June Things

June Things

This kid can run. Hanging out with him is getting to be pretty exhausting, but a lot of fun. Earlier this month we went to Emily’s wedding. Stayed overnight at a hotel which he thought was awesome. 

He was may more interested in running all over the venue than dancing or eating which was a pain since, you know, we wanted to do those things. The food was amazing, just too bad I couldn’t savor it a little more. And running after him in heels, not easy.

Otherwise we’ve been going to the park behind our house almost daily and the one between us and Carolyn every weekend with Connor. He makes friends wherever he goes, but he has the most fun with Connor. The two of them hung out at the pool on Saturday for hours. I got burned, he’s fine. Usually I’m better about the sunscreen, but I guess I was so focused on making sure he was ok, I didn’t get my back good enough.

I officially start my nano degree tomorrow, so wanted to blog before that happens. Also today marks 10 years with att and oh yeah, I had a birthday at some point this month. Had a picnic in the park with Julia and Carolyn. It was lovely. And of course annual lunch with Rachi.

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