I bring to you, a Day in the Life of Lissy, 2008!

A note: I put this off for a while because I didn’t know if it would be any good. I can’t really talk about work since everything is proprietary information. Development is done for my project and now they’re just testing it, so there isn’t much to write about anyway. If you see any big gaps, they’re either work related or I just wasn’t doing anything interesting during that time.

Your alarm goes off and it kinda wakes you up. You go back to sleep.

Your alarm goes off again, this time you wake up. You had a dream last night that you were moving into a dorm. The building looked a lot like your elementary school. For some reason, Andrew’s mom was moving into the dorm too. There were a bunch of adults there and some really fancy looking rooms.

You go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, wash your face and put in your contacts. You get dressed and put your lunch together. Mmmm, a Weight Watcher’s frozen dinner. You grab your stuff and head out the door.

Your car has some melting frost on it, you autostart it as you’re locking the door to your apartment. After you put your stuff in the car, you wipe it off. You head down the road to the parkway. You don’t have to wait too long to make the turn today. As you’re driving, Jewel’s “You Were Meant for Me” comes on the radio and you sing along. They played it yesterday as you were driving home too.

You arrive at the parking garage. You get out and lock the car. You see Maryam drive up, so you wait for her. You tell her you’re doing your A Day in the Life of Lissy thing. She tells you she brought food for you today. Yay, no frozen dinner! You lock your car again because you can’t remember if you locked it or not. You both swipe in and go up to your office.

You put your food in the fridge. You go to your office, Maryam unlocks the door. You hang up your coat and login at your computer where you start typing this. You check your e-mail. Nothing good. An announcement about the iPhone SDK. Yeah, because no one knows about that already. Smita pops her head in to say hello.

You put your garbage in the hall so they can collect it later. You go heat up your oatmeal and make some tea. You have to open a new box of tea today. You forget your bowl for the oatmeal in your office again, so you go back and get it. You put too much water in and you have to put it in the microwave for a few seconds.

You open up the spreadsheet you use to keep track of your hours to make sure you put in all your time yesterday. You start putting in time for today. You take your calcium. You eat some dried cranberries. You start writing your status report for the week. You visit digg and MySugar to see what’s new. …Not much.

You go to the bathroom, but it’s being cleaned, so you have to walk all the way down the hall to the other bathroom in the back.

You feel sleepy, you stayed up late last night to watch Lipstick Jungle.

You and Maryam signed up to take a class on, um, classes you can take? It starts in 10 minutes, you look up the bridge number and dial in. Both of you have to dial in because you assume they’re taking attendance from the bridge website. You use your stuffed firefox as a headrest.

You read the recent comments on the blog about Daniel’s site on Internet Police while the instructor goes through the introduction for the course. Why you find the comments so amusing, you don’t know, but they are.

This is a really boring class! You eat some wheat thins. You laugh at the silly person in the class who somehow has been at the wrong site for the past half hour. Gah, she tricked you into opening a PDF! It takes forever to load. You close it before it can. You’re out of tea :( The class is finally over, you go get some hot water. You can’t drink too much tea because it stains your teeth, so you usually have about three or four mugs full of hot water each day.

You see Kathy and Josh in the hall. Kathy says there shall be donuts at 10:30. Good food day. You hope happy hour doesn’t happen today so you can go home and exercise. No one’s been too interested since Kevin left. You’ve been put in charge of organizing it every week, but it’s been hard since no one wants to go. Hmm, your water’s not very hot. You listen on your iPod.

You clean out your inbox. Kathy brings you a donut. She asks you when we’re having lunch. You agree on 12:30. You message Robby and Surbhi to let them know. You look at some documents. Maryam goes to a meeting. …Maryam comes back. Surbhi sends you a video, it makes you jump.

You try fixing the organizational colors for mail in Outlook. You had everything set up all nice and somehow, all the rules disappeared. You do it for one folder, but you don’t want to bother with the rest, especially if they’re not gonna stick.

You read an article on digg. You’re writing a comment when Robby comes in and asks if you’re going to lunch.

You leave for lunch. Maryam already heated up the food, so you head downstairs to the cafeteria. You hope the elevator goes all the way down without stopping. It stops on the second floor.

You walk to your usual table area. Surbhi’s there already eating some soup. Maryam spoons out some food onto a plate for you. Robby arrives.

