Tuesday, October 13, 2020

5:4something? Glenn wakes you up with “hugs” so you know you’re up for the day. You nurse him and think about the dream you just had. You were at Disney and you were going on all the rides with Owen while Bryan was with Glenn. You accidentally left the park and ended up on a resort boat so you had lunch at a Slavic buffet that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen also happened to be eating at.

6:28 Glenn gives you a big smile and another hug and kiss. You tell alexa good morning and she turns on the light. Weather is still supposed to be nasty today, but maybe you can go for another rain walk. Glenn wants more milk.

You need to go potty, but Glenn is not happy about being unlatched. He asks for another hug and gives you a kiss.

If I fits, I sits

You put in your contacts, brush your teeth. Glenn brushes his teeth too and then find a seat in the dirtiest part of the bathroom.  You change his diaper and his clothes. He wants to play with the clothes. You change your clothes and grab him some socks thinking you might go outside, but you hear rain. Drats. Too much rain for a rain walk.  Your tummy is rumbling anyway.

He stole my spoon

You get Glenn some yogurt and cheerios. You have oatmeal. Glenn says he’s “all done” with his breakfast, he steals yours. He feeds some too you. Owen’s up! “O-wah! Mua!” He blows his brother a kiss. Owen asks if there are any waffles left from Sunday, there are not. He wants the same thing Glenn is having.

You take Glenn out of his seat and put the rest of the cheerios where he can reach them. You get Owen his breakfast, finish up yours and drink your tea. Glenn proceeds to get cheerios all over the floor while begging Owen for his like a puppy.

He gets his vacuum to clean up. You turn it on for him and sing along with the songs. They’re pretty catchy. Owen asks what number is on the front of his Animal Encyclopedia book.  “2,500.” “It was made in 2500?” “No, it says that’s how many animals are in the book. ” Glenn’s vacuum didn’t pick up any cheerios, so he eats them off the floor.

Team up to clean up

Owen wants to walk with you,  so you ask Glenn if he wants to go downstairs and do art while you get Owen’s school stuff ready. “Art! Yeah! ” he’s a menace today. You can’t find Owen’s sight word packet and you yell up to him to ask what he did with it. Nm, you find it,  “my bad. ” You log into work. You hear Glenn going up the stairs so you run after him. He’s not pleased when you take away his colored pencil.

Owen yells he can’t find pants, so you go up and help him find jeans. It’s raining pretty hard so you decide to wait to walk. You go back downstairs.  You reply to Hansika’s Q about one of the TDP candidates. You fill out your panda planner for the day and ask Owen what he’s grateful for. He says that the letter of the day is “F, like for Flamingos.” He’s playing his school’s math game. He decides to play that instead of walk.


8:00am You take Glenn out in the rain which is just a little shower now, and walk around the courts. When you get back, you ask Owen if he wants to have a dance party on his room. He puts on the ghost busters theme. Glenn nurses. You ask alexa to play back to the future music, it’s only available with Amazon unlimited, so she plays random movie themes instead.  You ask Owen if he knows what the next song is from.  “Star Wars? ” yup.

Owen’s room

8:50 You tell Glenn you have bad news, it’s baby prison time. He cries and clings to you, but you leave him in the pack n play with Bryan. You and Owen go downstairs. You check your logs for bursts, but remember the APIs are down, so you couldn’t process them if there were any. Owen logs into school. They ask who’s coming back to school next week. You tell Owen to raise his hand.

Rocketbook Panda Planner

You email Owen’s principal to ask how you opt out of bussing. You haven’t heard anything about bussing. You have another email from an Amazon recruiter. You do not have the kind of time to prepare for an Amazon interview. Owen asks for water, so you go fill his water bottle. They want them to practice wearing masks, so you ask Owen to put his on.

You start the deployment for the database service changes you made yesterday to remove non ascii characters. You’re pretty sure that’s the reason the calls to influx fail sometimes. The kids are playing a game, trying to guess if someone with a mask is smiling or not smiling. He’s smiling of course.  He’s tired of wearing his mask already.

