Monday, December 27,2021

6:48am. You look at your watch. Oh really? Glenn is telling time for milk. The only thing not impressive than him sleeping this late, is you sleeping this late. You fetch him from Owen’s room. He has his milk, you change sides. Owen. Nerve pain still from your covid booster last week. You regret getting that stupid shot. Not nearly as bad as it hurt last week, but still ouchies.

You tell him you need to go to the bathroom. He hugs the milk. “I love the milk! ” “I think you love the milk more than me. ” “I love you Mama!” “Aw, I love you too baby. ” You hear him ask Owen if he wants to come to the nursery. You tell him Owen’s sleeping by he comes in while you’re washing your hands, oh, ok, he’s up. He asks if we could all cuddle in your bed. Glenn wants more milk,  “I love the milk. ” Owen tells you he has a dream we went to sesame place, he wants to go there next summer.

You tell Alexa good morning. She says Everyday Positivity isn’t available, but tells you the weather is crap. Snowy and rainy. Guess we’ll be inside. Glenn asks to do the Advent Calendar. You tell him it’s over.  “Oh pretty pretty please? ” oh all right. “I can’t get up. Oh I sit on you. I have your tummy. Tickle tickle. I want to do my own self! ” you ask them what they want for breakfast. French toast? Yes. Ok. In your Facebook memories is a picture of snow outside from 11 years ago. You ask Owen if he notices anything different. He says the tree in the middle. Yup. It fell during hurricane Sandy. He thought he knocked it down. What?  You finish your water and put on your socks. Oh, your contacts aren’t in, you grab your glasses and go downstairs.

Glenn plays the monster at the end of this book. Owen plays with his hover ball, but the light stops working. You try and repair with tweezers, but no luck. They busy themselves with blocks. You make the French toast and your oatmeal. Ah, this almond milk expires when you’ll be at disney. That somehow makes it feel a little closer. Glenn wants your help with the blocks. Owen offered to help, but soon he’s screaming about his own blocks. Glenn made a pirate ship. Lyn messages and offers her house as a place to go this week since you can’t really go anywhere. Probably a good idea. You ask your mom which day is better for her and what time is good for Krissy on Wednesday.   French toast is ready. Glenn doesn’t approve of his first piece and grabs one of the pieces you just took out instead to prove to you that it’s not too hot. He wants to do water colors. He pains and then asks to eat your oatmeal. You tell him he can finish it. You drink your tea.

Glenn wants to play with the iPad again. You tell him no, unless he uses the potty. That is not what he wants to hear. You put it away upstairs. He’s not happy with you. You distract him by building a fort. He takes the directions away, but insists you build it anyway. Owen helps you. You’re missing some of the rods already. You and Owen decide the sides don’t need roofs. You tell Owen to get dressed. Glenn puts one of the rods in his mouth. You chase him upstairs trying to get out away. He hits you with it and then tells you he loves you. Oy. He locks himself upstairs and Owen helps him bring his firetruck down.

Glenn plays trucks with you. Oh boy, you get to be the recycling truck. He doesn’t like the way you’re playing, so he takes it away. Owen gets frustrated with his blocks. You’re the fire truck now. You put out a fire, but then you have to go away. Owen plays robots with you. You put out a lot of fires. The robots attack the recycling truck and Glenn gets very upset. You think you need to take them outside even if it is really cold. They destroy the fort. You’re not building another one. Glenn is running around with the rods screaming about fire.

After a bit, Owen gets angry at Glenn for destroying his block creation. He kicks Glenn, so you make him take a break. Glenn wants to go upstairs for a rest. He makes himself a nest. You hear Owen screaming downstairs, so you tell him to take another break. He asks you if Glenn is sleeping, to get the board game from him room. When you go up there, Glenn says he doesn’t want to sleep alone. You ask if he wants lunch and then to take a nap with Dada. Yes.

The boys make up. You make them nachos and heat up leftover shrimp, rice and Brussels sprouts for yourself. Glenn finishes his nachos and wants more.  He destroys Owen’s house. You sneak some cheesecake. You tell Glenn to eat the food he asked for. You go upstairs and change his poop. He asks, “where we going? To pick up Owen? ” pick up Owen? No, he’s home. “To Grammy’s? ” not today. “Can we go for a walk or something? ” it’s very cold, so we have to dress warm. You both get dressed. He wants to wear his nemo shirt. “This one? ” you ask. “Yes, I already told you that! ” He yells. You wake Bryan up and tell him you’re going outside.

He wants a photo by his favorite gumdrop decorations. He sits down on the sidewalk and says he’s too tired. He wants to go back home. You tell Bryan he’s just about ready for a nap. He wants some cheesecake first. You take him upstairs and go downstairs to exercise on the elliptical while you watch The Expanse. Owen watches YouTube videos about Disney World. When you’re done, you change and tell Owen you can play the Dogman game now. He can’t find one of the characters and a tool card. You clean up a little while you look, but never find them. You play anyway, but the two of you lose the first two games.

Since you’re at a disadvantage, you suggest to Owen that you play with all of the characters which makes the round longer. You finally win. Owen wants to play the card game now, but it’s upstairs and you don’t want to wake up Glenn getting it. You suggest playing with his magnetic poetry instead.

Owen wants to watch YouTube again. Your dad emails you some conspiracy theory crap about how we can’t trust doctors and scientists and you write a long reply along the lines of,  “if we can’t trust them, we’re fucked.” Glenn wakes up. You fetch him from upstairs. He asks where own is. You tell him to come up from the basement. He wants you two to watch videos with him, so you go downstairs and watch two videos about Disney. Fastest rides and good and bad overlays.

