Tuesday December 5th, 2023


Glenn is sick, he wakes up crying. You go into his room to comfort him. Bryan says he’s been in a bunch of times already. You remind Glenn that you need to sleep and Owen is in the room with him, so he’s not alone. He goes back to sleep. You’re too worried he’s going to wake up again to sleep, but at some point you must fall back to sleep again.


Your wrist vibrates with your alarm. Glenn comes into your room and tells you he feels better, but he’s still sick and can’t go to school. You agree. He and Owen cuddle you for a few minutes. He gets the ipad and he and Owen cuddle and play with the advent calendar while you get breakfast ready.

You eat your oatmeal and tea while the kids eat their waffle muffins and watch Netflix. The kids get another stocking squishy from their squishy advent calendar. You take your medicine and go upstairs to get dressed. You hear Glenn tell Owen,  “Owen, you should feel bad for me because I can’t go to school today. “


You take owen to the bus stop. Bus is a little late today and you have a meeting at 9. You leave for work and wind up getting there 15 minutes after the meeting starts. You go to your usual office on the fourth floor since you have many meetings today.

You see Matt has picked up the Mac conversation from the day before. You said you wanted to order a windows laptop after seeing him suffering and he wonders if he can trade his in for windows. You tell him he shouldn’t be online his day off and to go back to sleep, but he has a meeting.

Your meeting is very dramatic. The contractors decided to implement something in the wrong way and now that our team is involved and trying to get them to do it the right way, but they said they already did it the wrong way. You comment in your “cool people” chat on the drama.

You’re supposed to get free lunch today for Ward’s group’s Innovation Day. Not sure how that works. Ugh. You’re still coughing and you must have pulled a muscle or something because your back really hurts.

You need to work on this nextjs stuff and you don’t need to be here, but damn this meeting is interesting.  Schadenfreude.

Lyn msgs you asking about Glenn. You tell her he’s a lot better this morning and was asking for her.

10: 10am

You join the innovation session and multitask on nextjs. Why is the app not starting… wrong command, that would do it.

You join the ease dev talk on this front line feedback tool. You message Andrew, discussing if it’s the same application you’re building. It is awfully similar. Maryam comes by and you tell her she’s supposed to be in this meeting too. Bushra asks if you’re meeting to go to the holiday bizarre. You tell her you’re on the 4th floor. You should have gotten water, you’re thirsty.

11:40 am

Maryam says she saw Roy. Ruby Roy you ask?  Yup. You’re surprised he’s still working.

The vendor fair is a little much. The music is too loud. Bushra accurately describes it as sensory overload. You’re hungry, but you don’t know how this innovation day lunch is being distributed. You do know they’re behind. You debate whether you should buy lunch. If they do have food, it probably won’t be enough… you join back on the meeting. Literally everyone did something with genai. Guess your team isn’t going to win anything. You’re not even presenting today. Seems like a lot of teams are reinventing AskATT though.

You see Brij on the video in the MT room so you ask him about lunch. He’s the one who ordered it. He says there’s many sandwiches, so you’ll head there at the lunch break.

Brij comes to your office and you walk down to the now very crowded telepresence room. You grab a chicken salad sandwich and some chips and come back upstairs. Brij joins you in your room to eat. You join another meeting while you eat. This one is far less dramatic.

You work on your nextjs after the meeting. Maryam comes by and you go for a walk. Oh no,  you forgot to take pictures at Bedminster yesterday. You have a long chat with Brij about the good old days and how much your coworkers mean to you. You go through a whole rant about the RTO layoffs and how concerned you are for your teammates in St. Louis, Chicago and California. He thinks the company won’t go through with it, you hope he’s right.

Elizabeth asks if you have time to chat, you say you do and you wait for her call for quite a bit before she finally calls you. You’re getting an award for helping with the eoy event. She’s also disappointed she forgot to take pictures yesterday. You talk about the dramatic meeting as well. And she says you can order a windows laptop. Yay.

Someone posted picture of the renovated one bedrooms at The Boardwalk. No jets in the tub and no shutters to see the TV in the bedroom? Well, your dad won’t be happy. You send him and Bryan a screenshot.

Back to nextjs-ing. Didn’t get a far as you would have liked before the status meeting. Oh well, Steve will probably throw you off the team like everyone else anyways. Natalya says she liked your singing yesterday, but not your trivia puzzle. You tell her you had other complaints. You walk around the office as folks go through their status.

You don’t let on how little you’ve done while giving your status. He says that you’ll be working with the team that gave the presentation this morning. He going to setup a meeting tomorrow so hopefully you’ll get more done before then.

