It’s Snowing Again

It’s Snowing Again

That pretty much sums things up. Actually, I think it’s raining ice right now. Whatever it’s doing out there is loud.

Fortunately the snow didn’t bother us Saturday for Carolyn’s birthday party :) Mexican food + friends <3

Sunday Bryan and I went to Bonefish Grill since I had a $10 off thing through my credit card. I love their bread so much. I mean, the fish is excellent, the potatoes were great, but the bread! I’d pay for that bread.  I guess that was out valentines dinner because it looks like we’ll be stuck inside for a while :) OK by me. Valentines is so overrated.

2 Responses

  1. I agree that Valentines is overrated. Sorry that the snow interfered with your plans though :\ Anyway, the winter has been so weird this year. I am sick of the snow and ready for summer, for sure!

  2. I think Valentine’s Day is overrated also!

    This weather has been a disaster! I’m really not too fond of snow. It’s so messy and can be a huge inconvenience.