It’s the 12th annual A Day in the Life of Lissy! Read the boring description of my day, Thursday, 3/15/2012

Your alarm goes off. You didn’t sleep well last night. Actually, for the last two hours you either haven’t been sleeping or dreaming that can’t sleep. You get out of bed and turn off your alarm and your backup alarm so it doesn’t wake Bryan. You use your phone as a flashlight and head into the other bedroom to grab your robe. You go downstairs and take your breakfast out of the fridge. You put a glass of water in the microwave. You like drinking hot water in the morning to warm you up. You have about 1/4 of your breakfast, peanut butter and jelly overnight oats and put the rest back in the fridge. You drink your water as you check your email and facebook on your phone. You go to put your phone in your bag, but you remember Bryan brought up your phone case/wallet with your phone last night, so it’s still upstairs. You grab your phone case from the bedroom and hang it with your clothes so you don’t forget it later. You go to the bathroom upstairs, put in your contacts and brush your teeth. You put on your workout clothes and make your way to the basement.

You put on your exercise DVD: Physique57 Arm and Ab Booster. It’s probably your most challenging workout. It’s hard staying in a crunch position without your hands behind your head. Your neck starts to hurt and you have to complete some of the exercises on your back.

After the 30 minute DVD, you put on Doctor Who and do some lunges, squats, and other lower body exercises to finish up. You stretch for a bit and then it’s back upstairs for a shower.

Once you’re nice and clean, you put on your acne stuff (the nice weather has caused you to break out pretty badly) and lotion. You comb and towel dry your hair. You put on some foundation and under eye concealer. You get dressed, put on your earrings and grab your party shoes. Back downstairs, you pack your breakfast, lunch and snack. You put on comfortable walking shoes, your jacket and your fancy ID holder. It’s supposed to be a little chillier than yesterday. You grab your Disney purse, your keys, lunch bag, shoes and head out to your car.

It’s not raining, so no Parkway today. Definitely overcast though, and chilly, you put on the heat. 35 would be faster if the lights were timed better. You sing a little. Really “Time of Your Life” again? You were sick of that song 10 years ago, why do they feel the need to play it every day. You don’t get stuck at too many reds today, but it doesn’t matter, people are slow. The clock at S Laurel and 35 says 8:55, so you’ll be in your office around 9:05. You pull into the parking garage and pull though into a spot. You run across the bridge because it’s cold! You say hi to someone at the elevator and take the stairs up to the fifth floor. You say hi to Patti in the hall.

When you arrive at your office, Maryam tell you your timezone conversion function you wrote doesn’t work. Wha? Anthony Q’d you. He says his XML isn’t working. You ask him what the error is. Outlook is asking for a password, so you restart it. Maryam says EST and CST return the same time. That’s stupid. If they’re both Standard, they should both return Standard, not Daylight. She has to use the name of a city instead. You eat the rest of your breakfast and chew some gum.

Anthony says he’s using the wrong config. Julia asks what she should put for title in the missing receipt form. You didn’t fill it out, but you assume she should put her title. She says she forgot your brownie. You tell her your readers were looking forward to that brownie and she’s ruined everything. She says she has forever changed history.

There’s an optional NDR meeting at 10. You have time to go, but since it’s with Mary and the REs, the conversation will probably go over your head anyway. Ah, your email has arrived. You were invited to a CP12 meeting at 10:30 anyway. Don asks how the One Team presentation to leadership went yesterday. You told him they were pretty happy overall.

Maryam comes in and wants to ask you a question. You like the flower doodle on her notes.

She wants to know about threads in Java. Brij walks by and says hi. You tell her if her program isn’t going to be doing multiple things at once, it doesn’t need to be threaded, but having a for loop that continuously polls the database probably isn’t the best way to do this. She’s going to talk to the people on her team about it.

Anthony is still having problems. Sounds like he needs some test xml from Eddie. He doesn’t even have the xsd to generate his own xml. You look at his log file to see if you can help. His code is due tomorrow, yuck. You tell him he can try getting logs from ST or prod.

