Ten Years Ago Today…

I was very excited about my new cellphone

January 14, 2004

Lissy got her new phone!!! Turns out, as opposed to what Verizon said on a section of their site, it does not come with an extra battery which is dumb so my daddy gonna complain today. It not right for them to give the extra battery to some people and then just change their minds! Verizon poo heads. But anyway, Lissy lerve her phone :D It so cool! In the phonebook, it has places for all peoples different numbers so I don’t have to make seperate entries and for each person, you can pick a little cartoon icon thing that shows up on the cover LCD display when they call :D And It has annimations for the front and inside screens and IT SO CUTE! It’s half the size of the evil Kyocera phone I had before and it’s all silver which is a great color ;) And oh, I love it :) It was expensive, but, Christmas presie :P Actually, the lady there tried charging us an extra $50 because I’m a secondary and not a primary line??? Where the frell did that come from??? So we’re like, well, that’s dren, my daddy gonna complain bout that too. But I do love my phone :D I haven’t downloaded anything yet cause I figured I’ll wait ’till after the 15 day trial period incase I wanna give it back. Stupid to pay for ringtones and stuff if I’m only gonna use them for 15 days, but I doubt I’ll be giving the phone back. I was thinking about it after the whole battery thing, but then I used the phone. Lissy no give phone back, lol. Not unless it dies on me or something.
40 more minutes until my fav episode of Sliders is on :D I’m so glad Sci-Fi’s rerunning eps again. Course this means I can’t eat breakfast or lunch while I’m at school, but I figured I’ll have a slimfast shake or something in the morning. No biggie :P Oh and yesterday, I figured out how to work the timer on my VCR! Yeah, only took me 8 years. Turns out the TV has to be off which is weird because it usually won’t let you record if the TV’s off, but whatever, it works… just wish I figured it out sooner… If I ever go to the mall, I have to buy more blank tapes. I really wish Sliders would come out on DVD, I hate having to tape everything. Right now I only have like 10 episodes and I ran out of tape boxes
edit: I uploaded my schedule for next semester which starts the 20th. So, now you can see where I am at all times! I know, how exciting :P HTML Format | Gif Format (recomended)

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  1. Whoa. I don’t even have words! How times change eh?! Holy crow.

  2. Ah, the good old days, when it took more to describe a mobile phone than: Nokia/Windows, Android or iPhone.

  3. I just realised that I spelled my own name wrong. Oh, to be commenting at 4:00 in the morning…