Every year before the new year begins, I look back at past recorded years. Earlier entries have been edited for length. Current year’s at the bottom if you want to skip to that.


Happy new year’s eve. I’m going to Jen’s house. We are eating at the Crab Shack. I was off from school.

My new year’s resolution is to try to take a shower every day!

I was off from school, but I’m going back tomorrow.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! On nick and the Big Ball!! Let’s take a look at last year’s New Year:

Last year’s resolution was to take a shower every day! I did that starting in September. This year I have a few resolutions:

#1: eat less candy. #2: Wear my hair in pigtails. #3: Get straight A’s on my report card. #4: Go to bed at the time I should. #5: Keep my room clean. It’s a lot, but I can do it. Well the straight As thing, only counts for mp III and IIII. Stay on the Principal’s list. that’s easier. see ya next year! I can play “Auld Land Syne” on my keyboard. Goodbye 1997! Hello 98!! Happy New Year!!


Well, it’s that time of the year again, New Years eve. It’s been since 8 minutes ago. Lets take a look at last year’s… New Year Resolutions for 98 : ) = kept: eat less candy- : ) sorta ; wear my hair in pigtails- : ( ; Get on the principal’s list- : ) ; except for Spanish (teacher drunk) ; Go to bed @ right time- : ) ; Keep my room clean- big : (

For 99: Actually study, Write in journal at least every week, Go to Disney World… Again, Work harder- my club, school – everything, Play with the dog more, Remember to feed her, Remember.

Well I’ll try. I don’t think this journal will reach the year 2000. By the rate I’m going, it will. I’m mostly writing about my dreams in my other journal. I know Elissa is reading this in 2000. Well good luck in high school. Bye for now!

Well, it’s still New Year’s Eve. Less than an hour now. It’s the last year they’ll drop the alynum [I was great at spelling] ball. I was serving food to the homeless before. It’s supposed to snow. I hope it does. It will. It’s definitely cold enough, there were some flurries before. See ya in 99!!


We’re gonna party like it’s 1999? Wait, it is! New Years Eve 1999!! A new milenium, well, sorta. We’re going to a party @ Jen’s house. Let’s take a look at last year’s resolutions: Actually study : ( ; Write in journal at least every week : ( ; Go to Disney World? : ( April though : ) ; Work harder- my club, school, everything : ( ; Play with the dog more : ) ; Remember to feed her : ( ; Remember : ( ;

Well, it could be worse. This year for 2000: Remember, Don’t get a D in Geometry, Open my time capsule!

Make a new one! Keep in touch with Akua (she’s moving), Win a game (Croc, You Don’t Know Jack, Whatever)

Blink’s gonna play! See Ya next Millium!!


Happy New Years Eve 2000. Soon it will be the real Millennium. This is the last day of The millennium, the century and of 2000. 2000 went very fast. This year we went to Disney World, joined the Disney Vacation Club, went on a Disney Cruise. Cory got married, daddy got a new car, and we got a new dog too! Her name is Buffy. I ran outta room in my old journal, so I started a new one.

Big shows of 2000: Survivor- Richard won; Big flops of 2000: Big Brother- Eddie won.

Last Years Resolutions: Remember – better : ) ; Don’t get a D in Geometry- : ) ; Open my time capsule!- : ) well that was easy; Keep in touch with Akua (she?s moving)- : ) ; Win a game- : ) , Mario Party and Jack

This year: Study and bring up my grades, keep my pages up, get my drivers permit, take Latin, get on the principals list.

See ya in 2001!!


Hey, Happy New Year! This is the part where I post what I wrote in my journal last night and this morning… so click more for that. This year is going to go by so quickly, ya know why, my drivers test is in june and i’m so not looking forward to that. so these next few months are going to go by so quickly. and senior year is commin up and that is horribly scary. college… ::gulp:: well, it’s gotta be better than highschool, right? ooh, my parents are home… gonna go get my journal now and coppy da stuff. You click on more and I’ll see ya tomorrow After I get home from school… ick…

Erclov! Happy New Years Eve again!

