So after 20 years of painful periods, I found out for sure that I have endometriosis. I went to the dr because I was having terrible pain on my left side during my periods. They did an ultrasound and found my ovary was covered in endometriomas. Fun!

I had surgery today. Lyn, who is probably the best MIL on the entire planet, sat with me for four hours in preop. By the time my doctor cane and talked to me, I was more than ready to get this shit over with.

They had to remove my ovary, unsurprisingly. I guess I’ll find out more when I go for my followup.

I have terrible gas pains and gurgles, but otherwise don’t feel too bad. Anything is better than the nausea from, I dunno the anesthesia or the pain killers. Glad that’s gone.

Poor Glenn has a terrible tummy virus. I hope he feels better soon and none of us get it.

Overall, I’m feeling very lucky I have my two babies and I’m not usually in too much pain. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get bad again.