They’re doing the pledge of allegiance.  “I love our country too because it doesn’t have a lot of dangerous animals. Just one dangerous animal: the bear.” OK, db service deployed and is erroring out.  You put the old version up and fix it. Shoot, you’re going to have to do it just for a specific field. You make the change and start the build again. Kobi messages you, he has more interviewing questions. You tell Owen to get his hands out of his mouth. You need someone to remind you. Ok, new version of db service is working, you take down the old ones. Looking at the logs you have doubts that’s what’s causing the error, but decide to move on and come back to this later.

You give Hansika more details on the candidates you’ve interviewed so far. You ask Adam, your interview partner,  if he has any other input. Willa asks you if the research server is still down, it is. You email Owen’s teachers and let them know he’s not taking the bus as per the principals instructions. You ask about nut butter too.

10:09 you’re hungry already. Ok, you did something and now your unit tests don’t work. Oh, it’s your regular expression. Owen says he’s missing a page for his sight words, you give him the other a page. No,  not the regex, what’s it’s problem? Ah, there’s the error. “Reponse”, not the first time you’ve made that typo. You fixed that and now it’s not getting past the regex again. The heck? OK, food time. Leftover ziti. You might have some soup later too. You add soup to the grocery list on the board.

Yeah, your regex sucks. You fix that and now it’s complaining about a float that’s supposed to be a string. You hear a crash, you ask Owen what fell. He says video games, you ask him to clean them up. He wants lunch. It’s almost lunch time. You go make Owen lunch, apple with almond butter, and email his teacher the brand of almond butter, though if there’s a kid with a peanut allergy, you’re thinking almond butter is a no-go. You heat some soup up for yourself and put some aside for Glenn and heat up a couple sweet potato nuggets for him too that he probably will just mash up.

Ok, time to set some more breakpoints. Owen is getting upset trying to pull up his slides. You go to help, but he doesn’t want your help. You take the sweet potato nuggets out of the grill. This soup tastes too healthy. You grab some fruit snacks and water. You raise your desk up to stand to use the balance board during your meeting with Willa. She’s late? You don’t really have anything to discuss anyway. You ask her if she still wants to meet. She says no, so you close the meet. You should stand and debug anyway. This is your first day without any meetings in… you can’t remember having another day without meetings. Day’s not over, someone will probably ask you to meet.

OK, this is not a good way to pass columns. Willa says the server is back up. Ishrat is back, she’s been back for a month??? You ask about her kids. Oh wtf, that totally ends in Z01. Oh… you had an O. Owen shares with the class that being a big brother makes him special. He’s “much,  much older. “


Oof, another interview invite. That’s three this week. You forward it to Adam and request the interview guide. You go upstairs to see if Glenn wants milk. He kinda ate some of his lunch. You share a sweet potato nugget with him. These prime day deals aren’t that great. Do you need an echo show? You put it in your cart to think.  Glenn digs his nails into your eye lid. Ow!

You go back downstairs and help Owen with his materials for tomorrow. You have some veggie straws. Uh oh,  Adam can’t do the interview Thursday, he needs to find a replacement. Someone asks for a volunteer for today. Well, you don’t have any meetings… you’re saved, he got someone else already.

How do you return these values now that you have them… you’re thirsty and you have to potty, but you were just upstairs and don’t want to upset Glenn. Ah, finally returning the right thing. Ok, break time. Oh Glenn, he pulled down the rest of Owen’s birthday decorations. Not that it’s still his birthday. Bryan says maybe he should take Glenn for a walk. You say,  yeah, he was handing you his shoes. Owen asks how you spell “they. ” Owen loves Glenn “so so so so so much! “

Glenn brings you your boots. Aww, no,  you gotta stay here and work. You put him in his stroller and get back to your code. Ho hum. You grab another little snack. Rocky posts asking for the annual enrollment url. Right, that’s a thing. You helped. Might as well sign up while you’re here. Hannah asks for your opinion on one of the candidates you interviewed. You finish your annual enrollment and go back to debugging.

