Elissa Ann, Meet Elsa and Anna

Elissa Ann, Meet Elsa and Anna

My goal was to see Frozen before going to Disney World again and we accomplished this last weekend thanks to Julia. That is great movie. Bryan and I had the same thought: George Lucas should take notes. Olaf: how to do a cute, comedy relief character correctly, Jar Jar: not so much. We also went out for Japanese food and frozen yogurt too :D

That was Sunday, Saturday we went out to dinner with Bryan’s family again. His aunt and cousin were visiting and Nana took us all to the same fancy Italian restaurant. Tried the Salmon this time – yum! Ended up taking the steak home by accident, but that was also yum :D

I was very busy at work this week. One of those times where everything exploded at once. I expect to be just as busy for the majority of March.

And I’m sick, but I’m already feeling a little better. That was probably the spicy stew though. Oh how my sinuses love spicy food.

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  1. Yay!! Glad you were able to see Frozen! I saw Frozen 2 weeks ago too. It’s SUCH a great movie!!! :)

    Spicy food is SO awesome. I love it so much, and glad you’re feeling better from it! :)

  2. SO glad you finally saw Frozen!! It’s such a great movie. I love the music and wish there were more songs!! Hey, did you get my email about the UV movies?