Happy Second Birthday!

Happy Second Birthday!

My baby is two! And we’re having more and more fun each day. Studying up on his Disney and singing along to all the tunes :) Playing with the neighborhood kids who just adore him.

Yesterday, his actual birthday, was Jay and Julia’s wedding. I was gone all day doing bridesmaid things, so we celebrated on Saturday with a family party. He had so much fun with Cousin Penny! They’re going to have a blast in Disney!

The wedding went very well. I sang Defying Gravity which went fairly well too. The venue was beautiful as was the bride! The food was great too. I had brought some leftovers from Saturday’s party which was much appreciated in the morning, but gad I left room for the good stuff. Yummmm! And of course there was much fun dancing!

I’m off work today to make up for yesterday. Owen and I went to his favorite park this morning, saw the animals, twice, and played on the playground with a bunch of other kids his age. Everyone is always very impressed with his bike riding and social skills :D Two things he doesn’t get from me!



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  1. Awww, Happy Second Birthday to your adorable little guy. I can’t believe how big he’s gotten! I’ve been following along since he was just an itty bitty infant. It’s so lovely to watch him grow.

  2. Wow!! Two already. I can’t believe how time flies Lissy! It’s nuts. Sounds like he is turning into quite the amazing little man :)