We’ve been bouncing quarantine away on our bounce house. Glenn learned to say yeah! Just so he can answer, do you want to go in the bounce house?

Everything else is Donald Duck. Look geese, “Donald Duck!”

His sleep has been shit. My mental health coach has been pushing me to night wean or sleep train since it seems to have the biggest effect on my mood. I read my post on night weaning Owen and took my own advice and put him to sleep without nursing at the beginning of the night. He cried for 30 minutes, but had the best night ever after that. So much so I woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t fall back asleep, so I’m watching supernatural.

The mental health coaching is free from att. I’m mostly learning to be mindful and to take time for self care. Helping me not be so cranky all the time.

We saw my parents for the first time in months last weekend. No one seems to know anymore what we’re supposed to be doing. Yes, we could stay locked in our houses forever, but I see how badly the kids need to interact with other kids. No idea what kindergarten will be like in the fall. No idea if I’ll ever go back to the office. Disney’s opening again next month, but who knows how that’ll go.