Wednesday, 4/23/14, 17 weeks pregnant.

Previous days.

You had dreams about HS choir, hadn’t had one of those in a while. And sidewalk chalk? You think you feel your fitbit buzzing, nope, way too early. You take a sip of water and use your saline nasal spray. You roll back over onto your left side and go back to sleep.

Still too early. You try going back to sleep. You fail. You’re hungry. You don’t know why since you felt uncomfortably stuffed last night. You decide to get up early. You turn off the fan and air filter. You grab your cellphone and your cup of water, put them down on the bathroom sink. You hear Bryan in the kitchen downstairs while you put on your robe and socks. You head downstairs for breakfast, Bryan has disappeared back into the basement. You heat up a glass of water. You eat part of your strawberry-banana overnight oats. You check Facebook, no new Lyra pictures yet :( You check your email and the pregnancy app to see today’s tip while you drink your water.


Your fitbit alarm goes off. You go upstairs to the bathroom, put in your contacts, brush your teeth, put on your workout clothes and head back down. Bryan comes up, hugs you, and informs you he was reading about the baby. It has hiccups and can blink. He goes upstairs to sleep. You weigh yourself before going down into the basement, 107.8, and record it in your pregnancy app. Today is the best workout of the week – prenatal yoga. Oh the stretchy goodness.


After yoga, you grab another bite of your breakfast and then head upstairs to shower. You wash your hair, wash your body, shave, wash your face and longer a little too long under the nice, warm water. You need more conditioner. Maybe you’ll go to Target after work. You always say that, you never do. Maybe you will today since you have witnesses. You finally step out and dry yourself off. You put lotion and makeup on, comb and towel dry your hair and belly butter-up. You practice your next toastmasters speech as you get ready. You get dressed and head downstairs.

Wow, you woke up early and you might actually leave early, that never happens. You take your vitamins, grab your breakfast and lunch from the fridge, gather up the rest of your stuff and head out. You wear your wool coat today since it’s supposed to be a little chilly. You buckle yourself in with your Dream Baby Bump Belt.

(This was written after I arrived at work. Never text and drive!) The radio says there was an accident on the Parkway, but it was just North of you, so it should be OK. You’ve been taking the Parkway because they’re doing crazy construction on 35. Hmm, right lane, left lane? You pick the left lane. Whoot, good choice, that also never happens! There’s a truck in the right. You speed past everyone stuck behind the truck, muahaha. On the Parkway you slow down to let the crazy person go in front of you. And now the dude behind you is tailgating. You go over to the middle lane. They’re talking to the guy from “My Cat From Hell” on the radio – good show. He’s funny. Almost to work. Wow, does this person realize there are two lanes here? Don’t bother checking to see if there’s someone in the other lane, why would you do that? Oh, is he going to get over again? Yup, yup, look at that, and didn’t check the other lane again. I would honk if I were that other car.  Of course they’re turning into at&t.


You park in the parking garage and take the elevator up to your office. You can carry the laptop or the baby up the stairs, but not both. You plug in your laptop and finish your breakfast as you check your email. Nitika comes in, you say good morning. She jokes, “did you go home?” “Right after you.” You go put your food in the fridge and fill your water bottle. You squeeze in some lemon juice. You’re cold. Probably will end up keeping your coat on all day again. You hear bagel day in full swing down the hall. You review I-Hsiung’s updated HLD and send your updated estimate to Hsiu-Mei. You hear Maryam shuffle into Nitika’s office, you go over to visit too. Nitika asks how “mommy’s doing.” You’re cold.


Potty break. On the way, you stop by Maryam’s office because Bushra is there and Sumayya and Merzia come over too. You grab Nitika. Maryam is teasing one of them about being next to get pregnant. You happen to know she’s already pregnant and she finally announces it! You won’t say who since she wants to keep it just between your group for now. Anthony and Mark come over because they hear your giggling. You all chat for a while. Anthony thinks you’re having a boy, Nitika thinks it’s a girl. The party breaks up and you complete your journey to the bathroom.


