My little boy is three today! I’ve been collecting some of his quotes to share here. I think they sum up his personality pretty well. He has such a big imagination, he has adventures will listening to movie soundtracks. He’s very sweet and very silly.

“Like your earrings? Very pretty!”

While playing with his toys: “No! Don’t touch that! … aaaaaah! … oops”

After Connor hit his knee on the playground: “oh no! Connor! You hurt your knee?” He runs over… “I kiss and make better,” he kisses his knee, “all better!” Connor: “thank you.”

On the way home from Sesame Place: “Bye Elmo! Bye Dorothy!”

“Go pool Connor? … Go Sesame Place Connor?”

Bryan was lying on the floor: “Wake up Dada! It’s time for bed!”

“It’s not time for bath, it’s time for yogurt.”

“Red shoes, yellow shoes, blue shoes, (puts shoe on head) oops!”

Owen: “I feeling frustrated”

“C is for Owen, that’s good enough for me!”

After I knocked over his tower:

Me: oh no! I’m sorry!

Owen: are you ok? (He climbs in my lap and pets my head) Aww, ma ma, you ok?

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