He, he, guess what, I have a new journal at www.loveandhonor.com/blog

Der, let’s see… this year… on Big Brother II- the evil doctor, Will won. And Mike poposed to Krista, it was great. Tina won on Survivor II, that was lame. I just saw Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter was the movie of the year, lol…

Resolutions, I did study and I did bring up my grades, kept my pages up, got my permit, took Latin and I got on the Principal’s list. Way cool. This year I wanna keep gettin straight As and I wanna get my license! OK… almost 12 now… talk to ya in 2002… ooh neat, it’s the same forward and backward.

K, it’s 2002 now!! It’s been a very interesting night. My parents were late for the party, yeah, I was here before them. And Rachel beat me at Mario Party (though I beat her later on Now she’s serving me (pretend) ice cream and Ethan just gave me a plastic egg, make that two, lol.


It’s almost 2003, the year I graduate. Eepers. Well let’s see, this year, Big Brother: Lisa won (but we all wish it was Jason), I got into Rutgers, AP Calc and AP Physics, way scary… last year’s res: “This year I wanna keep gettin straight As and I wanna get my license!” : ) for both. Well, almost straight As anyway, minus an 89 in AP Physics… I had a cold for the first test… grr… this year: Try to keep dorm room clean, actually go out for lunch (don’t be a geek), don’t fall victom to Senioritis, erm… think that’s it… see ya next year!

The next day:

Well, Happy New Year everyone! Mesa had lotsa fun at party last night… ‘Twas me, Kristin, Cara, and Rachelle. We watched video from the Halloween party and Andrew running into the pole… twice, lmao, then Austin Powers in Goldmember, Jeckyll and Hyde, Back to the Future!! and begining of The Others. We ate lots, too much, but me hungry, well it’s 12:30 already. So much to do today, wish I didn’t have to go back to school tomorrow, ugg, oh well…


An hour and a half until Krissy’s party and 8 hours until 2004. This year, I graduated HS, sang at Lincoln center, finished my first semester of college with almost straight As… Big Brother stunk, I can’t even remember who won, lol. Stupid X-Factor. Last year I said I would keep my dorm room clean, actually go out for lunch, and not fall victom to senioritis. Kept them all : ) This year: I want to loose more weight, keep my room at home as organized as it is now, finish my Evil Squirrel script and do something worth blogging about. My life is far too dull…


Let’s see, what happened this year… I met Ben Browder… I skinned my site… got through data structures with minimal damage to my GPA. Last year was much more impressive…

Last year’s resolution’s: “I want to loose more weight,” ok, did that; “keep my room at home as organized as it is now,” … close enough; “finish my Evil Squirrel script,” again, close enough; and “do something worth blogging about. My life is far too dull…” well, my life is still as dull as it was. Oh well. I went to the farscape con, does that count? No? Oh well.

This year I shall make a new friend at school and try my best to drag myself to the dining hall twice a day no matter how cold it is! No soup for Lissy! And maybe practice driving at some point.


We got back from Disney yesterday. Went with Rachi and Carolyn. Was a lot of fun. I’m sad to see ‘05 go. Was a good, exciting year. First boyfriend, first kiss, first 4.0 semester average. This past semester really was great. Perfect schedule, easy classes. What else happened this year… got my new tooth, MySpace, prolog is the root of all evil, ooooh Alias finale, Lost, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants adventure, met Tom and Adi (+Fudge), Seasonale is a God send, and a great New Years party at Krissy’s where I wore my spiffy new outfit! “So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back.” Right now I’m cleaning up my room listening to my new “The Happiest Celebration on Earth” CD : D Me <3 Disney (+ the magic marshmallow smores.) Oh ya, new years res: get a job.


This year I met Bryan <3 And Will didn’t win on Big Brother, Mike did this time. Got straight As again this semester. I finally stopped wearing my retainer. I didn’t get a job, not one that paid money anyway, but I do plan to this year. Got drunk for the first time last night too. That’s not gonna happen again anytime soon. This journal also turned 10 years old. On Passions, Chad is having an affair with a dude, I hope anyway and Theresa is gonna marry Ethan which is driving him crazy (?). Sheridan turned into a bitch and Paloma and Noah are too cute together!

Well this was probably the worst New Year’s ever. Apparently alcohol does not agree with me at all. I spent most of my time at the party trying not to throw up. Judez had some good desserts too and I didn’t get to have any : ( ‘Least I don’t feel crappy today.

Then I spent this morning crying after getting yelled at since no one bothered to tell me Shawn was spending the day here. We were supposed to go visit my grandpa today. They’re frelling lucky we didn’t. My dad’s still very angry though.


