Enjoying The Littles

Enjoying The Littles

Things have been much easier the last few weeks. Glenn hasn’t had any bouts of uncontrolled crying… with me anyway. He’s gotten very good at communicating. He has different cries for different needs which makes it easier to decipher what’s wrong. He’s super social and loves “talking” to us. He’ll even sit and listen to a book at bedtime.

He still gets a lot of gas, but that peddling the legs trick actually works with him. It never did with Owen. Most nights he sleeps pretty well after that (though he still won’t sleep on his own). Last night was awful. I have no idea why. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a thing.

He absolutely loves baths and recently figured out how to splash in the tub. He’s so cute. Doesn’t matter how angry he is, put him in the bath, he’s a happy dude.

Owen has been going to camp every day which gives us a nice break every afternoon. I love the kid, but he just go go goes all the time. Plus, I’m trying to get through all of Outlander before my one week trial ends.

I’m dreading going back to work. Not so much because of work, but I’ll miss the kids and I’m worried Bryan won’t be able to get Glenn to sleep. Right now he either needs the boob or the carrier.

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