How I Blog

How I Blog

I wish I was a better writer so that people would feel excited when I wrote a new post. I bet you all saw this and thought, oh great, Elissa blogged again, guess I have to go read that. I know, because this is how I feel about many of the blogs out there.

Last year, or the year before, I wrote about religion and politics. That went well, but I like writing about what’s going on in my life because I like to have a record. Unfortunately my life is boring. I’ll try to sneak some interesting topics in here once in a while, but a lot of my coworkers, offline friends and family read my blog now, I’d hate to accidentally offend someone. Some topics are pretty safe, but I think anything involving sex is out. Kinda freaks me out just to write the word.

So, I’m not witty and I don’t write about anything interesting. At least I try to keep my blogs short, minus my once a year “A Day in the Life” posts. I try to always return comments. If I didn’t, none of you would ever read my blog.

I’ve spent the past ten years trying to figure out what my blog is, what it’s about, where it belongs, trying to make it better. It never gets there.

No More Lissy Land: I have made an important decision reguarding Lissy Land and Silvercpu. As of this time next year, Lissy Land won’t exist. Why? I feel stupid paying for ther redirection url of when i have a domain. And also, i think i’m growing out of Lissy Land. I’m going to college at the end of next year, and i think i need a site that’s just a tad more grown up. Plus, I’m running out of things to do with Lissy Land. I have made every single subpage i could possibly think of, my contest stink cause no one ever participates in them, it’s just getting sad. So as of June 18th, 2003, all of my Lissy Land subpages will be put into some other page that i will be working on for the next year. You’ll still have Lissy Land, just without the actually Lissy Land part
Left by Lissy on June 14th, 2002

Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

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  1. I think I’m a good writer, but I hated all my past blogs! It’s tough. You do a good job.

  2. I read your blogs regardless if you return comments or not… Haha.

    Yeah, like I’ve said, I read your blogs regardless. I don’t know how I feel about other people’s blogs versus your’s. I can’t pinpoint one off the top of my head where I absolutely couldn’t wait to read their next entry. I love reading the blogs that I do read, but it’s just not like one of the books that I LOVE, or a show, or a movie kind of thing. I still love your blogs regardless, as well as other people, they’re good to read, but my point being, I don’t know if I ever felt happy to read the latest entry. Haha. Hope you get what I mean, and I didn’t mean to offend you, I just can’t find the right words to say what I mean…

  3. I try to write the same way. I try to, most of the time, keep my blogs short and include pictures and such. Most of the time if people see walls of text they don’t bother anymore. Sometimes this is actually quite sad because there are some great bloggers telling some great stories out there and nobody ever reads them.

  4. I like reading your blogs! I like to know what’s going on. And your life isn’t boring to me! Right now, I’m living vicariously through your house-buying escapades. :) Just write for yourself!

  5. For the most part, everyone’s blogs are reflections of themselves. I think that writing about your life is good in a lot of ways and you never know who can relate to you. It’s crazy looking back and see how you have matured. I wish that I had kept a lot of my old blogs so that I could reflect on the past.

    I come across a couple sites where people openly discuss their sex lives. I mean, hey, it’s their prerogative but it’s something I personally couldn’t see myself doing either, that’s just too personal of a topic.

  6. Your post most definitely reflects my own thoughts. Some days, I just don’t blog because I fear I’m blogging about the same situation that hasn’t really been resolved yet in my life or that my life is simply too boring with the constant routine of going to work, going home, and nothing more. But I do enjoy your posts, sometimes they bring different perspectives that I never really thought about before.

  7. I don’t think people will stop reading your blogs if you didn’t return comments. I subscribe to a fair amount of personal blogs…whether they comment on mine or not does not change the fact I still read their blogs.

    Like you, I haven’t quite figured out the purpose of my blog yet. LOL. I rarely blog about my life these days. It’s become quite “public” so I prefer to write about experiences and opinions rather than personal stuff.