Between Owen and how busy I am at work, there’s no way to fit in a day in the life during the week, so I bring to you a Saturday in the Life of Lissy: 4/16/16

2:18am. Owen’s up, he wants to nurse. Your goal was to not nurse until 2, so this is reasonable. You wait a few minutes to see if he’ll sleep on his own anyway. No such luck. You feel his diaper, pretty full, but it can wait. You haven’t slept too well so far. The pillow stealer struck again. You had to use his boppy as a pillow as he slept on your head. It doesn’t take him too long to fall asleep. You unlatch him and count to 60 Mississippi’s after he stops squirming. You carefully roll out of bed, but he’s on your outer shirt, so you slip out of that. You grab your workout clothes and head downstairs.

Bryan comes up with the baby monitor. He says he hasn’t heard him much. Yeah, but he stole your pillow. He apologizes for pillow stealing being genetic.

You eat your breakfast while watching him thrash around on the monitor. He’s going to wake up. He does. Damn. You tell Bryan you’re going to change his diaper. He helps you. You go with a regular disposable, that should last until morning. He has a lot of trouble falling back asleep. He seems very uncomfortable. He lets out a couple big burps, that should help. He’s finally asleep. One Mississippi, two, damn. You switch sides and nurse some more. He’s asleep, you count, you get up.

4:04am. You reheat your water, drink as you type this up and put your workout clothes on. You do 20 minutes of intervals on the elliptical while watching season 2 episode 16 of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. You will never get through all of these before the revival. You thoroughly enjoy how uncomfortable Jess makes Rory. You finish up with a stretch and head upstairs to shower.

You brush your teeth while in the shower to save precious time. You need to shave today though, it’s been a few days. You will Owen to stay asleep long enough to dry off and put on underwear. Success! You head into your office to do more writing and to maybe even start your Disney vacation planning spreadsheet. He’ll wake up the second you open Excel. Oh, oh, there he goes, he’s stirring. No, no… Any minute now. Spreadsheet is open. Wow, he’s still asleep. Internet isn’t working, you need to reboot. Planning is the best part of the vacation :) You hope it isn’t interrupted by work later. Prod install today and you’re one of three people that knows which way is up on this project. You have to potty, he’ll wake up for sure while you’re in the bathroom. No? Yay. He did move though. Wouldn’t be so bad to get s little more sleep, but you appreciate the alone time too.

The schedule is hard this year, so many variables. The Easy WDW crowd calendar isn’t up for November, you don’t know the schedule for the new Rivers of Light, you don’t know what Owen’s sleep will be like, plus, oh yes, your entire extended family that’s coming too. You enjoy the challenge :) Wow, he’s still sleeping. Well, you probably won’t get to sleep anymore, but you need extra time today for your Day in the Life anyway. You upload your sheet to get your cousin’s opinion. And now he’s awake. You go in to nurse him. Hmm, you should make those Disney lunches after his nap instead of before. He falls asleep quickly. Good, you get to snooze too.

7:00am. You wake up, he wakes up about 15 minutes later. All he wants to do is nurse and snuggle. He pats your chest “bo bo.” You convince him to get up. You let him brush his teeth and play with your phone “hewo!” while you go to the bathroom and get dressed.

You swap his disposable for a cloth diaper and sing the New Diaper Song (which, as Bryan pointed out is actually a jngle.. the “pug it in” jingle: “tuck it in, tuck it in”). He talks as his yellow duplo as if it were a phone as he makes his way downstairs. You make him a smoothie for breakfast and reheat a slice of pizza Bryan made for dinner last night for yourself.  He doesn’t want out of his high chair, he tries to buckle himself back in.

Poop check. No poop. Walk time? “Walk!” He doesn’t want to wear his hood. You explain is cold, he has to wear the hood or hat. He lets you put the hat on. “Hat!” You see many Doggies on your stroll “daw!” Owen says “cat!” But you only see a bunny statue. He’s very excited about the lawn guys. “Tguck, see! Tguck, see!”


