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My boring description of Monday, 3/18/2013

Bryan’s moving. You check your fitbit, too early, you go back to sleep.

Your fitbit vibrating alarm startles you awake, gaah! Owies, your back is sore from Yoga yesterday, maybe elliptical is a better plan than kettle bell today. Your phone alarm goes off, ok, ok, getting up. You go into the other room and head downstairs using your phone as a flashlight.
You heat up some water.


You eat a little of your breakfast, chocolate banana peanut butter overnight oats, yum, :p you finish off your water and head upstairs for contacts, teeth brushing and exercise clothes dressing.
Where’s your heart monitor strap? Why wouldn’t you put it on the back of the door? There it is, on the chair with your other delicates.


You go down to the basement and hop on the elliptical. You decide to do one of the cardio workouts from the lat bootcamp. You put on last night’s episode of the walking dead. Oh poor Andrea. You watch the news while you stretch. Supposed to be bad weather later today. How much later? You head upstairs to shower.

This sulfate free shampoo is supposed to be better for your hair, but you haven’t noticed a difference. You wash your hair, shave, wash the rest of you. Put on lotion, comb your hair, put on foundation. You decided to wear your big grey sweater since it’s not likely to get this cold again this year.

You put on your boots, grab you stuff and time to leave. You were telling Bryan yesterday how you haven’t cursed at the Quickcheck light in a while. Of course you get stopped at that light today. You listen to Z100 while you drive. They make a comment about how you shouldn’t browse Pinterest while hungry. You agree, but you do it all the time.

You arrive at work and the parking lot is pretty full. Good, hopefully people aren’t working from home. You see Varun and his wife at the elevators and wave hello. The stairs up to the fifth floor are a little harder with your new laptop on your back.


You arrive at your office. Maryam sees you taking a picture and asks you if you’re doing A Day in the Life. You say yeah, she runs away. Anthony comes in and asks if he does something on his own time after work, does at&t own it. You tell him unless he creates the next Facebook, you don’t think they’ll care. You check your email.

Noooo, Sumayya’s working from home :( She’s sick :( Maryam has her laptop migration going in the office across from yours. Taht’ll be Nitika’s new office soon :)

Fitbit step check: 5722

You finish your breakfast. Your mug top fell on the floor last week. You go to the kicthen to wash your mug, get some hot water and put your food away.

You chew gum. Nitika messages you saying she’s not going to worry about her putty config stuff, she’ll just put it in manually. Meh, that’ll take forever. You have many complicated color stuff. She didn’t even know you could do that with Putty. Maryam asks if they transferred all your programs too, no, just files and it’s a lot more strict about what you can install. At least you have everything you really need.

You and Maryam get to do an interview together Thursday, yay :) You have to do another motor vehicle check for the strike duty stuff again, boo. You can’t believe that stuff isn’t settled yet. You’re not tall enough to drive the trucks anyway. Proving all this personal info makes you nervous, but they sent like 50 emails saying we should do this, so it’s probably a huge deal if we don’t. Crap, your meeting’s in 15 minutes.

Hmm, should you bring your laptop? Eh, you already printed out the HLD, but that was before she made changes. Maybe you should bring the laptop. Or print a new version…. hmm, save paper or save energy… Eh, you’ll bring the laptop. It’s still a novelty at this point :) You’ll need your secure ID thing though. And you should go to the bathroom first. Mary won’t be at the meeting, but it still might go long, you never know. Why is your mouse not working properly. You hope it’s not dying ’cause you’re not getting a new one…

Brij and Summaya’s office is dark, is Brij home too?? You unsuccessfully try to take a picture of yourself in the mirror. Someone walks in, it’s just Nitika. She offers to try to take a picture of you, but it doesn’t work out well. You’ll try with your camera later.


You go down to the fourth floor. No one’s in the room, but someone’s laptop is here. Teri walks in, you say hello. Anthony comes in, he’s jealous of your laptop. Teri has an extra document for him. You log into VPN. Oh, Mary’s on the phone, yeah, this’ll be a long meeting. Counting multibays are apparently very complicated. A new field, meh. Your mouse touchpad isn’t working. Working again. Even Shu looks confused. This is gonna be a pain in the butt.

After the call you talk afterwards about whether we should bother implementing the new feature into autositeplan. You ask Teri if the new fields will show on the reports. Yes. Then all the reports need to be listed in the HLD. Jenny suggests you use a function to create the technology name. You think that’s a very good idea. You ask her if she wants to write it before she leaves. Everyone laughs. Her contract expires at the end of next month :(

Back up to your office. You check your email. You see Smita on the way to the bathroom so you walk over to say hi. She’s just back from maternity leave. Back in your office, you chew some more gum. $120 to renew your hosting? It was half that last year :(

Someone locked Maryam’s laptop in the empty office. She and Nitika had to go down to security to free it :D Maryam’s bored (she can’t use her PC while her data’s being migrated.) You tell her to come to the Toastmasters meeting today. She will.
Time to buy lunch. Salad today. You have to wait a couple minutes for the cafeteria to open. No good soups, but the salad should be enough. You climb back up to your office and eat.