Manoswita Q’s you, “Hi Elissa…need ur advice since u r leading the way with CARE.” She wants to know what needs to be done for the code review. You tell her what you did and to find a time that a certain null-pointer-obsessed-developer is busy :D

You get some hot water and drink it with your gum. It brings out the flavor. You ask Anthony if he’s found anything. You tell him to look at 3112. You go to the logs and copy an event for him. You forget the security header so you add in one of those. It’s been way too long since you’ve done this weblogic stuff, though you’re surprised how much you remember. Seems to be working.

You dial in to the CP12 meeting. The pin code doesn’t work. You get the feeling these people don’t use t-meeting much. You receive an email with the correct pin. You want to go over the code before your code review later, but with this meeting and the One Team meeting you won’t have time. You open up the code to look at it now. They ask if you’re on the call, you say yes. Golly you’ve gone through a lot of gum already today. OK, you’re done after this piece. You tell Anthony where he can find the ear file. They ask on the call if you did your CP12 ID, yes, you have.

You send Sean the updated code review record. You ask him what line in one of the files he changed because you can’t find it. CP12 meeting is over. You change into your pretty shoes and go to the bathroom. You say hi to Brian on the way there and he remarks how high your shoes are.

You go back to reviewing code. Great, you chewed too much gum and now your tummy is making noises. You print a copy of the One Team list for attendance. You print a copy of the review record to take notes on. You fetch them from the printer. You go through the code and write down the lines that have changed.

Time to eat! You go to the microwave to heat up the leftover baked ziti you made yesterday, your favorite! You come back to your office while it heats up and do more work. On the way back to the microwave you say hi to Ramya. You finish your notes and your food. You call your daddy to see if he picked up your dress yesterday. He’s not picking up, maybe he’s in the city today, you leave a message. You chew more gum. You print the meeting agenda you wrote up yesterday and fetch it. You also pick up the candidate’s resume you printed out and left there before the interview yesterday. You look up your host pin and write it at the top of the page. One Team meeting time. Brij says you’re pink today.

You dial into your bridge and Maryam helps take attendance. You talk about Take Your Kids to Work Day, the April coffee break, fundraising, the summer picnic and what it means to be an active member. Jill talks a little about brown bags, but you’re going over time so you have to cut her off. You end the meeting and walk back to your office. Julius says he likes you shoes. You ask Sumayya and Maryam if you should walk at 2, you have a meeting at 1. They’re OK with that. You edit the activity sign up list for One Team to add the committees you discussed in the meeting. You let Dave know he was nominated at the head of the other activities committee. You really don’t want to do this code review, but this is the worst thing you’ll have to do all week, so it’s not so bad. Maybe you should go to the bathroom before… yes, that’s probably a good idea. You say hi to Gil on the way back to your office.

You connect to your meeting early since sometimes it asks for your password and you don’t know your password. Chrome has saved it, so you’re OK this time. You can’t wait to get this over with. Javadocs, wrong file, bleh. It was only half an hour, but you have to make changes in several files. One change you have no idea how to do. You ask Sean if you should meet later to sort out who’s doing what. Renee Q’s you, asks how it went. You told her OK, but you have changes. You’ll try to make them by tomorrow and yes, you recorded the session. You discuss with Sean how to fix the difficult item. More gum chewing while you try to get your env in working order. You suggest the problem is on line 487 of one of the jspf files. Sean looks at the error in the debugger and says you’re right. You tell him you have psychic powers and he asks for lotto numbers.

You email your CP12 manager your contact number and ask her about driving the truck. You tell her you don’t think you’re tall enough. You change your shoes, walk time. You talk about work and stuff. Maryam asks about the interview meeting later. You told her the process has changed a bit and now there’s a form to fill out where you have to rate the candidate and you have to give the whole question packet to Meera at the end.

You and Maryam are talking about the timezone issue and Sumayya says she knows what CST and EST are :) Maryam is impressed by Yiding’s java coding skills. You tell Maryam that Sean will have the code fixed by the time you go back upstairs. He does. You tell him what you told Maryam. He says you found it, he just fixed it. You didn’t find it, you guessed. He says he’s coming upstairs. Good, you can finally give him his CP12 souvenir you bought to alleviate your guilt over the fact he did all the work on this project. Your code is still publishing. You didn’t have anything else to do this week, you should have checked to see if your environment was working BEFORE you had things to fix.

