I have covid toe. No, not really, but the dr I went to thinks I might. I explained I haven’t been exposed as no one around me, including four other adults have gotten sick. He still wanted me to get tested, even though my toes had been like this for six weeks. And he prescribed me medicine and then told me not to use it when I asked if it was OK if I’m breastfeeding. Yes, I’m breastfeeding, it was in that 12 page questionnaire you had me fill out. I didn’t go back for my followup. I have chilbains. It’s cold, I don’t get out, I wear shoes a lot less.

So… that’s my exciting news. It’s snowed a lot. Another reason my toes are cold. I think Owen’s tired of sledding. He also says his new sled works too well and is scary. He liked the 89 cent one over the $53 one.

Glenn’s been sleeping a lot better. He’s down to nursing once or twice a night now. Night weaning him has been much easier. We talk about it before going to sleep and then he actually tries not to have milk. I told him it’ll taste better if the milk sleeps all night. I mean, it’s kinda true, right? He’s still “too skinny,” but his dr said he doesn’t need milk at night.

He starts off the night saying “night night Owen, night night Mama, night night Dada, night night baby yoda, night night ducks, night night poop … he he, night night poop” 💩 He sleeps with four ducks and I have to sing the duck songs before he goes to sleep.

Owen was all for sharing a room with Glenn for a while and then he changed his mind about it because “he’s too little to protect me from monsters.” So I missed my window.

Work has been interesting. We’re working with graph neural networks which are pretty cool, but like all things, it’s been hard to get data. After spending all that time on my azure certifications, I’ve done nothing with azure so far.

I’m taking a break from training for now. I’ve been spending my free time planning our Disney vacation at the end of the year, picking out a printer and doing our taxes. Crazy stuff.