Back home he plays with his toy cell and you hope he poops. Back upstairs to change his clothes. No poo! He points to the catalog on the floor “baby! ” No, that’s a lady. He points to her shoes: “shoes!” He picks up his foot: “feet! ”

9:10am. You grab him and head out the door. You take the wrong road. You think you’re going to Wegmans? Work? It’s OK, you can get to 287 from here, except you don’t get off where you’re supposed to and end up back on 9.The sign said south, you want north! You’ve only lived here 9 years. You exit and turn around and now you’re on the right track. You get there on time and actually get the last parking spot.


Owen has a good time running around. He likes bouncing on the air log and putting the soft wedges through the holes. He enjoys the “bubbles!” He bangs on the air log before it’s time for the song and refuses to touch it during, of course. At the end of class he goes up and down, side to side and twists with Gymbo. He tries to walk out with the purple wedge. He’s ready to go. There’s someone waiting for your spot as you strap him in the car. Getting out of there is a little crazy. The whole block is having a yard sale, plus a police officer pulled someone over and completely blocked traffic. A lot of cars on 287 too. Must be the nice weather.

You arrive home and throw some butternut squash mac an cheese in the microwave for Owen. He already made his way upstairs and you find him jumping on his chair. You go wake up Bryan and Owen jumps on the bed and knocks the humidifier on the floor: “uh oh!” He plays with it a while before you grab him and drag him downstairs.

You serve Owen some of the mac and cheese “cheese!” and he eats it by the handful. Bryan asks if he had a fun time at Gymboree. You tell him how he went up and down with Gumbo and Owen says “up ‘n down” and puts his arms up and down. Something new every day. He eats the Mac and cheese and feeds some to his toy horse. He pets the horse “nice!” You chase him around with the food as he plays and he pauses to take bites.


11:05am. Time to get ready for his nap. You take him upstairs and change his diaper while you nurse him since he’s angry about the diaper change. You sing the new diaper song. No poop! You nurse him while he plays with your hair. Bryan takes him in for his nap and you wave bye and blow a kiss.

You heat up your second slice of pizza and type up some more of this while you wait. Step check, 7,053. Oh, you actually have some time for Facebook? Bryan comes down and gives you a hug. You eat your pizza and munch on some trail mix too. You reply to a post in Badass Breastfeeders. Back upstairs for more Disney plannin’!

You try on the shoes you bought for Julia’s wedding again. They fit well and they’re comfortable, but you feet slide a bit making them hard to walk in. You decide you can probably buy an insert. Unlikely you’ll find another pair of pretty, comfy shoes, though these were expensive.

Ugh, you need a tissue. You’re still congested from the cold you had earlier in the week. You use a shirt from your laundry. To the DIS boards! Aww, no Festival of the Masters this year? :( You’ll keep the DTD day anyway.

Your mom texts to call, you do. She wants to know what weekends you have plans so they can go to the Poconos before Julia’s bachelorette party you’re hosting there. You decide the weekend before since you’re going to her birthday party that Sunday. You need to buy mother’s day gifts…

You go to amazon to look at Disney board books for Owen and remember you need to order diapers, so you subscribe and save those too. You put $18 worth of books in your cart.

Owen’s still napping, so you head to the basement to get in some more steps and watch Gilmore Girls before he wakes up. Oh soppy cups, right, you need to wash those. Maybe you’ll start making your breakfast too. So productive. You’ll add the banana later. Now you go to the basement for Gilmore Girls. And another Bryan hug :)

Owen still sleeping, you switch gears and watch some Big Bang Theory too. He’s still sleeping, you go up to check on him and then… More Disney planning?

You hear him coughing so you go in and check on him again. He’s up! You nurse him on the bed while Bryan showers. You bring him downstairs and heat up the rest of his mac and cheese. He’s pooping! You let him eat a few bites of food and bring him up to change his diaper. You put him in a disposable since you’re going out to Grammy and Papi’s. You go flush his poop and his crying and crying back in the nursery, so you nurse him a little before going down again. Bryan says he probably wants to go downstairs. You were about to.

