Owen Says Part 5

Owen Says Part 5

Feeling a bit less angry at the world now that I’ve recovered from the stomach bug. I did have fun last weekend at our girls’ getaway despite sinus issues. Nice catching up with everyone and eating yummy things :)

Onto some silly Owenisms

Owen: (quoting his book) I want to be an engineer when I grow up! Mama, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Me: I am an engineer
Owen: you are???

“I love you baby (kisses my tummy). I hope you OK in there. Don’t make Mama sick, ok?”

“Once upon at time there was a girl named Willow. And me and Willow went and picked pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. Then the friends had two pumpkins and they put them in the box.”

Me : They have waffles and pancakes and-
Owen: Legos?
Me: Legos? Those aren’t food
Owen: Wait, I didn’t say that right.. um…
Me: … You mean bagels?
Owen: Yes, bagels!

While helping me shop for bras, he picks out a giant purple one: “Hey Mama, your boo boos would fit in this one!”

Bryan: do you have a tail?
Owen: no, I only have a butt

Owen accompanied me to rite aid where I was buying snacks for our girls’ weekend trip: “Mama’s friends are hungry!”

Angry Owen: “I’m going to another planet and find a new Mama.”

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