Glenn got his MMR vaccine a couple weeks ago and was soon a pile of misery for days. He had so much trouble sleeping and eating. It’s been rough. He seems to be pretty normal now.

And then our bathtub broke and we had to call an emergency plumber.

And then this storm hit and we lost power for seven hours. We’re lucky though, a lot of people still don’t have power.

But I took Owen to the beach and he loved it. Almost as much as video games he says. So we’ll be going back next week. It’s nice to go somewhere for a change.

I bought myself this rocketbook panda planner and it’s great. I didn’t realize how badly I needed it until I got it. So much swimming around in my brain, now all down in there. Plus the gratitude stuff is a really nice way to start the day. I ask Owen what he’s grateful for too.

Glenn is talking a lot. I swear he says one or two new words a day. This morning he said “butt cream.” Can’t make this stuff up.