So I changed the theme, ’cause, ya know, it’s been like ten years. The old one was really bad for mobile. Though this one doesn’t have a search box and that was pretty much the only thing I used on mobile and no one reads my blog besides me. And my mom. Hi mommy. Who by the way, is not OK. She was very offended I wrote she was OK. She’s alive, she’s not paralyzed, but she says she’s not OK.

I bought a new car. My old car, was also not OK. I bought a very safe SUV. I have all the new fancy safety features. It’s also way more adjustable than my Fit, so I can see a lot better. It’s nothing terribly fancy, but it’s my first new new car, since used are so expensive right now, and I like it.

I started my new assignment in January, but also, I didn’t. It took them a month to give us a project and now we won’t be working on that project, so they’re giving us another one. I still question if I made the right decision staying in my organization. I can always change my mind though. I am looking forward to going into the office on Wednesday and seeing many of my friends. And without masks! Even Owen doesn’t have to wear a mask to school anymore. I actually don’t mind the whole not getting sick thing, but I know Owen hated wearing a mask and he couldn’t be more thrilled, so I’m happy for him.

He’s doing very well in school. He loves to read so much and he seems to like math a lot too. What I’m most proud of though is his teacher said he was very patient with one of the other kids and helped him to learn to zipper his jacket.

Glenn has been learning to use the potty. I think it would be going better if we were more consistent about putting him in underwear. It’s just hard because we’re going here and there and I’m working and Bryan’s picking up Owen and cooking. He had 4 accidents within a 2 hour period on Sunday. It’s exhausting. But this evening he told me two times he had to go and he went, so there’s some progress.