This year I graduated college, with highest honors in CS. I moved in with Bryan and I started work at AT&T. I was doing DBOR test support, going to start programming soon. And my iPod <3 Life is good. Working is so much better than school. And living with Bryan is great. Going to Carolyn’s in a bit for the party. Lost season finale was good. Passions moved to DirectTV. House, Pushing Daisies, Gossip Girl and Heroes are my favs. I hope ‘08 is as good as this year was.

The party was at Carolyn’s this year. Rachi couldn’t come, but we still managed to have fun. We ate waaaaay too much food and danced and took many pictures. There was some drama when one of the guests showed up with a bunch of other people, but they all left.


I’m engaged! Bryan proposed in Disney which was an amazing trip btw. Work is great. We have way too much fun. NCD was a great experience and RUBY is OK too. I’m a real programmer now! Wedding planning has been fun so far. CP09 training sucks. I guess the two things even out. We got new phones yesterday. Next year I’ll be rolling my eyes at myself for writing that.

I went to Carolyn’s for New Year’s Eve. I drank a lot, but it made it more fun. I ate waaaay too much because Carolyn kept complaining that no one was eating the food and there was a lot of food and I really like eating. We talked a lot about the wedding. I like talking about the wedding, and I’m glad people are excited about it, but I don’t want people to like get sick of me talking about it, lol. It will eventually get annoying, I’m sure.


Last year I complained about CP09. Yeah, it sucked, and I couldn’t take vacation this year, but I got free trips to CT and TX, both of which were awesome! And I still love my job, even more than last year because now I actually know what I’m doing. The wedding is only days away. Things are getting pretty crazy. Got my underarms waxed for the first time yesterday, lol. Bryan’s dad and stepmom came over yesterday, brought wine and puppies, both of which I enjoyed too much :P We have no plans tonight! Yup, first time ever since I was about 7? I’m not even staying up until midnight because I don’t want to screw up my sleep schedule before the wedding, but I told Bryan to wake me up to give me my first ever New Year’s kiss :D


We got married, we bought a house! For the first time I’m blogging in “We’s”. Went to Disney twice. But we had to put Princess to sleep which was awful. Buffy’s doing better now, though she doesn’t hear very well. They just repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. My job is still getting better and I am getting fatter. The Lost finale was terrible, but I’m thoroughly enjoying catching up on new and old shows with our DVR. Yay Glee! We liked The Defenders too, but it looks like that’s getting canceled.

Last night I couldn’t sleep and then my alarm, which I made sure I turned off, went off at 7:30. I don’t feel crazy tired yet, but I’m sure I will by 10:00. Yori and Cheryl’s party starts at 6 and we have been told there will be legos. Today I plan to clean, exercise and then possibly take a nap.


We went to Colorado. I went with my parents to Rome. It snowed … a lot. Rachi and Carolyn both got engaged. Buffy lost weight which seems to have helped her arthritis. I started exercising in the morning instead of at night, which made my life to much easier and freed up my time for things like cooking and Babes in Toyland. I went into the city more times this year I think than any other. Rae’s birthday, with Cory and the girls, to visit Akua, karaoke.

I got to build web apps for the iPad which I’ve read is the IT job of 2012. The best part of my job is still definitely the people I work with though. I’m leader of the One Team now which is turning out to be a lot of work.

I totally love Revenge and I just started watching Doctor Who which is almost, almost as amazing as Farscape. Having Netflix in the exercise room is awesome, though my leg has been killing me from overusing it. I’ve been trying to rest it while at my parents’ these last few days. I really hope it’s better before Disney.

Wednesday was great. We went shopping for bridesmaid dresses for Carolyn’s wedding. We went into the store, found the one Ellen picked out right away, found all of our sizes, tried it on, looked great on everyone, we all liked the same color and we were done. So much easier than any of us could have predicted. We never get to hang out all together like that anymore.

Thursday I went shopping with Rachi and found a really pretty, long dress for her wedding. Then I threw up the Chinese food I ate for breakfast (bad idea).

Yesterday my parents and I went to see the Adams Family on Broadway. I enjoyed dinner much more than the show. The music was terrible, but the spaghetti squash served with my duck was really good.