Sean comes up and you give him his coffee mug. He said he actually needed one. Yay.

You tell him you still need to give Manoswita her souvenirs from Italy and Disney. You split the work up, but realize you’ll have to send emails to get clarification on some things. After Sean leaves, Terry comes to ask about switching bagel days. You can’t because you have meetings at 10 every Wednesday. He asks you about the overtime travel policy and you both decide he’s worked enough today and should go home. You email people your questions on the code review items. Turns out your local env is working. You say hi to a bunch of different people in the hall. You apologize to Abe about the whole “active member” thing in the meeting today. Lindsey’s a fan of your shoes too.

You Q Manoswita to see if she’s in the office so you can bring her her souvenirs, but she’s not. You tell her you’ll have to buy her something better ’cause she’ll be like wow, she waited all this time for this junk? :P Hmm, maybe your environment isn’t working. Uncaught exception. Great. Null pointer. Great. This one’s new, you’ve never seen it before. Looks like the latest version of one of the files is causing a compilation error, but you guys didn’t change those files… And you’re getting the same error even with the old file. Best way to solve a problem is by typing out your question to someone else. You get an idea while typing the “help me” email. Ah, it worked! You’ll have your snack early since you have a meeting at 4. Yogurt with tropical fruit. You email Sean to tell him the one issue is fixed.

Maryam picks you up for the meeting and comments that the writing on your whiteboard in your office has been there for a long time. You walk to the meeting room, but everyone is hanging out in the hall. Looks like the room was taken.

You all go into one of the other rooms. You comment on Sherryl’s huge stack of papers. She says, yeah, they’re double-sided too. You take a picture of Meera setting up her laptop, but she makes you delete it :D You show Maryam the pictures you’ve taken so far. She goes over the presentation. She asks you if you have any comments on the rating section since you’re the only one that’s used it so far. You share your experience. After the meeting you tell Maryam about how your candidate yesterday answered one of the critical thinking questions. Reuven talks about how he answered it and how you and Leon looked at him like he was crazy. You don’t remember that, you just remember he was a good candidate. He asks you guys if you like interviewing, because you do it a lot. You say yeah, and it’s good for improving interview skills.

More gum chewing. You work on your code review items some more. The “new” file you were told to use looks like it’s missing some new changes from the “old” file, so you’ll need another email to confirm which one you should use.

Almost time for you to leave. Sean asks, “my UATP mail had the voting button on there.. right? I haven’t seen any responses yet” You ask him if he knows all the responses go to the deleted items folder. He didn’t. Yay, you helped. You look for some javadoc guidelines in the documentation folder, but don’t see any. You hope they let you know exactly what they want you to change. You go to put your time in. You’re unsure what to put for lunch since you took your lunch/walk at 2:00. That counts. Exactly 8 hours. That’s how you know it’s a slow week. Time to go! You change your shoes and pack up your stuff. Your black boots are really falling apart.

You walk down the stairs and scan yourself out at the door. Damn it got colder! You sprint to the car. It’s Cold, it’s cold, it’s cold. Parkway home. The lights on the road to the parkway are timed poorly as well. Not much traffic. Difficult to make the turn off of the exit today. You make a car slow down for you. You sing along to Adele. You wonder if the cop in the car next to you is watching you sing. Your neighbor parked next to your spot has both of their doors open. Are they actually cleaning out the car??? You park as close to the curb as possible. You drop your keys while opening the front door. Before taking off your jacket, you heat up your dinner (more ziti!) and get water from the fridge with the new water filter you just got. Exciting!

You bring your food to your PC so you can eat and type. You forgot the parm and you have to pee, so you get up. You come back from the bathroom, but you forgot to bring your food back with you. You go back into the kitchen to cheese it up and bring it back and eat. Yum. You eat a small piece of chocolate for dessert. You go back into the kitchen to pack up your lunch, breakfast and snack for tomorrow. You’re making yourself apple and peanut butter oats for breakfast. You cut up the apple, throw in some oats, peanut butter, chia seeds, almond milk and cinnamon and stick it in the fridge.

