The Lost Fitbit

The Lost Fitbit


Saturday, I helped Julia with Helen and Darian’s engagement photo shoot in Holmdel Park. All was going well, until I realized my Fitbit was no longer on my pants. We searched, but couldn’t find it. I even went back with Bryan and my iPad on Sunday to look for it. I got a bluetooth signal, but we still couldn’t find it. The thing costs $100, and worse, you get a little addicted to tracking your steps. I feel like my effort doesn’t count for anything now :( Fortunately, the ladies over at the Best Body Bootcamp recommended I contact Fitbit‘s customer service and they’re sending me a new one :D

There was also a lot of frozen yogurt last week. Guanjone took us out, and then we went to the same place on Saturday after the photos :P

Today I’m working from my parents’ house. I have work to do in another system and I don’t really understand which way is up. I hate that.

Byran’s awesome parents are coming over to our place today to help us paint the bathroom. :D Yeah, and I’m here. I should be there, but I have to come back here Saturday and that’s a lot of back and forth :-/ And Buffy appreciates I’m here to help give her a bath today. She needs a medicated bath for her skin infection :(

Happy Fourth of July weekend :) Enjoy the fireworks!

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  1. Aw, that really sucks about your fitbit. Especially since it was so expensive. So are they sending you a new one free of charge? Because that would be too awesome!!

    I love frozen yogurt. The self serve places are still pretty new here in Canada and there are not that many yet. Honestly my favourite part is being able to add as much cookie dough as I like!!

  2. That really sucks that you lost your fitbit :( I heard good things about them, and talk about some great customer service! :)