Hello Old Friend

Hello Old Friend

It’s been a while. Life’s been grand! I love love love love love my new project. It is everything I could have ever wished for in a project. I’m getting to actually write code for a change instead of dealing with crap. I just got a progression and a raise. Work is pretty good. I’m still working on my machine learning nano degree and actually I’m procrastinating right now!

We thighs we weren’t getting to Disney this year, but now it turns out we’re going to Disneyland in the Fall and Disney World in the Spring. I am so excited for Disney Land because, um, 1- squeeze, Disney! 2- never been, 3- Owen in Disney and most importantly 4- Lyra and Owen together again at last! They are going to have a blast together. We were going to stay at the Best Western across the street, because the Disney hotel prices are just outrageous for what you get. Then someone on the Dis Boards was like, hey, do you know about this discount? And I was like, no, but thank you new best friend. And now we can stay at the Grand Californian for a very reasonable price. It was really just crazy good luck. 

So yeah, life is pretty darn great right now. Just watching Owen run around with Connor on weekends is the best. They have so much fun together. He asks to see him every day. It’s adorable.

We also went to the autism fair a few weeks back and they had this bouncy house obstacle course that we did over and over and over. He still talks about it. Well spent $10.

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