Going to Yori’s party tonight. Gotta cook something later. No time for ice cream, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something yummy.


Went to Florida three times. One trip was Disney, of course, and two for CP12. CP12 was pretty awesome. Got to hang out with Maryam and Julia and they only drove me crazy a little. Our instructors were very entertaining and I learned that I learn best in my sleep. I pretty much have the best job in the world. I got a big bonus, a promotion and the week of the hurricane off paid.

The hurricane was crazy. We didn’t have power for 9 days. We went the time at Brian’s and my parents’. Of course the hurricane ruined Halloween.

Brian’;s daughter is probably one of the cutest kids on the planet. We got her a dino racer for her birthday. She’s a fan.

The highlight of the year was definitely Carolyn and Rachelle&’s weddings. They were so much fun I was depressed when they were over. The pre-wedding showers and bachelorette party were pretty great too.

Doctor Who keeps getting better. Bryan and I finished all of Battlestar Galatica which is also amazing. I’ve been watching way too much Dexter than what could be considered healthy. Gossip Girl had a very satisfying series finale. I’ve been reliving the 90s by re-watching Felicity and now understanding things better because I’ve been through college and I know JJ Abrams a little better. Why do I always write so much about TV? I swear I have friends I see on a regular basis. Carolyn and Tom were over Thursday, we played Scrabble.

We have no plans for New Years. We could do something fancy, but we lack money at the moment. Bryan lost his job, I crashed my car and we remodeled the bathroom. Life aint cheap. I’m making more now than we were combined when we first started out, but we didn’t have a mortgage then. As long as we don’t go crazy buying shit we don’t need we should be OK.

–edit– We actually had a pretty good time New Year’s Eve. Brian brought his new girlfriend over for dinner and I made lots of food and ice cream for dessert. And then I got drunk and laughed at myself as I dropped our wedding album several times. After they left, Bryan and I watched various coverage of Times Square. Carson Daly looked miserable. We had a good time making fun of him.


We had a pretty uneventful year compared to most. The highlights were our trips to Disney and San Francisco and Helen and Darian’s wedding. Very excited about my new cousins and becoming an aunt next year! The obvious low point was losing the Buffers :( We still miss her very much. My parents’ house isn’t the same without a puppy to greet you at the door.

TV? We dumped cable this year :D Dexter finale sucked, but Breaking Bad’s was probably one of the best ever. I also watched Orange is the New Black and Downton Abbey.

Last Friday we got to see Cheryl and Yori at Alex and Lenny’s. I did catch Bryan’s cold, but fortunately I was only really sick Saturday and Sunday when we didn’t have plans anyway.

Had a lot of fun at Ellen’s last night with the girls. We ate junk food and watched Sex and the City. Good times.

At the moment, I’m at my parents’, watching Seinfeld with nothing more exciting planned for the evening. Had spaghetti for dinner.


Let’s see this year I found out I was pregnant, announced I was pregnant, had many baby showers, gave birth, hung out with the cutest little guy ever for three months. We also went to Disney and I did much training at work in preparation for changing assignments.

This year I watched an awful lot of Star Trek. Bryan and I watched all of DS9 together, then when Owen was born we watched all of TNG and we’re currently going through Voyager. They hold up better than I thought they would. TNG is best overall, DS9 has the best story arc and Voyager is the funniest.

Today was my first day back in the office. I was too preoccupied with pumping to get much done, but I don’t have any real work to do anyway and no one was there to give me anything to do. I showed Maryam the training project I made up. I wish I were more creative and could think of something better than a quiz app to make.

Tonight I will probably go to sleep early since I’ve been up at 2:30am. Not Owen’s fault, he slept 7 hours last night and then another 4 1/2. He had us cracking up during his feeding, and then he has no idea why we’re laughing, so he just looks at us like we’re crazy and then smiles nervously which of course makes us laugh more. Love him.


I spent this past year having the time of my life with my little guy. I look forward to each day wondering what new thing he’s going to discover. He loves life and learning about the world. He loves being silly and he loves his family so much. I’ve had off the last couple weeks and we’ve had a blast! I really don’t want to go back to work.

Last night we left Owen with Bryan’s parents while we went to see the new Star Wars. He had a great time and so did we. The movie was really good. I’m glad we decided to go see it, especially since Owen was fine with his grandparents. He asked about us once and that was all.

