Eleven Months

Eleven Months

We’re already planning the next Disney trip and it over a year away. This will be trip #20 for me and trip #1 for Owen <3 We’re just so excited to take him. I wonder what he’ll be like a year from now.

For now, he’s intent on walking. That’s his new favorite thing. He’ll cruise around the living room using his walker, or the rolling stool or a table or a container. Anything can be a walker. His current record is five steps unassisted.

Bryan texted me other other day; “Purse is to bathtub as mouse is to trampoline” and I knew exactly what he meant. Owen loves his purse. Owen loves bringing his purse into his (dry) bathtub. Owen also loves my mouse and chewing on it while sitting on my trampoline. Can’t make this stuff up.

He still loves kiwis and Ive been mixing oatmeal into his smoothies which apparently make them even more appealing. Otherwise he eats a lot of what we do. And he’s be eating a lot lately. Running in circles and jumping on his bed must burn a lot of calories. He’s looking too skinny to me, but I don’t know how to get more food into this kid’s stomach. He still eats in his sleep at night.

His sleep has been much better though. Usually two hour stretches now. He even had a five hour stretch the other night :O

His new favorite word (next to “mama”) is “uh-oh.” He woke up the other night and said “uh-oh” instead of crying :D

He’s been hitting all of his milestones until now. He doesn’t wave, clap or point. It responds when we do these things, but looks at us with a completely blank expression when we ask him to do them. He does give high fives. I don’t think it means anything, because he’s otherwise social and communicates well, but you can’t help but worry a little.




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  1. Oh man! I’ve been out of blogland for so long I can’t believe how big he has grown!!! I wouldn’t be too concerned with not meeting the milestones just yet! Every child gets to things in their own time ;-) Just let the doctor know so they are aware… he is so adorable. I still can’t believe it. <3

  2. I miss reading your blogs so I am trying to come back and read it as much as I can!

    DISNEY! :) Too bad it’s over a year away, though, but glad to hear you’ll be going back!

    Owen’s so cute. :)

  3. I was looking at your posts, and I have no idea when the last time I came by. We missed out on a lot of each other’s lives because we’ve been so busy. :( I guess that’s life now, lol, not like back in the old days. Well, I’m glad to see everything and everyone’s doing well. Oh, and that job post… I totally understand what you mean about loving your job. That’s pretty much my reasons too. So I’m glad everything’s going well for you! :)