This past week felt more like two weeks. Mostly because it snowed on Tuesday and I worked from home two days, so it feels like there was an extra segment stuck in the middle of the week there. Been enjoying working on the Apache POI stuff though. Yay, coloring spreadsheets with Java.

Monday, I gave my fifth toastmasters speech, about the day I met Jerry O’Connell on TRL. They LOVED it. A little too much. Everyone was telling me how I should do it for the next contest X( It’s hard enough giving the speech once.

I wish Nitika got to see it though, she would have been proud :) She’s in India preparing for her wedding! So excited for her. She wanted us all to go to India, but that’s a long, expensive flight. Wishing her all the best from the comfort of my own home :) Did I write about her shower? We threw her a great shower at the Indian buffet.


Brij just came back from India with amusing stories to tell. Never a dull moment here at at&t.

This weekend, Bryan’s cousin is in town, so we’re having dinner with his family Saturday :) Maybe we’ll see my parents Sunday if it’s not snowing. No one seems to know if it’s going to snow again or not and if it is, Saturday? Sunday? Tuesday? I don’t care, just wish it wasn’t so darn cold. Brrr.

2 Responses

  1. Hahaha I remember TRL. I wanted to skip school and go whenever I thought someone I “loved” was going to be there but my mom never let me.

  2. Oh, TRL, good times! It’s amazing how much MTV has changed since those years.

    I hope that you’re coping well with the weather, and that you’re well out of the way of the extreme cold. Hope you’re having a great weekend so far.