My new Fitbit is here! Whoot! I missed my little step counting friend.

Sorry I haven’t been commenting on blogs. My company is blocking you guys and I haven’t had much free time otherwise to visit. Actually, I don’t have free time at work either these days. Can you believe they’re actually giving me work to do at work? The nerve, right? Probably a little too much to do, but still a nice change from being bored. Even when I had NDR work, it wasn’t exactly challenging. Now I’m learning all new stuff. Bizarre stuff that isn’t useful anywhere else, but like I said, not bored.

And Helen’s surprise bridal shower was this past Sunday :) And we successfully surprised her. Her reaction was priceless. So many yummy things and fun games. I gotta steal some of those for work events.

Our bathroom looks so nice. <3 Bryan's parents. They're twelve kinds of awesome. Of course now our dryer isn't working. We'll figure that out, or pay someone. 20130710-202814.jpg

And we have curtains in the spare bedroom now.


Even though the walls look greenish grey here, they’re actually blue.

2 Responses

  1. Ahahaha! I find it amazing that you say the walls are blue because they totally don’t look like it. It’s crazy what a camera and lighting can do.

    Our dryer has decided to stop working as well. It kind of sucks, eh? I have the repair guy coming tomorrow. I really hope he can do it in a flash and it won’t require a second visit. It gets expensive you know lol.

    I am very happy that you received your fit bit and that it was free. Major bonus!! Does your data get recorded online? I really hate the weight watchers pedometer I have and I’m looking for a replacement.

  2. :( That sucks that AT&T blocked our sites… :( But I know what you mean about not having time at work to blog-hop. I used to have time during work to do it, but I think in the past year, year and a half, I haven’t been able to do it at all. *sigh* Work takes up so much time!! And it’s not even enough time to finish everything!

    Anyhow. The bathroom looks sooo nice! But wow, the walls of the spare room is supposed to be blue? I can’t picture that from the picture! Hehe.