The Search for Woody

The Search for Woody

Saturday morning Owen, Woody and I woke up, got out of bed, brushed our teeth, “used” the potty (more like played with) and then I went to get dressed while Owen and Woody played in the nursery. We read a book and then started to head downstairs for breakfast. Owen asked, “where’s Woody?” I did a quick look around the room, didn’t see the doll, so I told him we’ll look for him later. After breakfast, Owen was still on Woody so we looked a little more. He asked to check the bathroom, we did, he’s wasn’t there. I told him we’ll find him later, we always do.

We headed out to the grocery store. Owen needed to bring ALL of his toys. He put them all in a shopping bag and we left. We shopped, he brought Jessie inside. We left to go to the mall and I hit the cart return structure with the car leaving a big dent in the side (unrelated, but I’m still mad at myself). He decided to take Little Buzz in with him to the mall. We had a great time at the indoor playground, playing with Connor, on the Merry-Go-Round and train. Then we went home for nap time.

Owen was exhausted, so I searched for Woody for bit in the nursery again while he napped. Still no cowboy. I went about my business (which on this day was ordering my fancy new treadmill desk :D) Owen woke up, we went to Grammy and Papi’s and then to a party for Ishrat’s baby. Owen had a great time running around with the other kids, but we had to leave early because we don’t mess with this kid’s bedtime. It was already after 8 though (his usual bedtime) and dinner hadn’t been served yet, so we had to eat once we got home. By the time he got to bed it was late and he was super cranky and had a meltdown because we couldn’t read any books and he still didn’t know where Woody was.

We spent a lot of time looking for Woody in the nursery this morning and still couldn’t find him. He took Little Buzz to the playground and they rode his bike together. He eventually started crying because his hands were very cold and I couldn’t convince him to stick them in his pockets.

When he woke up from his nap Grandma and Grandpa were here and we were getting ready to go out to eat. “Where’s Woody? Want Woody!” Bryan looked all over the upstairs and couldn’t find him. We brought Jessie instead. After dinner the four of us all looked for Woody, upstairs, downstairs, for an hour. At this point Bryan starts thinking I’m crazy because the whole time I was insisting he was in the nursery. I started thinking, well, I guess he could be in the bathroom, or my office.

I was so sure he was in the house though. I tore apart my office again and the nursery again; I thought I was losing my mind. By the end of the hour, Bryan and I were convinced Owen must have somehow taken him out of the house and lost him because he wasn’t anywhere!

The two of us were downstairs discussing if we should buy him a new Woody. I was shouting up to Owen to come downstairs and eat his sweet potato. He had been quietly playing in the nursery by himself for about ten minutes. He comes downstairs… holding Woody. Bryan and I couldn’t believe it.

When we went up for his bath, we asked Owen where he found Woody. He goes inside the nursery to his closet, and puts Woody inside his Buzz Lighyear costume. It never would have occurred to me in a million years to look there. Only a toddler.

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