Rant Ahead

Rant Ahead

Week 25 of misery. I look back at how badly I wanted to get pregnant and I feel like that was a different person. Now I’m just a sack incubating this thing that will come out and pee and poop and cry and keep us up all night.

Ok, I had a particularly bad week. Stomach bug + pregnancy = hell. I should just be thankful I was only puking my guts out for like 12 hours. I look forward to when I can walk up a flight of stairs without needing a nap again.

Last pregnancy, Owen cured my allergies, now I have pregnancy rhinitis and post nasal drip which has given me this cough because my abs aren’t sore enough from vomiting.

And we just got a $550 bill for a blood test that my Dr assured us wouldn’t cost that much. Fuck her. All she had to say was, “I don’t know how much it will cost, maybe you should check with your insurance.” We could have at least waited a week so the deductible counted towards this year.

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