Rocky emails you the workforce management graphic to upload to their tSpace community. It doesn’t want to upload. You save it as a different file format, that works for some reason. Ting wants to submit the code into the repository today, so you check to make sure you’ve named your files correctly as you’ve changed them like three times already because, um, pregnancy makes you dyslexic? You realize you never approved Rich’s document because Prism was down, oops. You go do that now.

Step check: 1255


You’re hungry. Lunch time! You go heat up your food. Someone left a paper towel in the sink? There’s no reason for that. You check Facebook. You have a message from Greg (yup, same Candadian Greg) left from your conversation last night. You had no idea he had a baby. You hadn’t talked in a while. You also have a message from Helen working out dinner plans in a couple weeks. The microwave dings. Yumm, Bryan’s chili. This should warm you up. You make your “walk?” times poll while you eat. You have no meeting today besides this optional brown bag on the new mobile share plans, should be easy to schedule for you. Oh, right, that’s jalapeno, not green pepper, hot, hot, very hot. Well, that’ll clear out your sinuses. Only one tissue left :(

Kushal comes by with a chocolate egg for you that he got from Phyllis. He had too many already. Yip, dessert. People are not voting in your poll. Manjula says she can only go at 2:30. Nitika wants to know if your internet is slow. Not that you’ve noticed. People voted. You message the group informing them of walks at 12:30 and 4:30 today. There’s an after work get together at Bonefish today that you won’t be going to. Not as much fun when you can’t drink.

Julia wants to know if you’re going to have a reveal cake with pink or blue inside. You say yes, an ice cream cake, but you need help with the cake part. Anthony mentioned earlier he’s learning JavaScript, so you message and ask how since it’s something you need to pick up as well. He sends you a url. The workforce management people are very happy with their tSpace – huzzah! OK, now your internet is slow. Since you can’t do much, you decide to join the first half of the brown bag. You check your wireless account and it says it hasn’t been paid yet. You call your dad to make sure switching plans didn’t mess up any autopay he had setup. Anthony asks what else is on your list to learn. You’re mostly focusing on mobile development stuff since you have to learn one of the strategic areas by EOY. Hmm, should you buy the kindle book or wait for the paperback in the mail. Kindle book you can start with now. It’s expensive :(

You grab the girls for your walk, but Nitika’s on the phone and Merzia is still eating, so you wait a bit. The four of you walk down. Coming back from your first round, you run into Maryam who has a little time before her next meeting. At the end of the walk, you stop by the vendors. Maryam has to go back upstairs. There’s a very good lamp salesman who talks the four of you into buying almost $200 worth of lamps. You get yours for the cheapest since you didn’t really want one. Peer pressure. Yiding walks by as you’re browsing and you tell him he doesn’t have to worry about the counts for October and probably we won’t have to modify them at all for the clfi change.


You take the elevator back up to your offices. Your mom called when you were on your walk, so you call back. She was looking at diapers and strollers and will send you links. You tell her you’re coming home this weekend. You check and see if you have an email about your room assignment for Take Your Kids to Work Day tomorrow, but you don’t see one. You know you’re in the boring lab downstairs, but you don’t know the room number.

Ooh, is baby on the move? Whatever it was stopped.  Ting messages you asking about the MyEclipse setup. You answer his questions and send him a file he needs. He says you’ll do the commit of your files when he gets back from his meeting. You’re still debating about the JavaScript book. $25 seems like a lot for a technical book that’s a couple years old, but this “course” seems like it would be very helpful to follow. You decide to download a sample. Ah, the email with the room assignments has arrived! You print out a copy and retrieve it from the printer. You warp yourself in your blanket. Still cold. You start reading the sample of the Javascript book. Oh you should probably change the URL for your adapters. You do that and then go back to the JavaScript book.

