CP12 Part2

CP12 Part2

Back to Fort Lauderdale we went for more training. The class itself was a lot more boring and longer since they condensed 5 days into 4 so we could have Saturday off. Since we got out later, we couldn’t do much in the evening besides eat. Eating’s always fun though. We Went to Las Olas again and ate at Mangos again and I got gelato after again. We also gorged ourselves on Indian food again. A better, more expensive place this time.

We saved on lunch this trip by eating leftovers a lot. We stayed at a different hotel so we had a fridge this time. We also had a stove and decided to cook a couple of times. I made rice and salad. Most of my specialties are things Maryam or Julia can’t eat or involve an oven, which we didn’t have. We shared one of the meals with our instructors who were staying at our hotel. They made steak.

Saturday we went to the beach with Patti and Minling who were also there for training. We went to Hollywood Beach and hung out at the edge of the pretty blue water for a while before looking for the boardwalk. And walk we did. A very long walk from where we parked. They really need more garages down there. It’s like trying to find a spot in Hoboken. Once we found the stores, we spent a lot of money :) I bought a cute, Disney sundress. And ice cream. OMG. Ice cream always tastes best when you’re hot and dehydrated.

We at dinner at this fancy place everyone had recommended. Patti ordered a drink and I was peer pressured into ordering one too. My bill came to exactly $42 (our daily limit), though before tip, so I left cash. Their carrot cake was amazing and so worth every penny over.

Our flight back didn’t leave until 8:35pm Sunday night, so we spent the day shopping at a mall near the airport. I got some cute things, but the best part about the mall was Seasons 52. I’ve wanted to try this place since I first read about it on Julie‘s blog. Definitely lived up to its reputation :)

And then it was time to head home. Night flights are pretty neat, watching the lights and all, you know, when you’re not over the ocean, but so not worth how tired I was Monday. I worked from home, but I was completely useless in the morning before my lunchtime nap. My brain was functioning much better after that.

It’s cold(er) here. I miss Florida :(

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  1. Ice cream is sooo00o0oo good when it’s a hot day. I don’t even like ice cream that much (haha, similar comment to your one on my post about puzzles).

    Leftovers are the best. :D I should probably think about that when I have to take lunch to work. I really need to stop buying lunch all the time and save money. Should just keep some stuff in the work fridge. :P