I can’t believe my little baby is two already. Glenn cracks us up. My MIL was telling him, “you can’t be two, we have to go backwards now” and Glenn proceeded to walk out of the room backwards. He just told me a knock knock joke: “boo” “boo who?” “Boo boo, ha ha ha. Boo … boobies.”

He’s getting very good at riding Owen’s old balance bike. It’s one of his favorite things to do. He likes duplos and hats and shoes. He plays with his stuffed animals and trucks a lot too. He still loves ducks and Baby Yoda.

He’s been sleeping better. He sleeps in Owen’s room now, at least the first half of the night, but sometimes all night. So I finally get some time to myself. Mostly spent watching Netflix, but good to know I can finish up work or chores if I need to.

Bryan and I both got our first vaccines, so we’ll be all done by mid May. It’s a big relief that would be bigger if my dad wasn’t the last hold out. Dude refuses to get vaccinated because he still thinks Covid is a hoax. I mean, if the world’s governments could really conspire to make everyone believe there was a worldwide pandemic because ??? then they should be putting that power to better use like to save the bees or something useful. Even if it was only as bad as the flu, the flu is really bad and I get a flu shot every year, so I don’t get that argument either.

I’ve been doing Azure stuff at work. I thought I knew everything because I did the developer certification, but of course, of course AT&T has to make everything as complicated as possible. I know we have to make everything super secure, but there’s got to be a better way to document this crap. I love that I’m getting to rearchitect my stuff anyway I want, but I’m pretty frustrated trying to get anything running.