2:50pm. You let him have a little more food and you pack the rest to go. You feed him some in the car. Bryan wants to know if you want to go the new route, you say you’re curious. It definitely takes longer to go through new Brunswick, but now you know how to get to Target. Bryan rants about bad drivers and bad street signs.

You arrive at Grammy and Papi’s and Owen immediately starts playing with his popper. He sits in all the chairs. Grammy says we’re ordering wraps. You’ll get the turkey avocado panini, Owen likes that one too.


He runs in the other room, sits on the chair for a while and then plays with the box. He doesn’t want to try the strawberries. “No.”


He sees your carrier and wants to go out. Bryan put his shoes on. “Shoes! ” You play outside for a bit. He collects a couple rocks and then wants to come back in. He plays with the train whistle while Grammy and Papi go and get food.

You buckle him into his high chair when they get back and he eats a good chunk of your turkey, but doesn’t touch the avocado. You really enjoy your panini. And the potato wedges, yummm.

He wants out, so you take him out and he runs around in circles. You nurse him a little. His leg gets stuck when he tries to get down. He cries, so you nurse him a couple more minutes. Papi goes up to nap. Owen makes a farting noise on your face he’s very proud of. He makes more farting noises on the chair. Grammy shows you pictures from Bryan’s cousin’s wedding. “Ooooooh!” He turns the TV on. He’s never seen anyone do it. He sees a cat on the TV “cat!”

Lynn asks if you want ice cream. …maybe. Bryan doesn’t want any, he ate too much. Sea salt caramel Gelato, yum. Papi comes back down. Grammy was taking about Owen hiding his tooth brushes and he went and found one. He’s intent on breaking the turtle lamp, Grammy and Papi call him over.

He finds your shoes and feet. Grammy goes outside with Owen. You take some of the Gelato, mmmmm. Ooh, 10,000 steps! Papi has baseball on. Grammy gives Owen some water in a ninja turtle cup. You offer him more mac and cheese, he puts the lid back on. You can take a hint. He brings Papi the animal sound book to read, but forgets about it when he gets distracted by the water. You look up directions to the turtle back zoo since you might go there tomorrow. Owen is walking around on his knees and now dragging his butt like a dog. He puts his cup in the box.


He tries to get the phone in the kitchen and other things he shouldn’t play with. He climbs on the couch to get the light switch. Papi reads him the animal sounds book.


He pets Papi and plays with the sounds in the book. You nurse him a little. To see if he’s hungry you offer a puree or mac and cheese, he picks both. He gets some puree on the carpet. Some more running around and then time to go. He sees his ball outside “ball! “Tries to collect more rocks and says “bye bye” to Grammy and Papi. You feed Owen a little more in the car.

7:00pm. You arrive back home. Bryan offers Owen more food while you add the banana to your breakfast. You all go upstairs and get ready for bed. Bryan changes Owen’s diaper and puts his PJs on while you get yourself ready. You hear him brush his teeth “ch ch ch ch.” he reads him the Birthday Monsters book and you read Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs while you nurse him. Daddy says good night and Owen nurses some more. Owen wants to read Goodnight Goon before going to bed.

Then you head to the bedroom. Owen of course immediately starts jumping on the bed. You grab him and sit him on your lap and sing to him and nurse him and nurse him and nurse him…

8:00pm. Still nursing him. He’s squirming, it hurts. You yell at him to stop. He cries, you feel bad. Nurse, nurse. You start nodding off, he wants to switch sides. You fall asleep, he wants to switch sides. 9:30 you wake up and he’s still thrashing around. It’s not a good night. He eventually falls asleep.

1:08am. He’s up and really wants to nurse. Ugh, not until 2. He freaks outs and is screaming. You cover your ears to prevent permanent hearing damage. You feel awful. Stay strong Lissy. A half hour later he finally settles down and tries to sleep. You let him climb all over your head to find a comfortable position. You can tell he’s really trying, but another half hour later, he’s still awake and getting frustrated. It’s after 2, you decide it’s time to change his diaper and nurse. Thus ends the day. (But if you were wondering, the kid doesn’t sleep until 4:30)