In the process of night weaning. Last night went pretty well. He didn’t nurse until 1am and I limited him to two minutes. Then he had a twelve course meal at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep :-/ It’s 7am now and he’s finally resting soundly, but I guess I’m not getting any more sleep this morning. At least I got my workout in.

I guess I usually write about shows I’ve been watching, ha ha. With our new free DirectTV I’ve gotten all caught up on the Walking Dead and some of Girl Meets World. Been re-watching Gilmore Girls and it freaks me out a little that I now have more in common with the mom rather than the daughter.

Today, I’m not sure what we’re doing, but we always have a good time.


I spent a lot of the year looking forward to Disney and it didn’t disappoint. Taking Owen was just the greatest. He cracks me up every day. I love seeing him play with his friends, especially his best buddy, Connor. And he loves his grandparents so much! We took him to his first movie last week, Moana.

Work was somewhat stressful this year, but I got a couple of awards. Hopefully that means a nice bonus and maybe a progression to follow next year. (it did ;)

Ugh, must I mention the election again? Let’s go back to happier stuff. I finished Gilmore Girls including the revival. It was alright. I really like a couple of new shows, This is Us and Timeless. I was a bridesmaid in Julia’s wedding and enjoyed the bachelorette weekend away in the Poconos.

Bryan and I saw the new Star Wars tonight. Also was very good. Got a little teary-eyed at the end considering Carrie Fisher’s passing a few days ago. It was a very bad year for celebrities. A very bad year for a lot of people. Hoping 2017 brings many good things.

I don’t think I’m staying up until midnight tonight. I’m sure Owen will wake me up at 4 or 5am. He does sleep from 8 ’till then usually now, so definitely better.

Tomorrow we’re going up to my parents’ and I’m going out to dinner with my girlfriends which I’m really looking forward to. Nice way to start the year.


I would say Disneyland was the highlight of the year. Watching Owen go form Mickey’s house to Minnie’s, playing with his cousin. It was the best.

Also seeing him run around with Connor, jumping with the kids at gymnastics :) Seeing him so happy is so much fun!

Work was pretty great this year. Got to work on Q with a really awesome team for a while and now doing machine learning. I’d like to do more interesting machine learning, but this is a start. Not looking forward to losing my office, but it can’t be all sunshine and rainbows all the time.

Oh, my treadmill desk. I love my treadmill desk. I don’t get anxious over my steps now and my legs don’t fall asleep as much.

Bryan and I had our annual date to see the new Star Wars movie last week. I liked the last two better, but it was still pretty good.

Been watching a lot of Netflix and Amazon Prime. I would say The Good Place was my favorite show this year. It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. I’m also really liking Black Mirror. Oh and duh, we finally watched Game of Thrones!

I might make it to midnight this year. It’s 11:11 now. Owen usually wakes up around 11:30, but he fell asleep late. We’ve all been pretty sick the past week or so though, so who knows. At least he puts himself to sleep and gives me a few hours.

I went to Ellen’s birthday dinner the other night, so got to see the girls then. Tomorrow, just going to hang out with my parents at their place. So similar to last year.


I kinda keep forgetting about the new year. Won’t be sad to see 2018 go though, it wasn’t the best. We lost Papi and has also been stressful . I feel like I was sick a lot. On the up side, I am pregnant. It seems really weird writing that thinking how I’ll be reading this next year with another kid in the house. Hopefully.

Disney could have been better this year, but I’m glad Owen had fun. He also really enjoyed Colorado. We went to Six Flags a few times too.

Work was pretty mellow this year. Other than losing our offices. I haven’t had any deadlines which is nice. I need to get back to learning machine learning stuff though because things change so frequently.

Let’s see, exciting day today, Carolyn, Connor and baby Will came over for a play date. Then I got my patent thing notarized at UPS because Bank of America sucks and apparently making an appointment means nothing. Then we took Owen to the jumping place. That kid makes friends so fast. I hope he never loses that gift.

I just finished my low key, let’s not anger the placenta workout while watching Bird Box on Netflix. I really like Travelers, The Man in the High Castle, and The Marvelous Mrs Mazel.