You go back upstairs and start cleaning a bit. The kids want to play with the blocks you’re cleaning up. You help find the connectors for the wheels and help Glenn make a ridiculous race car. They play with their cars for a while. Glenn’s doesn’t work too well. You build a better car, Glenn hates it. He wants milk. You tell him it’s not time yet, he’s not happy about that.

You offer another piece of brownie. He wants more. No.  He wants to do the mattress slide, so you go upstairs and put up the mattress. “Catch me! Be a monster! ” you chase the boys pretending to be a monster trying to eat them. Glenn breaks the spell by telling the monster he loves her. Now you’re a good monster who asks first before eating Glenn’s nose and toes. Owen comes back and makes you spit them out. They feed you cookies instead. You pretend to sleep. Ah, this is nice. Time for milk. Glenn is very happy. Owen reads to Glenn while he nurses.

Glenn starts singing Snuggle Puppy and wants you to help him find the book. You don’t find it, but he finds a few others you have to read to him. Two Thomas books, the big honey hunt and curious George and the birthday surprise.  Then he wants to find a Daniel Tiger book, but gets distracted by Connect Four.

Oh boy, time for nachos. Glenn sits on Owen’s face and you have to pick him off. Oh, he found the missing game pieces! You make a big plate to share with Glenn. He asks to watch Daniel Tiger while he eats. Fine. You’re a big pushover today. Mom nachos.

Owen tries to steal a chip and Glenn yells at him. You make Owen a tiny plate of chips and melted cheese. Glenn is done and you finish what’s left. He wants to play before his bath, but you remind him about the bath bomb. Now he’s excited. Oops, you forgot the bath mat. He can’t sit down without the bath mat. He throws the bath bomb in. It’s a blue house and turns the water blue. You wash Glenn.  Owen comes up to see what’s inside. You brush and floss your teeth. There’s a gingerbread man inside the bath bomb! Glenn is very happy. He asks if he can eat it, no, but he can play with it. He’s very happy to play with it. You rinse him off, take him out, dry him off and put a diaper on that little butt. He asks if you’re playing monster. Yes, and the monster only eats naked babies, so he better put pajamas on. You start getting him dressed and he starts screaming. Turns out you’re squishing his toe in the drawer. Sorry baby! You kiss his poor little toe. He’s OK.

You take a shower and Glenn plays with Dada and Owen. It’s milk time. He wants to play with his spaceship while he has milk. No, you don’t want that tangled in your hair. Owen hope it’ll snow a lot in January. Glenn flies his spaceship around the room and into Owen’s head. Ok, time to put that away and read books. He but happy, but you suggest a Daniel Tiger book. He likes that, but it’s the wrong Daniel Tiger book. You find the Christmas one, read that and then go back to the lunch helper one. It’s time sing songs, but Owen isn’t done reading his book. You wait while the milk monster has more milk.

It’s song singing time. The boys go into Owen’s room and you change into your pajamas. You come in and Glenn says he’s wet. He spilled Owen’s water, so you clean it up. You start singing happy baby duck and Owen takes over. Oh what a surprise, Glenn wants to hear 5 little ducks. Owen wants to hear baby Glenn which Glenn sings and doesn’t let you help. Then you sing free the birds.  He drops his gingerbread man down your shirt “oh no it’s in your boobs,u can’t get it. “

Owen brushes his teeth and you brush Glenn’s. You cuddle with them and go to leave. Glenn can’t find his gingerbread man. Owen finds it. You tell Glenn he can’t sleep with it because he’ll lose it. He doesn’t like that. You tell him fine, but you’re not going to help him find it. You say goodnight and leave, but Glenn’s screaming already to get his back scratched.

You go downstairs and ask Bryan if he wants to be in your day in the life. Glenn’s screaming again, you go up there. Owen scratched him. Guys, go to sleep. You go back down.  You somehow only have 4641 steps so far despite your walk and 37 minutes on the elliptical. You go the trampoline to rectify that. What to watch though? You finished The Witcher season 2, you watched the latest Expanse and Sex and the City. You watched Don’t Look Up last night, that was kinda hilarious. Should you watch that Emily in Paris thing? Or that Sandra Bullock movie. Eh, let’s try the Emily thing. Glenn’s screaming again. Bryan asks if he should go up there. You’ll try one more time. Glenn is hurt “here, here, here and here.” You rock him in again and beg them to sleep. 

He’s whining again, you go up there, again. He doesn’t even know what’s wrong. He wants a cuddle, you tuck him in again and tell him to sleep. Ok, 8000 steps. Quitin’ time. You upload the Christmas pictures from your phone to Shutterfly. Show’s cute. You head upstairs. Bryan asks if the star cookie with the gumdrops is something you made. It was Glenn. You offered it to him when he asked for a cookie and he didn’t want it. He was very upset there weren’t anymore cookies left.

You go up to the nursery to stretch while you watch netflix on your ipad. You take out your contacts, tell alexa you’re sleeping and put on your 5 minute muscle relaxation for sleep. You fall asleep fairly quickly, it’s a little late. The sound of the door wakes you when Bryan comes home from food shopping, but you fall back asleep. You don’t remember much of your dreams, but there is something about you destroying Owen’s plant and working with weird people. You wake briefly in the middle of the night, but fall back asleep until the morning and the are still sleeping. You try to go back to sleep too, but you never do. So starts another day.