Julia Cured My Acne

Julia Cured My Acne

I’ve been using Tea Tree Oil stuff for a while now, but I hadn’t tried this until Julia recommended it: Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Blemish Touch Stick. I stopped using the benzoyl peroxide because it was doing NOTHING for my skin anymore, and started using this three days ago. The pimples I had are almost gone and I haven’t gotten any new ones. THREE DAYS. I couldn’t believe it. Nothing I’ve used has ever worked that fast before. It’s even getting rid of the red marks!

I’ve also been thinking about buying one of these Clarisonic brush things, as an alternative to getting facials, but I want to see how long the tea tree oil keeps my skin clear for. It has really good reviews all over the internet. A little expensive though.

Julia also recommended I try jojoba oil for my oily skin.

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  1. Hmm… Thank you for your recommendations. I’ll look into it. For the oil, what do you mean it’s for oily skin?

    Man, I want that Touch Stick though. LOL, IF it works for me, that is… =/ Stuff that works for other people doesn’t necessarily work for me… =/

  2. Thanks for the tips also. I should go out and buy that stuff also, since I’m trying so hard to clear up my acne. I think I’ll buy that Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Blemish Touch Stick :) BTWm you’re quite welcome for the hits to your website :) and I changed around my webpage as well :) .

  3. Wow. That’s actually pretty impressive and I’m glad that you’ve written this post. I’ve never really had a problem with acne but I know a few people who have asked me about products and I just had no clue what to say! I like products like these.