You decide to do some ab exercises the rest of the meeting. Ashton sends an email asking if you can book a room for the townhall Thursday, so you do, cause you do that stuff now apparently.

More nextjs-ing. Ah, finally, cake time, you go down to get your piece and bump into Brij, Nag, Ishilay and Prafulla all at the same time. You awkwardly say hi and run upstairs with your dessert. It’s good cake. You’re failing at taking pictures today too. You need to go home, but they’re just now announcing the winners. Not that you think you won. Well, you didn’t even get an honorable mention, so not gonna happen, ha. Nope. You let Matt and Samy know you didn’t win anything. Ok time to head home.


On your drive home your car reads a text from Bryan. Glenn fell asleep in the computer chair in the basement. Guess he’s still not 100%. You arrive home and Owen greets you with a big hug. You heat up your sweet potato stew for yourself. You give Owen several options, but he doesn’t want any of them. You see Bryan went shopping. Did he get eggs? Yes! Cause he’s awesome like that. Owen wishes he didn’t greet you because now he’s in a bad mood because he doesn’t know what he wants. You tell him he has to eat regardless. So he asks for grilled cheese.

You may have left the sandwich on the grill a little too long. Oops. Someone posted on reddit. The Epcot construction walls are finally down. Super underwhelming. Bryan brings Glenn up from the basement. He looks very confused. You ask if he wants grilled cheese too. Guess just cuddles for now.

He asks for the advent calendar, so you get the ipad, but he’s very hungry there isn’t a new day. You explain that it’s still the same day, it’s not morning. Oh, he accidentally turned off the numbers. He’s happy again. He wants to eat what Owen’s eating, so you make him grilled cheese. You inform him he’s definitely taking a bath tonight.

Glenn’s not eating his sandwich and has a complete meltdown when you try and ask why. He really doesn’t want Owen to eat it, but after a lot of tears, it turns out he’s not hungry, so Owen eats it.

You take Glenn up for a bath. He complains the water is too cold. You don’t know what’s up with this shower. You have the water heater up higher than it should be just to accommodate the water in there that’s too cold and it’s still too cold. You go and get your weights and do an upper body workout while he soaks. He gets out and watches the ipad while he dries off and you finish your workout.

He wants to play so you play a round of hide and seek, but he forgets how to count (?) And doesn’t want to play anymore. You ask if he wants dinner. He does! He requests grilled cheese without the bread. You’ve never done that before but you try. It gets a little messy, but he seems pleased.


You go upstairs and play zingo. He lets you pick which one, so you choose numbers so he gets practice with his numbers. He wins twice, mostly because you let him. Then he wants to read the Daniel Tiger book from the library. He asks you how Daniel goes potty with his big tail. Good question.

Owen gets out of the bath and comes to read with you. Owen goes to do his homework and pack his lunch. Bryan gets in Glenn cuddles too. You know Glenn isn’t feeling well because there’s a lot of “milk” cuddles tonight. There’s been no milk for a while, but that doesn’t stop him from cuddling your boobs. You brush Glenn’s teeth and have him go potty. You start wiggling and Glenn asks if you’re doing a potty dance. You are indeed. He says you should stop and go potty. Probably a good idea. Once everyone is fresh you get him done water and cuddle him in bed. You talk about what everyone is doing tomorrow. You scratch his back because he’s very itchy. You give him a big hug and kisses, some water and day goodnight.

You go take a shower. Owen is waiting to read when you’re done. You tell him you need tea and ask if he made you any. He says he doesn’t know how to make tea. You make your sleepy time tea and put together your breakfast. Owen reads you the sequel to his “diary of a circle” book he wrote. Then he continues reading the diary of a wimpy kid book you two started last night. He wants to cuddle and look at gifts on Amazon.


You tell him it’s time to sleep. He doesn’t want to go to bed. It’s time to sleep. He brushes his teeth and goes to bed and you head downstairs to watch Netflix and get the rest of your steps in.

You pass Bryan in the dining room and give him a hug. You tell him Glenn was pretty good for bedtime tonight. The upside of the kid being sick. He thinks Glenn must have a good immune system. He asks you to take some stew for lunch tomorrow and you go pack some as you were planning on doing that anyway. Looking at the food makes you hungry, do you have some cheerios with almond butter too.

You watch “All the Light We Cannot See” while you get your 10000 steps. You realize who Steve reminds you of. House. You hear Bryan ranting about his game. You say goodnight and he asks if it’s impossible to make software without bugs. Yes, in the sense that companies don’t care as much about bugs as getting working stuff out to market as soon as possible.


You brush your teeth and do your Calm Daily Move meditation. You use your back massage mat while reading the second witcher book again. You take out your contacts and tell Alexa it’s bedtime.