The best thing we bought on our vacation was this chocolate:

I still have 1/8 of my bar left. I promise myself, if I have a small dinner, I get a little chocolate. I actually eat fewer calories when I have dessert. The trick is to not eat the whole bar.

How do you reward yourself for being healthy?

3 Responses

  1. I tend to reward myself with new clothes. When I eat healthier, I loose weight, which at the moment if I would just stop stuffing my face then I’d be able to fit into my current clothes. But as an extra well done to myself I might buy myself a new top or new dress or new pair of pants that wouldn’t have looked as flattering if I hadn’t lost the weight.

  2. YUM! I usually reward myself by having chocolate as well… having a guilty treat. I only like dark chocolate. I’ve been eating healthy quite strictly for some time, so normal chocolate doesn’t appeal to me anymore and neither do a lot of other kinds of junk food.