Back to Reality

Back to Reality

I did go into work last Thursday, but most folks weren’t back yet, so there was little to be done. Friday it snowed and we all worked from home, today is the first real day back.

Friday night Bryan and I used Chris and Rae’s gift card for the Cheesecake Factory for our anniversary dinner. Nice and quiet there thanks to the snow :) I ordered the Moroccan Chicken and Pineapple Upside-down Cheesecake for dessert – yummmmm!

Saturday we hung out at home, cooked. I spent the day looking through my old website files to help me answer some questions for a survey. I was so incredibly obnoxious! I was reading our old Sliders RPG chat transcripts (we already knew I was a geek, shut up) and, really, I’m surprised these people wanted anything to do with me. My character spent the entire time brushing her hair and singing, wtf? The content on my site wouldn’t have won me any awards either.

I spent a while trying to track down some of the folks I used to talk to. I found one, I think, but she hasn’t responded to my message. You know, when you google my old screen names, you find me, why does no one else leave a trace?

Yesterday we had dinner at Uno since I had a coupon for a free entree. I shouldn’t order anything with Alfredo sauce. It never ends well.

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  1. Ahh, back to work. I need to start heading back in soon to get ready for the new school year coming up but I just can’t bring myself to be motivated enough. I think that many people change their screen names as their personalities change and they grow up. It’s strange, I agree.

  2. MMM I love Cheesecake Factory. What a great place to go for your anniversary. I always get this cheesecake called “Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple” and it is amazing. So sweet and delicious!!!