Oh gosh, what a trip. Even before we left, things were crazy. My mom was in a car accident and my parents couldn’t go, so we changed all their reservations to my MIL at the last minute. And thank goodness she came. I don’t know what we would have done without her. It would have been way more stressful, that’s for sure.

Owen is pretty much the ideal theme park companion. He loves everything, he’ll go on any ride and never complained that his feet hurt. Feeding him was slightly more challenging, basically he had a lot of mac ‘n cheese. Glenn on the other hand, well first of all, he wasn’t tall enough for half the rides. He had a lot of fun on things that weren’t even attractions. Getting him away from the model car at sci-fi was a feat. And the milk, omg, I know he was over stimulated because he would not stop with the milk.

It turns out he is the kind of kid that will fall asleep in a stroller, but they were very short naps, so we still had to go back to the hotel in the afternoon and chill, which was fine because it was crazy crowded. He did unfortunately sleep though a couple of lightning lanes I paid for. Oh well.

Speaking of, I really liked the ILLs. They were totally worth the cost, especially Rise of the Resistance which is the coolest ride ever. Genie+ however sucked because you couldn’t choose the return time which made it worse than the old system that was free, so boo. The standby lines weren’t as bad though.

We really missed the character meets. They had a couple roaming around. Glenn was bummed he couldn’t hug Pooh. I told him Pooh didn’t want to get sick and he said, “but I’m not sick. ” I felt so bad.

My only other gripe, twice we were waiting for a ride and it broke down. We never got to do everest and we waited 30 minutes for Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway at rope drop for nothing. So that was a bummer.

Otherwise we had a great time. We did way more than I expected us to. The new rides were amazing. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway was a big hit with everyone. Counter service meals have gotten very good. Our best sit down meals were liberty tree and Il Mulino. The 50th anniversary dessert at San Angel Inn was so good.

The weather was almost perfect. We even had a good swimming day. It absolutely poured all day Friday. We still went to the Magic Kingdom and did a lot considering. We just got very wet.

Owen and I took advantage of the end of DLS and went to the Magic Kingdom Saturday night for the fireworks. It’s been years since I’ve seen the fireworks in the park. Owen really enjoyed them. Glenn, Grammy and Dada watched from Grammy’s room.

I wish I could have done more shopping, Glenn made that difficult. There also seemed to be less merchandise than usual, especially 50th anniversary stuff due to supply chain issues and people selling stuff on eBay.