4:00pm exercise/study break time.  Since you have no meetings today,  you put on an Azure developer certification training video to watch while you do 20 min on the elliptical. You’re not sure you absorbed any of that class, but you’re all sweaty. OK, let’s filter our dataframe to only return rows with ssp data and modify the test data so we  have rows like that. Oh great, her API returns not found instead of None or NaN or, you know, nothing. So now you have to check for that…

You commit and push your code to the repo and start planning your tasks for tomorrow. Your wins for today: this DIL, code mostly working and annual enrollment.

5:08pm you hear Bryan and Glenn. You tell Owen to turn off his game. You log off work and get ready to take Glenn outside. Glenn didn’t take a second nap. Uh oh,  you’re in trouble tonight. You take the kids around the court, but sadly Glenn finds no puddles to jump in besides a really pathetic one.

Owen doesn’t want pasta, he wants cheerios with almond butter. His diet today is especially bad. You heat up pasta for you and Glenn and get cheerios for Owen. Bryan shows him Ghost Busters clips. Glenn can only hear it, but he thinks it’s hilarious. He takes your fork and gives you his. He’s really into the ziti. You get water for both of you. You talk about inflation and economics with Bryan spurred by a Ghost Busters clip. Bryan and Owen watch a video on tortoises. Glenn tries to feed you food from his mouth. Ew.

Ghost Busters!

You share a chocolate with Glenn. He grabs it, moves the gate and starts heading up the stairs after Owen.  Owen asks you to put the mattress on the bed like a slide. If he slides into Glenn one more time, you’re taking the mattress down and he’s going on time out.  Glenn keeps going “whee! Whee!” He tries to climb the furniture. No, he’s not tired at all. You reposition the mattress. Glenn asks you to sit. He wants milk. He stinky, yeah, he pooped. You read Owen one of your old DILs. You go change Glenn’s diaper. You ask him about the first and second rule of poop: don’t touch the “poop.”

“A sliiiiiide!”

6:30pm he runs naked into the bedroom. you start singing “and now it’s… bath time for Owen and Glennikins…” he runs into the bathroom. He pees all over the floor while you use the potty. He runs out of the bathroom. You yell at him to come back. You grab him and put Glenn in the little bath, Owen in the big bath and get them all clean. You clean up the pee. You floss and brush your teeth. Owen gets out of the bath and dries off with his yoda towel. You ask Glenn if he wants to get out “no.” You hang out while he plays in the bath. Owen says he wants to play with Glenn more. You tell him that’s up to Glenn. Glenn wants to get out. You dry him off, put on his diaper and find PJs for him, but he wants to remain naked for now.

You go shower yourself. Glenn is telling Dada about his poop when you get out of the shower. He and Owen are jumping on the bed in just their diaper and underpants. You tell Owen it’s time to read. He says he’s busy having an adventure. When he’s done, you read some of The Magic Tree House Merlin Missions #9 to Owen. You put on your PJs, Bryan gets Glenn ready for bed. You say goodnight to Owen and take out your contacts. Bryan gets you water while you and Glenn get your iPad from the basement. You snuggle up and nurse Glenn while watching Supernatural. He’s very tired, he starts falling asleep. You brush his teeth. He is very angry about the tooth brushing and fights you with all he’s got. You try again after getting yourself ready for sleep, he’s more ok with it now. You get in bed, tell alexa to turn off the light and sing some songs.

He is fighting sleep really hard. And now he’s screaming. It’s been an hour, he’s overtired, you gonna have to nurse him. You do and he relaxes and tries to sleep. A little more screaming and he’s out. He wakes up at 1am and konks out again after one side. You sneak out to use the bathroom, carefully taking off your jacket because it’s trapped under him. You sneak back into bed. You pull your jacket out, he moves, but stays asleep.

You try to sleep, but you only have a tiny square of pillow. You pull the pillow over a little, crap, that woke him. You nurse on the other side and you both fall asleep. He wakes up a bunch of times, but it doesn’t take much to get him back to sleep.

5:46am seems like he’s up for the day. Yup, he’s talking and handed you your “wawa.”