Another birthday

Another birthday

I turn 29 again tomorrow ;)  not doing anything special really. I should have gotten a haircut today. It’s been about a year and a half. I watched Gilmore Girls instead.

Work has been slightly less crazy, mostly because testing had been blocked by one of the other systems.

The bachelorette weekend was a blast. Some crazy rounds of telephone pictionary and taboo. Owen and Bryan survived the night without me too and actually got s little sleep. Probably more than I did :D

I swear Owen said “I love you” the other day, but he was just mimicking me. Trying to think of new things he says, but drawing a blank. “High five” is pretty recent I think. He likes “bike” “dog” and “tguck” a lot still.  He says “where dada?” “where pooh?” and “where togo?” (Where did it go. )  he’s also big on “a hug” followed by a big hug. He says “Buzz” and “toot.”

I don’t think I mentioned before I did bring him into work in April and he had a blast dancing on stage before I sang for take your kids to work day.


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