I Won!

I Won!

It’s another snow day. I’m really not minding the snow much this year. Usually I hate working from home, but I really wanted to today anyway. Maybe it’s time for a work from home agreement. The big downside though is that I don’t move nearly as much when I’m home as I do at work.

My workout was on the short side this morning too. I’ve been following The Fitnessista’s Winter Shape Up. The workouts are short, but I feel them the next day! Oh and I won the week1 contest! I never win those things! I’ll be getting a tunic that will probably be huge on me! I’m sure one of my friends will enjoy it very much.

Had lunch with Rachi yesterday who I haven’t seen in forever! Or maybe a month. Our conversations always seem to turn to – omg we’re so old  it’s been 10 years since we started college and all our friends are married and having babies and dogs and omg we’re so old. I also think it’s funny how we’re both very concerned about how much college is going to cost for our kids even though neither of us has any kids yet. But seriously, you gotta start saving now, it’s gonna be like a second mortgage!

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  1. I <3 Fitnessista. So cool that you won!

    Yes..sadly we are getting old. I'm hoping they find a way to solve the expensiveness of college by the time our kids go. Otherwise it'll be like 40k a semester or worse! O.o;

  2. Yes, college is expensive and way worse in the USA than Canada. It’s good to start saving early. Plus, try to enter for as many scholarships as you can!! Haha. Congrats on winning your workout week :D

  3. I <3 it when it snows, sadly not had any here yet, just A LOT of rain/wind/storms. :(

    Nearly all my friends are married/babied as well, none yet thinking about college, but it is our 10 year secondary school (think age 15/16) reunion this year.

  4. Yeah, I haven’t gotten that far in the talk yet but I have a feeling I will eventually. Still, college is expensive and even more so here, in the US. It is just crazy.

    I think there are ways to get around the expensiveness of college like going to a community college etc; and getting financial aid or even applying for scholarships and the like. It isn’t easy but it’s worth doing.