Surbhi says she’s only having soup today because she ate yesterday. You tell her she needs to eat three meals every day. ;P

Kathy and Josh are still missing.. You’re done eating, it was very yummy. Maryam asks you to try a beet. You do, it was OK, but you’re not crazy about it. Robby says beets are weird because they turn the water red when you cook them.

Maryam threatens Robby so he doesn’t throw foam balls at her that he’s making from his lunch tray. One of the balls lands in his cup.

You talk about Lost. A foam ball lands in Maryam’s food. You discuss plans for this weekend. You say you’re going to your parents’, it’s your dad’s birthday. Maryam asks if your mom is buying him tickets to a show. You say no. Robby asks what show, you say Mamma Mia maybe, but we’re not going, so it doesn’t matter. He says they’re making a movie out of it. You ask whatever happened to the Guys and Dolls movie. He never heard of Guy and Dolls :O

Robby thinks the person on the boat (Lost) that’s working for Ben is Michael! That makes perfect sense! Why didn’t you think of that??

You call Kathy on Robby’s phone. She’s getting her car inspected. You discuss where you think Josh is. You didn’t message him because you figured Kathy told him when you were having lunch. You talk about Day Light Savings…

Robby’s upset because the foam balls keep landing on the floor. You talk about work. You discuss the video Surbhi sent you guys earlier, you know the kind, it’s all quiet and then something jumps out at you.

Robby takes his tray and turns it upside-down. He says it’s a house. You say it doesn’t look like a house. He wants to borrow your pencil to draw windows. You draw a door. Maryam tells you to draw windows. Surbhi says to draw a roof. You can’t DRAW a roof. They try to make one using forks. You make a better one with a napkin. Maryam destroys the roof. Robby puts it back up.

You decide it’s time to leave. You take the stairs up because Robby wants to waste more time.

You arrive back at your office. You read the CDT-WorX (your organization) newsletter. You send Josh the article you were reading before, about how scientists are trying to model the brain to create AI. He’s into that kinda stuff too. Outlook reminds you to put your time in for the week. You’ll do it later. You take another calcium pill.

You message Josh, Kathy and Surbhi to ask if they would want to go to happy hour today.

Robby comes in and you both go to Guanjone’s office to ask him if you should still be charging your time to development. He says yes. You ask to borrow his book on one of the technologies used in your project since you don’t have much else to do. You start looking at it. It’s pretty boring. You log into the system to compare the real script with what’s in the book. You have to change your password. You actually understand some of this. Actually the book isn’t too bad since it’s mostly examples.

You go and get your yogurt to have as a snack. It’s just plain yogurt with fresh blueberries in it, healthy and yummy, but not crazy yummy like other snacks. You eat a few Teddy Grahams too.

You finish looking through the book. It doesn’t really explain about the stuff you had to do. You guess that’s why it’s only volume 1.

You report your time for the week in the two systems. The biggest annoyance of working here, but it’s not so bad. Gives you something to do for 10 minutes. Worst part is having to open IE to do it :( Slightly more complicated this week because you did some training.

Surbhi asks if you’re going to happy hour. You tell her Kathy and Josh never responded. Probably not. You comment on Chau’s blog. Robby comes in. He complains he’s bored, so you hand him the book you read. You send your status report to Joe and Guanjone. You comment on Mere’s blog.

Josh messages you saying he’d be interested in going to happy hour. You send a message to the rest of the Matrex people asking if they want to go. You actually get a few replies for once. You go around to people’s offices asking them to come. Bunch of party poopers. You listen to music.

Your phone rings, it’s Bryan. He says he spent $300 on glasses, they were on sale. You say that’s a lot, they must be designer. He says he doesn’t think so. He notices it says something on the side of the glasses, “Versace.” You laugh at him a little. He has to wear them for a week because his eye’s bothering him. You’ve never seen him in glasses before.

You go to Kathy’s room to see if she’s going to happy hour. She and Josh can go, but not for a little while. You sit around and wait until 5:15. Chau IMs you as you’re emailing yourself. You can’t help her. You sit in Kathy’s room for a while and you two chat with Navneet about engagement rings since he’s getting married. Kathy shows him some expensive diamond rings. Josh is done working so you guys leave. Navneet isn’t coming to happy hour with you, but he walks out with you. He says it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. You hope not.