The eggplant has been so yummy lately, oily, but yummy. You ask Nitika if she’s going to toastmasters, she is :) Smeet Q’s you a question about progressions. You get some water. :O someone left cupcakes on the counter. You do not need a cupcake, you do not need a cupcake, you do not need a cupcake. They smell super sweet anyway, you pass. More gum. Time to go downstairs. Maryam’s computer is done, so she won’t come. You go pick up Nitika. You pass David in the hall, he’s not coming either.

You arrive at the meeting. The lady next to you asks if you went to Rutgers (you have a Rutgers mug) you say yeah, class 2007. Her son was 2010. Nitika is the “a” and “um” counter. The first speaker is too good to be here. The second speaker is also good. Nitika’s table topic is on kids and gadgets. You have to talk about girl scout cookies. You talked for about a minute and you had four “ums.” You go upstairs for the MATREX project meeting. You accidentally take your evaluation sheets, oops

1:05 pm
In the meeting, the API teams asks if any of the mentors can help setting up their env for Spring MVC. You never have, but you offered to try to help. You go back to your office. You ask Maryam if she knows anything about that, she doesn’t. She unplugged her old computer already. She didn’t realize she has to wipe it first. You Q Pooja Reuven’s attuid. Hopefully he knows more than you.

Fitbit step check: 8035

You chew gum. You get some water. You look into this Spring thing, hopefully you can offer some insight. Nitika asks you if you know where to find a form. You say the CDT site, but you can’t find it on there. You tell her to ask Jeanne.

You tell Pooja that you have a special program that automatically sets up a Spring project for you if she wants to come and look at what it did. The girls come over, but you don’t think this will be much help. You send them your zip of the test project anyway. You try to do a simple HelloWorld program following a tutorial.


Oh boy, they got it working! You sign up for the Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work event on volunteer match and supposedly it’ll then show up on some other site where you’re supposed to log your hours… Maryam Q’s you. How come it let her install the program and not you? You try again. Works if you don’t save it to program files, he he.

Swetha comes for her mentoring session.


You finished your section on time management last time. She just found out she has to work on the API stuff now for the MATREX project, specifically the database connectivity stuff, so you both look at the Spring tutorial. Very different from struts. OMG you’ll have to read this whole thing. You ask her if she wants to start the networking section or if you should add something about Spring. You both agree that Spring would probably be more helpful, so you’ll modify the mentor plan. She sends you links, they’re the same ones you sent Pooja :D

You hear a party in the hall, so you open your door to see what’s going on. Gil, Nadeem and Kashif are talking to Maryam about her new laptop. You say you have one too. You talk about girlscout cookies. They all like Samoas. You go get water and your yogurt snack from the fridge.

Swetha Q’s you the snv path. Now you have to read about snv too. More gum. You check out google reader while you wait for the plugin to install. You decide it’s probably easier to read the tutorial on the iPad. OK, this has to be your last piece of gum.

Summaya Qs you and asks you about Toastmasters. The URL Swetha gave you doesn’t appear to work. Or maybe you have no idea what you’re doing. You feel sleepy. You decide to work on migrating the configuration for some of your programs. You copy the eclipse plugin to your penguin.


You add your SQL connections to SQLDeveloper. You hiccup on the way to the bathroom. You see Maryam leaving on the way back. She’s leaving early to take her daughter to the doctor, not because it’s snowing. Golly Windows7 makes things difficult. Yay, plugin is installed. Today was a little boring wasn’t it?

No one volunteered to be the new One Team supply manager. You’ll have to choose someone. You choose a few candidates based on proximity to the supply cabinet. You’ll see who doesn’t come to the meeting tomorrow, muahaha. You’re sure you’ll end up doing most of the work anyway. You put together the rest of the agenda and send it out. You remember you have to setup your printers. You setup one, but it’s late, you’ll do the other one tomorrow.

You pack up your laptop and your food containers and head home. (Note: I wrote the following after I was at home. Don’t text and drive!) So cold! The wind blows some icey rain in your face. You wait for a guy to back out of his spot. You take 35 home as you have been since your accident. Oh great, he’s turning into the left lane on 35 too, now you’re gonna be stuck behind the slow guy. Oh good, he’s getting over to the right. Less traffic than usual today, but more wind. It blows your car around a little :( Payphone, terrible song, you switch stations. Ah, the slushy rain turns to freezing rain, fun! If it’s like this tomorrow, you’re working from home. You make it home OK and Bryan greets you at the door.


Natalie’s gift he ordered forever ago finally came. So did your registration. WTF is this?? It’s just a piece of paper! All that money and they don’t laminate it??? They don’t even bother with perforations?? Guess you’ll just stick the whole piece of paper in your wallet. Bryan fixed the toilet in the master bathroom, yay :D He’ll start dinner soon. You’re hungry.

