Tuesday,  November 22, 2022

You wake up, you were having a dream about The Great Movie Ride. You have to go to the bathroom,  you look at your watch, 5:50, ugh, it can wait … nope,  nope,  it can’t. You get up and go, but then you fall back asleep right away.

6:50am Your alarm goes off. Too cold for a bike ride though this morning right? You can go back to sleep. You close your eyes, but you soon hear the kids. Glenn comes in.  “Mama cuddle! I love you! ”    he asks if it’s Thank You Day yet.  Not yet. It is grandma’s birthday. Owen comes in for cuddles too. “Love you Mama.” “Love you too  Owen.” You and Glenn tell eachother about your dreams. After a ten minute cuddle fest, you tell them you have to go downstairs to make the French toast. Glenn is pretending to be a baby monster.

Glenn wants to help, but you already started. He can put in the next round of bread.

You finish making the French toast with your little helper. You heat up your oatmeal and water for your tea. Glenn finishes his piece and wants another. He doesn’t finish it though and teases Owen with it until he finally gives him the rest.

You realize your phone didn’t charge last night,  oops. You read the news. Beyond meat isn’t doing well. That’s a shame. Not that you ever buy it, but you do appreciate a good veggie burger or meatloaf now and then. Usually Bryan makes tofu, salmon, chicken or buffalo.

You hear the boys upstairs. “Owen can you turn on the light for me? ” “again?  You just went! ” You go upstairs and get dressed. Glenn wants to play with Lincoln logs. You tell him you have to get dressed first. He doesn’t want to get dressed too go to the bus stop. Whatever. When you’re ready, you help him with the Lincoln logs and then you give him the ipad and take owen to the bus stop.

It’s very cold for November but at least it’s sunny. You aren’t waiting very long and you had back inside. You clean off the grill. The French toast really stuck. You make a mess and have to clean that up too. Then you log into work.

More folks recorded music for the EOY townhall. And they used crazy lights too! Yassss. You can’t wait to see the end product. Glenn comes down and asks you to open his muffins. He sees you watching your video and says,  “that’s silly. ” Karen likes your leggings in the video. You try, you try.

You live these slow days between projects. You’ve got some user attestation to do, but nothing else in your inbox. The app team has been real quiet. Are they done testing? Pretty sure the scheduled jobs still aren’t working. You check the logs, “invalid character found in mail header. ” maybe you should fix that for them. This is not as simple as it appeared. Invalid character? There’s no extra “,” wtf is it talking about? Space between email addresses? Doubt it. Worth a shot. Oh, that worked. Need a null check too. Well, all the rest of these will need to be changed now.

Your watch wants you to walk. Mounika can’t access the Hawkeye console. Looks like they made some changes with the international IDs. You add her so she has access again. Glenn yells that he wants water. He’s up there munching on chips now. You tell Bryan, “he had French toast, then muffins and now the chips.” “How do you not have a weight problem? ” I mean, he does, he’s just underweight.

You figured the next time you’d being doing one of these, you’d be in the office, not working from home. Oh how naive. Rao appreciates your email fixes. It’s either that or ServiceNow training. You also have to finish your letter to Jeremy about getting more women into the CS field. You’re very demotivated because none of your drafts have been good enough for your manager. Isn’t our moto “fast, not perfect” these days? You read it again. You honestly don’t know what can be improved. It’s just fine.

10:30am oh good, Pete’s meeting was moved 15 minutes later. You go upstairs to use the bathroom and Glenn announces he’s hungry … again. Really? He wants “chicken fingers” so you heat up some of the plant based nuggets. He eats them with some guacamole. You have salsa and leftover lettuce, maybe you’ll make a salad. Oh right the salad kit. You mix the two together for a giant salad lunch. But you’re cold, so you make some tea too.

Glenn tries some of your salad. He mostly likes the cheese. You go back downstairs with your tea.

Meeting time. You jump on the trampoline while Pete talks. There’s going to be layoffs in January. Well fuck. Not surprising, but they keep saying they need software engineers. Pete doesn’t think our org will be impacted. I sure hope not. Also depends on how many people volunteer to retire. Sounds like they expect a lot of folks to retire. Will update my resume just in case.

Yeah, that was probably a good idea. This thing hasn’t been updated in a couple years anyway. Yikes. It takes an hour, but you manage to get 15 years of experience into a single page. ‘Tis a thing of beauty. You’ll need to update your linked in next.

Grammy’s here. Glenn must be happy. You go upstairs and tell Bryan about the layoffs. There was a disaster in the duplo towers and Glenn and Grammy are rebuilding.

Cutover planning meeting is next on the agenda. More jumping. The app team didn’t join. You give Adam some advice on Disney World.

It’s quiet upstairs. Glenn must be napping. Or trying to. You quietly sneak some oreos downstairs. Oh, you hear him. Not quite napping yet.

You read an article on the firing of Chapek and Iger coming back. Your mom sends you an article about an airline changing a family’s seats to the 3yo had to sit alone. A lot of the comments assume the mom didn’t pay for assigned seats, but you know that’s not necessarily true from personal experience. Everything you’ve flown the past 5 years, your seats get changed and your family is split up despite paying extra for assigned seats. Then your parents were forced to buy the extra legroom seats as they were the only ones left on the plane. Shit should be illegal.