You leave for Friday’s. It’s raining. You find a spot not too far away and run inside. Marty never shows up, so it’s just you, Kathy and Josh. You talk about work, other people… You and Kathy share some shrimp and some cheesecake. Josh orders mozzarella sticks. Kathy gets some big, sweet drink. You try some, it’s good. Can’t really taste the alcohol. You chat some more. You tell them about Bryan’s glasses. Josh said he didn’t come down for lunch today because he was so busy all day :( You ask him what that’s like. Kathy says that you’ve lost weight since you started working. You don’t think so. You finish your food, Josh pays for you guys ’cause he’s cool like that. You leave and run back to your car.

You arrive home. Bryan looks cute in his glasses. He says you look cute too :P He has pizza for dinner. You go and exercise. Today you’re supposed to do some strength training, so first you do 30 minutes of cardio. You pop in the last half of the episode of Sliders you were watching yesterday and hop on the treadmill. After that, you do this Killer Butt thing on Lifeschool, then you lift your weights and do some abs for a little while. You sit on the couch with Bryan and upload the results from your heat rate monitor to the Polar website. You burned 383 calories, whee :D Your daddy IMs you and asks if you’re coming home tomorrow. You say if it doesn’t snow. He tells you you’re going to MB’s for Easter :) He also tells you that the puppies got along with Melanie’s puppy when she came over, aw.

You go shower. You floss and brush your teeth. You ask Bryan if you’re gonna watch House. You’re on season 3 of the DVDs. He said he’ll shower in a few minutes. You visit websites while you wait. You look at your google calendar. It says you and Bryan had your first date two years ago today :D

Bryan’s out of the shower and you go and watch House. Bryan hates wearing his glasses. You know how he feels, glasses are annoying, but you think he looks sexy in them. You watch two episodes and then you get ready for bed. You and Bryan cuddle for a while. You talk about Kathy showing Navneet the rings. You both think it’s silly to spend that much on a ring. Bryan comes up with the brilliant idea to propose to you via airbag! Instead of the airbag popping out when you get into an accident, it’ll be a ring! Yeah, he’ll keep working on it. He puts on the fan, turns off the light and lets you sleep.

9 Responses

  1. LOL about singing along to “You were meant for me”. =P

    Is that your cubicle?! Hehe.

    Hahaha! OMG, that’s crazy about the IM and everything! Funny how you decided to do “A day in the life of” on that day! =P

    Woah, nice about the first date exactly 2 years ago! Hehe! LOL, I don’t use Google Calendar, but that sounds like a nice way to put your “memories” in there. Hehe.

  2. Do you have an automatic starting car? like you press the button on the remote control and it starts it to warm up? They are so cool, my mate has one and he makes me jealous all the time about it haha, he always tries to make his head bigger than what it already is about it too.. If I am wrong I am sorry!

    Oh I see you mentioned me about the Internet Police. I guess thats a good thing? Not sure.. By your remark, I didn’t know which way to take it.. Oh well..

    Anyway, sounds like you had an interesting day!

  3. Your days seem fairly busy. I like the improv art that was created during lunch. You and your friends are creative. :) Your boyfriend needs to come up with a safer way to propose, though. ;)

    LOL at reading Internet Police comments during a class.

  4. Sounds much more interesting than mine: wake up, procrastinate leaving… pretend to work for the first hour… actually work for the other 7… go to the gym… go home and fall into bed =P

  5. I love how you write in in the second person. It’s a very interesting way of talking about your life. Really enjoyed it! Your days are sure more eventful than mine. All I do is go to class, eat, study, blog and sleep.

    Internet Police can be interesting, but some of the comments do go too far sometimes – it’s almost like cyber-bullying. At times I’d like to defend them, but at other times, I do think the deserve it because I’ve been at the receiving end of their immoral conduct i.e. layout stealing. Regardless, I just stay away because I don’t think it will do either party any good to have a fence sitter join in the conversation but also I think it’s beneath me. Hahaha.

  6. I officially envy your job! If you have that much time to write all that and even visit little old me then it’s gotta be a good place to work. lol. Plus your co-workers sound like fun too with the foam balls and the “house.”

  7. You know, I’ve always wanted to do one of these “day in the life posts”. I’ve actually started on a few at times, but I forget about them later on. lol.

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