It occurred to me that this website is still on my resume. Made sense when I had my portfolio here, not so much now. I should just have one big link to the Evil Squirrels video. Helped get me an offer once before.

I just came back from a morning walk with Glenn. He’s so cute, he points at everything. Bunny, squirrel, dog, bird. This morning he pointed at someone’s front steps and said, “up!”

Still, I would much rather sleep in the morning than go on these sunrise walks. The night weaning has not been going well. His attitude has been, you won’t nurse me, fine, I won’t sleep. And I can’t even give in because it hurts! I hope he gets the new routine soon. I’m so tired of being tired.

Owen graduated preschool this week :'( he saw four of his classmates at his teacher’s house on Friday, but i think it just made him sad, not being able to play with them. He’s so done with all this. I feel so bad for him. I hope school is somewhat normal in the fall. He needs to play with other kids.

Work has been pretty doom and gloomy. Everyone is deeply concerned about their jobs. Not being able to see anyone I think makes it worse too, being disconnected like that. Maryam and I received high praise for the mentoring we’re doing which made me feel mildly better. I miss my coworkers.