We went in August, but I suppose I forgot to make a post. We didn’t stay very long, four days, three nights. Lyn came with us which made dealing with Glenn easier.

Our fist day, we headed to the beach after checking in. The water was nice and warm and the sand was super soft.

We did water parks on the boardwalk each morning. They were surprisingly nice. The walk there from the hotel was about 30 minutes which wouldn’t have been bad if it wasn’t for the heat. At least by the time we got there, we were ready for the water.

Glenn didn’t last long before he reached to go back to the hotel. The first day Grammy took him back and we were going to do rides with Owen. We went on one and then the power went out. 5 minutes earlier and we would have been such on the ferris wheel. We watched as about 40 people manually turned the wheel to get the people at the top down.

The second day, we did finally do the ferris wheel as well as other rides. Then we rode the monster truck which I’m pretty sure was Glenn’s favorite part of the trip. We walked to Dufffer’s for ice cream and mini golf which was my favorite part of the trip.

The last day we did a little more beach time before heading home. The only complaint I revived was that the trip was too short :D