Owen: (pointing to face cream) Mama, that medicine?”
Me: sure, yeah, it’s medicine
Owen: mama, you need to rest

Owen: I fall and bump the mouth. All the blood! Have to clean up the blood, feel better. Oh poor Owen! There blood all over! Want mama. Mouth all better now!

(Wearing a Batman mask)
Me: are you Adam West Batman?
Owen: I’m not Batman, I’m Owen

Owen: (on leaving Disney) go plane, go home to Owen’s house
Me: are you excited about going home?
Owen: not really

Owen: I lost Connor, I lost my son :(

Me: look at that baby butt!
Owen: Dada has a big butt

Me: I love my little boy
Owen: I love my little Mama

Me: do you want some almond milk?
Owen: milk is for babies
(I giggle)
Owen: Mama, Dada has a big butt

Me: Owen, tell me a story
Owen: once upon a time.
Me: That’s the whole story?
Owen: yeah. …
Owen: … once upon a time there was a little Mama who wanted to sleep. Once upon a time there was a big Dada who wanted to sleep in Dada bed. Once upon a time there was a little boy who wanted to sleep and drink water. Wait, where’s my water, there it is! (Drinks water) And there was a little baby and the baby was crying for his Mama, wah, wah! Dada downstairs, hi Dada! Once upon a time there was a big boy named Owen. Once upon a little there was a little girl named Husapufapoopoo
Me: Husapufapoopoo?
Owen: yeah and Husapufapoo poo went poo poo

Owen: Aww, so cute (puts doggy in his crib) OK, now I get a bottle. (Gets a paper tube and pretends to feed the doggy.) OK, now I get him baking soda.
Me: baking soda? But doggies don’t eat baking soda
Owen: no, it’s pretend baking soda

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  1. It’s so nice you’re recording these conversations. They are so so cute at this age and it’s amazing to listen to them. They have such large imaginations.

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