Sesame Place

Sesame Place

I took off from work today and we took Owen to Sesame Place with Carolyn, Tom and Connor. Much like last year, the day started off shaky. We did a coupe of rides, but crankiness was at a high. I guess they were hot and/or hungry. Once they had a snack and got in the water, they were very happy.

We went to the Count’s Splash Castle, but Owen hated that. He does not enjoy getting splashed, so we went back to the little pool for a while. We stepped out when the parade came by which I think Owen liked, but then he wanted to get back in the pool after. Connor was done by that point and went home.

I managed to convince Owen to dry off and do something else and we went on some of the other rides. He loved all of them, but he was absolutely giddy about the teacups.

Since it was rush hour by the time we were done with rides, we decided it was best to stay a little later and eat dinner there. We saw Elmo the Musical and Owen was really into it, clapping and shouting. We had pizza for dinner and then went on the Carousel one last time before heading home.

After about 30 minutes in the car he says, “Bye Connor! Bye Elmo!” and waves. This kid is a hoot. He was exhausted, but he held it together really well until the last 10 minutes of the drive when he had a meltdown because he took off his shoes and socks, but he didn’t want them off. <3

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