Been so busy at work. I fix one bug and ten more pop up in its place. I have a new manager because HR decided we didn’t need STTLs.

Weekends have been busy too. Julia’s bachelorette weekend in the Poconos is coming up. Owen is still not night weaned. Good luck to Bryan.

Owen has been getting into Pooh lately. He has two books he really likes and two Pooh plushies. “Pooh!” even Santa bear is “Pooh!” His favorite thing to do is “walk!” to the playground behind our house. He loves the “slide!” and “itswet!” Sometimes the swings are wet.  He likes watching the “geese!” and “dung!” (dogs). Sometimes there’s “tguck! zic!” (the ice cream truck plays music).

I think we’re going to stop gymboree, at least for the summer. He’s much more interested in playing outside right now. When we go, he has fun, but he also tries to escape out the door to go explore outside. I think we’re better off finding some hikes

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  1. It’s so important to play outside for little kids! I am glad to hear that you will be doing more of that :) We are trying to get out everyday if we can as well. I’ve never done a gymboree, but have thought about it. Maybe next winter when I’m on maternity leave again! Owen talks so much!! Ezri sure babbles, but nothing we can make out. It’s amazing how they learn things :D