Last post I wrote that Glenn was sleeping better. That didn’t last long. They’ve been driving me nuts at night and Glenn’s been waking me up again. I wish I had any idea why. I hope it’s just a phase.

Now that Bryan and I have been vaccinated, we’re venturing out of the house again. We went to Seamus’ birthday party on Saturday and they were over our house the weekend before that. It’s so funny watching Glenn interact with other kids because he just has no clue. He spends the first 20 minutes terrified and then decides he loves Seamus and hugs him. We had to have a little conversation about consent, but it was still pretty adorable.

Speaking of adorable things, he’s dubbed chocolate chips, “batka drops.” Because batka = chocolate and he’s familiar with yogurt drops.

And Owen and I are sick for the first time in years and Glenn is sick for the first time ever. I had to get Owen tested for Covid yesterday which was an adventure. Considering I’m vaccinated and I’m sick, chances are it’s just a cold.

Nothing too exciting at work. I finally got my code running on Azure. AT&T doesn’t own Warner Media anymore, which is a bummer in the sense that we don’t like own batman, but otherwise meh. I think I’m going into the office in a few weeks for a group meeting, so I’m looking forward to that. It’ll probably be just like 3 of us, but still. Hope my access card still works.