Party Lissy

Party Lissy

What a weekend. Saturday was Bryan’s birthday and his party. We had a pretty good turnout considering it was Labor Day weekend. We made yummy foods, played video games and had an all around good time.


Unfortunately Brian and his girlfriend thought the party was Sunday. So they came by the next day and we had a second party.

I left early and headed to Lyndhurst to catch the train into the city with Julia for Helen’s bachelorette party. Oh boy did we have fun. We had dinner at Alta, where they have drinks and tapas. We ordered the whole shebang – everything on the menu. They brought out a few plates at a time so we had a steady stream of interesting food to try. Everything between the sangria and dessert is a little fuzzy though. That sangria meant business. I lost my knife twice. It just disappeared. The food was very good though. Expensive, but reasonable for NY.

After dinner was karaoke! I had everyone write their least favorite chores along with why they didn’t like doing them at dinner. Before we started singing, I read them aloud with the intro- so and so doesn’t like sex because, and then the reason they gave. This was my favorite: E doesn’t like sex because she gets water all over the place and there are always more to do.

Then we sang and danced and had a jolly good time singing Spice Girls and show tunes :) so much fun that we missed our train and then we missed the last train home too. Helen and her sister ended up driving four of us back because they’re awesome like that.

I drove up to my parents’ after and attempted to sleep, but I had caffeine to stay awake for the party and it seemed to have worked to well. Needless to say, I spent a lot of the day sleeping.

Today sucked in comparison. Mostly because I think I’m sick :( oh well, better after than before!

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  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE the Spice Girls! You guys are so awesome. It sounds like my kind of party :D You definitely had a busy busy weekend :) Hey make sure you take advantage of being young and free from children, right?!