I don’t know if I plan on staying up until midnight. I’m pregnant and didn’t nap today, so not likely. Though I was up pretty late the night of Ellen’s party the other day. We made signs, had dinner. I got my first massage too. this week has been pretty great. No one got sick, did most of the things I planned to do. Wish I saw Rachi because it’s been forever, but we’ll be doing our girls’ weekend soon.


I can’t believe it’s going to be 2020 in a few hours. Seems like some far off futuristic date. I mean hell, even BTTF part 2 took place five years ago!

Kiddo number two is currently sleeping on me while enjoying a snack of mommy milk. Going with Owen to the library in a couple of hours for their Noon Year Celebration. He’s starting to read and doing very well academically in school. He still needs to learn to control his impulses and stop clowning around so much.

I spent a lot of time watching TV while breastfeeding this year, especially when I was on leave for four months. The Expanse, Stranger Things, High Castle, Mazel, oh, Outlander. Let’s all forget about GoT. Can’t wait to see how The Good Place ends. I attempted some training. I did get a progression at work before I returned and a new assignment writing Python.

I’m looking forward to when this baby will sleep at night for a few hours without me and I don’t have to pump at work anymore! Though he is awfully cute like this. He’s tiny still, hope he gains some weight before his next dr appointment.


So the pandemic pretty much ruined the entire year for everyone. Yeah, I got to spend every minute at home with my family, but I also had to spend EVERY minute at home with my family. Had I known I’d be stuck at home this long I would have sold my car. It aint doing much atm.

Owen was pretty depressed in the beginning, but now that he can go to school a couple days of week and gymnastics, he’s basically back to his usual happy self. I think he misses Connor and Mika, and of course Disney, but we shall see them all soon enough.

Glenn thinks it’s pretty great I’m home all the time, though he asks to go “outside car” every day now and I’m like, dude, we’ve got no place to go. We had been going to playgrounds, but it’s been pretty cold. We still do almost daily walks though.

He’s still a tiny little dude and we have to go for another weight check next month. Otherwise, he’s happy and healthy. He tells jokes like “happy baby poop” and “knock knock … knock knock … knock knock… “

Owen is so into reading and math. I think he’d do just fine even if he weren’t in school. He’s doing multiplication, just for fun. Virtual school is the worst, but his teachers are amazing and have made it as painless as possible. They deserve frickin’ medals.

I haven’t had an abundance of free time this year, but I did manage to watch every episode of Supernatural in time for the finale. I also managed to get two azure certifications as it looks like that’s what we’ll be doing for the foreseeable future at work :-/

The ending of the Good Place was pretty much perfect in every way. In general there’s been a lot of good stuff to stream like Hamilton and the Queen’s Gambit.

Hopefully next year we’ll be able to go out and do stuff. How I miss the mall and Disney and you know, the dentist kinda in a I have to go there sort of way. At least no one got sick this year!


So we’re getting used to all this family togetherness time. We got vaccinated and did get to go on vacation this year to Lego Land and Disney. Disney started off all crazy because my parents couldn’t come and ended up crazy because Genie+ is buggy and awful. Plus, a two year old in Disney is challenging no matter the circumstances.

Owen isn’t looking forward to going back to school on Monday. He’s sick of wearing a mask all day, I don’t blame him. He’s doing well academically, he’s extremely good at reading, but he thinks school is boring and he gets in trouble a lot. Sometimes for stupid stuff, like not wearing a heavy enough jacket (wtf?)

Glenn talks a lot, mostly about poop. He’s still itty bitty which is kinda surprising considering how much he eats. He has a major sweet tooth and eats a lot of junk, especially since we’ve been weaning. The kid loves his milk way too much. He likes to hug the milk and tell it how much he loves it and how it tastes like chocolate.

While our almost annual girls’ dinner was cancelled due to covid quarantines, I did get to go over Krissy’s and hang out with her and Carolyn which was really great. I miss people. Gosh, I hadn’t seen Krissy in like three years.

I finally got around to watching Squid Game a few weeks ago and it lived up to the hype. Definitely something different. The main character reminded me of one of my former coworkers. Speaking of work, my assignment on the machine learning stuff, well, has ended. I’m supposed to start on cloud migration work as soon as they find a team for me I guess. Even if I had stayed with my old team, my client just got a promotion, so he wouldn’t be my boss anyway, which was a big pro for staying with them. So perhaps I made the right decision after all. Time will tell.