Someone rings the doorbell. You look out the window and see a guy holding an envelope. Maybe he got your mail? He power washes decks, he gives you a flyer. You spoon out some yogurt and and frozen fruit for your snack. You do the dishes, take your fish oil and start tidying up a bit. The doorbell rings again. Really? It’s a couple of girls selling chocolate. You’re about to say you don’t want any, but remember trying to raise money for things when you were a kid. You buy an almond and two caramel. You come back to your PC to check on your castle. You eat a couple bites of the caramel. Wow that’s super sweet. Oh gosh, you have a lot of clay now.

You accidentally summon a gloom wolf instead of killing one. Time to do all that cleaning you’ve been putting off all week. You clean some stuff off the kitchen table, clean the sink upstairs and the counters in the kitchen and the kitchen table. You never realize how dirty the house is until you have to clean it. Bryan’s late. You check your phone to see if he called, he hasn’t. You give the floor a much needed sweeping. All clean! Well, close enough.

You go upstairs to put your clothes away, but on the way you notice you never set the thermostat ahead for daylight savings. No wonder it’s so cold. Bryan comes home. Bryan! You give him a kiss. You explain about the thermostat and the chocolate. You go upstairs to put the clothes away from your load of darks. He comes up to give you hugs and kisses. You pick out your clothes for tomorrow.

You call your daddy again to ask about the dress. He did pick it up, but when he dropped off his old car at the dealership when he picked up his new truck (don’t call it a car), he left the dress in his old car. He realized when he got home and had to go back and get it. He asks about Easter at your place. You tell him it’s OK with Bryan and that you’re having dinner with Bryan’s parents on Saturday so you can ask them then.

You’re hungry. You eat some of the cereal Bryan hates. More castleville. You finally got that last gloom rat tail. You go get some water. You ask Bryan if he’s exercising tonight, since he usually doesn’t on Thursdays. He says no. That means more Doctor Who watching for you while jumping on the trampoline. You go to the bathroom and then head downstairs for some jumpin’ Doctor Who time.

It’s a good episode too. Epic. After jumping for 30 minutes, you stretch. You stay watching the episode longer than you planned since it’s a two-parter and you want to see what happens. You don’t finish it though. Maybe you’ll watch the rest upstairs later on your phone. You head back upstairs. Bryan says he loves you. Little more castleville and some blog reading before bed. You check the weather for tomorrow to make sure your outfit is appropriate. Eh, you should probably wear short sleeves.

You go up and pick out a different outfit. You floss, brush your teeth and wash your face. You acne goop tube seems to have come apart. It won’t close properly. You call down to Bryan that it’s bed time. He says he knows. He comes upstairs. He wants the peanut butter thing. From uno’s? Yeah. You put on your firefly t-shirt. Bryan goes to shower.

You start reading your book on your kindle. It’s about wolves… The main character is kinda stupid, but she’s a wolf, so you guess you can’t expect too much. She also has a thing going on with her cousin/brother, so that’s a little weird. Bryan’s out of the shower. You cuddle. It’s cold. You’re going to need another blanket. You don’t know where Cheryl’s blanket is. Bryan wants to know if he should look for it for you. You dunno. If it’s not on either of the couches, you don’t know where it could be. Maybe on the chair in the other bedroom or on one of the dining room chairs. Bryan checks the bedroom, that’s where it was. You cuddle some more before Bryan puts on the fan and says goodnight.

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  1. Sounds like such a jam packed day. Props that you can wake up so early and exercise, something I’d definitely like to incorporate into my life this year.

    I love your little space!! It’s so colorful!

  2. (Off-topic) I thought you were going to do a redirect from your /blog? LOL, just wondering. I’ll change your link when I can.

    Wow, your office is FILLED!!!! Hehe.

    8 hours of work is a slow week?! Hahaha… Anyway, how many sticks of gum do you chew a day?? Haha.

  3. I heart your office space!

    It’s been a few years since I did one of these, I might have to do one of these soon :)

  4. You are such an inspiration ^_^ I need to plan my days better to fit in a workout, and I have every intention of doing it! So glad you posted this, I’ve been looking at what to do with my Daily Grind/Photolog site and was thinking of putting it on Google Sites, and I was just pondering the other day about doing a “day in the life” to add a new one to it :)

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