2pm exercise time? You put on some ServiceNow training and do weights. Oh boy, Owen’s school is doing a fundraiser: pictures with Santa. That’s easier and cheaper than the mall. You sign the kiddos up.

Owen comes home from school and immediately heads to the computer. Soon Bryan is calling him back up to go to gymnastics.

At least this training is mildly entertaining sometimes: “I don’t know its proper name, so I’m going to call it the click and drag bidirectional thingy. ” That’s what I call it too! Also note, 1.5x speed, best thing to ever happen to training courses.

There’s a new VPN tool. That sounds dangerous. Says we can use the old software if the new one doesn’t work. Eh, why not, you install it. You reboot when it’s done.

5pm Quitin’ time. You head upstairs. Glenn does not want to wait for you to go to the bathroom before he has milk. He bites you. Obviously this weaning thing is going great. Lyn asks what time she should come for Thanksgiving. Good question. You text mom and ask when they want to come. Bryan and Owen come back. Bryan bought some foods. Lyn heads home. Glenn pets Bryan with his foot.

He’s done with milk, that means it’s time to play. You set a timer. You play with Trixie. He’s getting a little too rambunctious with the worm and he ends up throwing it. You tell him you’re not going to play with him if he throws toys and spits on you. He’s not playing very nice this evening. He takes out his cars. One of them is a fire breathing dragon car and sets fire to the towers, so Trixie calls the fire trucks to come put it out.

Grandma calls and interrupts your play. Glenn hangs up on her. You’ll call back later. The timer goes off. Glenn wants a few more minutes, you set the timer for 5 more minutes since grandma interrupted.

You heat up Bryan’s chili for you and the boys. Glenn has all of two bites before announcing he’s done and demands vitamin and chocolate. Owen’s all stuffy. You ask if he’s sick again. He says he doesn’t know. You tell him he’s gotta keep his hands out of his mouth.

Glenn’s causing trouble downstairs and comes back up. He asks you to turn the light on in the bathroom for him. You get yourself a cookie. “Mama, wipe me! ” you walk over there “not yet!” You walk back. “There’s no more toilet paper! ” what? How? “Wipe me! “

You play again. The clock tower collapsed. It was struck by lightning. He rebuilds it. The timer goes off and you go brush your teeth and shower. You’re probably in there too long, but the water is nice and warm and it’s so very cold in the house.

Glenn demand more milk. You call your mom back and decide on 1pm for dinner. Owen comes up and asks if you want to play hide and seek. You’re counting. You can’t find them. They have good hiding spots. Owen is in the bathroom and Glenn is in the closet.

Owen’s turn to count. You hide in the tent on the bottom bunk. They find you. Glenn’s turn to count. You hide under the blanket on your bed. I think he sees you. Glenn counts again. You hide in the closet. Ouch. Maybe you don’t quite fit. He can’t find you though. Now he’s pretending he can’t find you. You tried to get out of the closet, but Glenn yells at you, “no! I haven’t found you yet! ” You play a couple more rounds and then get ready for bed.

Glenn is being a menace with the Lincoln logs, so you help him put them away. Owen brushes his teeth and changes his underwear. You help Glenn finally change out of his pajamas (he usually gets dressed in the morning, swear), use the potty and put on his nighttime pullup. He announces he’s going to be like Owen and only sleep in a pullup and nothing else. You try to brush his teeth, but he’s being crazy and not making it easy. He spits on you. You tell him to stop three times, but he thinks it’s hilarious. You lose your temper and yell at him to spit in the damn sink. Then you hold him down to finish brushing his teeth. He’s very upset and crying. You make up and give hugs. You convince him to put on his buzz lightyear pajamas.

You sit down to read a book. Owen starts reading/ singing Snuggle Puppy so you join in. Glenn is mad and makes the two of you stop. He gives you a Thomas book to read. You tell him he’s being aggressive and rude and he yells, “just read the damn book! ” OK, karma.

The fan turns on and you ask Owen to turn off the light for snuggle time. Glenn is being crazy still and you try to get him to calm down, but he’s running back and forth. You tell him you’re not going to cuddle him if he’s being aggressive because you don’t want to get hurt. He leaves the room in a huff.

You tell Owen to go up to his bunk and read. He’s reading A Puppy Place book and he’s excited because one of the characters is going to Disney World. Glenn wants to cuddle in his bunk. You tuck him in and get him water and then cuddle him. He’s finally settling down. You help him find baby yoda and Tigey and then say goodnight and head downstairs.

8:35pm You get Owen’s lunch and your breakfast ready for tomorrow. Owen’s lunch bag is all wet, so you don’t pack everything. Bryan is doing dishes. He just took out the garbage and the recycling. You chat as you make your breakfast.

You go down to the basement and jump while watching Dead to Me, no, let’s try this 1899 thing. The captain’s from Dark. Oh right it’s by the people who did Dark. 9000 steps. You stretch and say goodnight to Bryan. You go upstairs and stretch some more while watching the ipad. You use your back massaging mat thing and read book eight of The Witcher. You stay up too late, so you set your alarm for a little later. You tell Akexa it’s bed time. She turns off the light and turns on the brown noise. You put on a bedtime meditation in the calm app and go to sleep.