You check Facebook on your iPad. Ten years from now you’ll be like, OMG, remember iPads??? OMG, remember Facebook??? OMG, remember OMG??? Looks like Carolyn had a bad day. Bryan comes up from the basement. You demand he go in the kitchen and make you food! He says “you’re the awesomest and stuff.” He’s hungry too. He might have a WHOLE wrap tonight. Laundry time. Oh, you didn’t open the mail from Mickey. It’s an autograph picture hoping we created magical memories on our vacation. Well that took a long time to come. I guess Mickey didn’t know what he was going to write. OK, now it’s laundry time.

You gather laundry from upstairs and bring it down to the basement. You sort it and do a load of darks. You clean the lint filter on the dryer. Your sweatband didn’t make it into the wash, whatever. You put your food containers in the sink. You somehow make a mess doing that one simple thing. You start prepping your breakfast for tomorrow: Peanut butter apple overnight oats. You record a video. Oh crap, how do you sign into youtube. Damn two step authentication.

You check out the newly reopened Dodo’s Message Board while you wait for the video to upload. Dinner’s almost done. He threw out the bag! Or the contents of the bag that had been sitting by the door since Christmas. Good job! You tell Bryan someone on DMB likes his taste in T-Shirts. Bryan comes back upstairs and says the food has been done for a while. You take some. Mexican quinoa wraps. You gobble down half a wrap and pack some up for lunch tomorrow. Ice cream time! You’re pretty excited about trying the new butter pecan gelato. It’s yummy. Too yummy. Good thing it’s cold out or it would be near impossible to stop eating. The caramel one is probably still better though. You take your vitamins.


You play a round of You Don’t Know Jack. Why’s there no sound? Oh, sound’s off. Heh. Apparently the Red Baron is German. *shrugs* You don’t like the way their yoga question was worded. Guess you’re not up on your Eddie Murphy movies. Well, you’re not doing so good. Easy Jack Attack, but you messed up. Wouldn’t matter. Fifth place, ouch. Let’s try another one because that was pathetic. This isn’t going much better. Actually it’s going worse. Maybe you should’t multitask. Another easy Jack Attack. Fourth place. Meh. That’s enough embarrassment for one day. You’re still a little hungry, so you have a few cocoa roast almonds. You haven’t visited Chau’s site in a while and since you’re actually on your laptop, you go and do that. Your mommy calls. You tell her you ate at the Cheesecake Factory over the weekend. She wants to know what you’re doing for Easter. You tell her everyone can come to your house.

Bryan sends you this:–abc-news-topstories.html You go downstairs and put the clothes in the dryer. You finish reading Chau’s blog. You check the weather. Just rain tomorrow. Guess you’re going in.

Fitbit step check: 10364

You go upstairs to brush your teeth, wash you face and pick out clothes for tomorrow. You also get fresh towels for you and Bryan.


You decide to go with your lavender sweater tomorrow. That thing is super old, but doesn’t really look it.

You look online to see if you can save money on your hosting. Yeah, if you pay $700 for ten years. Maybe you’ll get two years. Time to watch Breaking Bad and jump while Bryan’s on the elliptical. You don’t know why everyone hates Skyler, she seems to be the only one on the show with any sense at all.

You go upstairs, take out your contacts, use your nasal spray and take your pill. You put your fitbit in its nighty and put on yours as well. You’re reading a SciFi/romance novel on your Kindle. Bryan gets out of the shower and you cuddle for a bit before he puts on the an and turns out the lights.


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  1. You guys are so cute together in the video & the conversation you two were having while making breakfast made me laugh. :)

  2. Yeah yesterday was a doozy of a day. Love how I made it to your “Day in the Life” post lol.

    Talenti = heaven. Their choco peanut butter is amazing…and caramel…and dark chocolate….OMG I CANT STOP!
    NEVER saw the butter pecan flavor though. May have to pick that up for Tom if I find it.

    And as for the cuddle picture….cute. What happened after? ;) :P

  3. I LOVE these kinds of posts! And I love that I got a little shout out. :) Bryan DOES wear awesome tee-shirts! And you also wear amazing leggings/pants. You seem to really love your job.

    What’s a Quickcheck light?

    1. the light by the local quickcheck that’s pretty much there only for the people exiting quickcheck so they can turn left. If a car pulls up even to turn right, the light immediately turns stopping traffic on the busy main street

  4. Haha, that’s funny that Maryam knows when you’re doing a Day in the Life of post.

    I haven’t used Putty since school, I don’t remember any of the config stuff at all…

    Urg, Dreamhost is super expensive and not so great… I know someone who has her own reseller, so if you want to buy hosting from her, I can refer her to you.

    Wow, you chew a lot of gum…. How many pieces do you go through a day??

    Hehe, I hate Payphone too.

    I’m surprised DMB is actually still up! I don’t go online very often, so I don’t know if the sites we used to go to are still up or not.

    LOL, it was funny watching you eat.

    I really like your kitchen… Your whole house seems nice (from the pictures from awhile back, haha).

    Aww, that’s a cute picture of the 2 of you… Hehe. When do you actually go to sleep anyhow? Work really takes up most of your day… Hehe.

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