Owen Says Part 2

Owen Says Part 2

“Mickey go fast! Mickey go to the mall”

Owen: I go down
Me: you go down?
(The car starts going down hill)
Owen: go down! (Puts arms up like on a rollercoaster) whoooooo!

(Under a blanket) “mama! Mama! Go under here? (Whispers) it’s scary”

“I have to wait. I have to wait go mmmmmnastics, jump with the kids!”

Owen: mama, you OK?
Me: my nose is a little runny
Owen: oh no, nose is snuffy?
Me: yeah, I’m a little stuffy
Owen: mama, wait right there
(He goes into the dining room and searches for something on the table. He comes back with three napkins)
Owen: here, it snuffy for nose

(After tucking him in, he holds out his arms for a hug) “thank you mom!”

“Sorry, I can’t stay, I have to go Christmas shopping.”

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  1. I missed your DL post! So happy to see that you’ve really enjoyed it, even though you spent most of the time at Toon Town! I actually didn’t know DW had Toon Town! You’re right, I think I’d enjoy DW better. DL isn’t as much fun now. There are a few rides I’d go on, and watch the shows/parades, but nothing all that awesome. Glad you enjoyed the Grand Californian too! I was just in the lobby last week hanging out for awhile. So happy to hear that you had a wonderful time!! :)

    Btw, not sure if you knew, but the image you have embedded in this post is pretty huge.