep dish cookie sundae for dessert. Worth every single calorie. I was good the rest of the day, and we shared the dessert, so I gave myself credit for Sunday.

This week we have Jenny’s lunch, because she’s leaving :( And Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work pizza lunch, so this will be another challenging week. I might skip the pizza Thursday depending on how much we have leftover…

Bryan has been converting my baby videos from VHS to DVD. He’s thinking of doing this to earn money, so if anyone needs their videos converted, let me know!

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  1. I recall you mentioning converting your baby videos and I am just wondering how Bryan is doing that? I have a whole bunch too that I would love to convert. Any tips would be wonderful! Thanks.