Maryam and Sumayya want to go for another walk, but Manjula wanted to walk at 4:30 and Ting is coming back. You go get water before he comes back. The JavaScript book is making you sleeeepy. Kashif messages you offering cake. How can you turn down strawberry shortcake? It’s good. You finish the first two chapters of the book and start on the intro course in Codeacademy. It’s a little too basic for you. Um… can you skip this stuff?

Ting is back. You work together on submitting your code. Ting seems impressed by what you did on your own. It wasn’t that hard to figure out. Ting will do the config files. You already tried your hand at them, but you missed something, so it’s probably faster if he does them anyway. You Q Manjula to ask if she still wants to walk, but she’s in a meeting. Everyone always has meetings. One nice thing about ISAAC, besides code reviews, they have very few meetings.


Since you’re not going on a walk, guess you’ll have your snack and play with Javascript some more. Sumayya asks if you’re walking. You tell her Manjula has a meeting. Anthony asks you a question. You don’t understand, you ask for clarification. You answer his question and… he’s gone. Manjula comes in for you to sign Joe’s card. She wants to know if you have $100, she’ll give you smaller bills. You think you broke your last one, but nope, you have one left. She’s very excited. Shes comes back with change. All these singles will not fit in your wallet. She trades you a $20. You chat about the baby and maternity leave. Maryam comes in because she hears you giggling. Sumayya heard you giggling, so she comes too. You go to the bathroom. When you get back, you see your dad is calling. He says he didn’t get the notification about the bill, so he sent in the payment and paid $10 extra to expedite it. Bummer.


You text Bryan that you’re leaving, but stopping at Target. You see Sumayya leaving on your way out,so you wait for her and leave together. Oh it’s definitely too cold out for a walk today, Target it is. You arrive at Target. You wait as an adorable little boy insists on picking out his own shopping basket. You buy shampoo, conditioner, pregnancy related tummy medicines, more containers and jam.


You take 35 to the Parkway home, which you wouldn’t normally do, but it’s later and traffic shouldn’t be bad. It’s not.

You arrive home undamaged and Bryan hugs you hello. He puts his head on your belly to hear the baby. He hears ‘grr-argle-raarg.’ “Oh!” “That’s my tummy growling. I’m hungry.” He hopes your baby doesn’t go deaf from your loud tummy noises :D You heat up some leftovers for dinner. Your avocado isn’t quite ripe, you’ll eat it tomorrow. Bryan talks about how cute Lyra is hangry. He vacuumed upstairs today. You eat your food and take your vitamins. The WordPress on your iPad isn’t working, so you take out your laptop instead. You ask Bryan where you should eat with Helen and Darian. You suggest Seasons52. He’s OK with that if it’s open now. There’s 274 reviews, so you assume it’s open. Oh boy, Lyra was moved from the NICU to the nursery :D

Step check: 6660 … better walk a little more

You go upstairs to hunt for your camera charger. It must be somewhere. That didn’t take long, it was in your suitcase as you suspected. You charge your battery, though it’ll probably take the rest of the night, so guess you’ll keep using your phone for pictures. That’s OK, makes it easier to upload. You go back to reading the reddit thread you started a  few days ago on peoples deepest, darkest secrets. If you ever want to feel really good about your life, this is where to go. A lot of the secrets are sad, but no matter what problems you think you have, they don’t come close to these.

You want a little something sweet, but it’s too cold for ice cream. You look in the fridge to see what else you have. (I know I say sweets are one of my aversions, but it’s more like certain sweets and in larger amounts.) You find some thin mints leftover from the ice cream you made for Easter. You have four of those. Your tummy thinks that’s more than enough. Bryan thinks you smell good. He wants to know if he should tell you if one day he thinks you smell bad. “If you don’t have something nice to say…” “then say it?” “no.” You put away the rest of the cookies and make yourself some chocolate banana overnight oats for tomorrow. Bryan asks you where the hand blender goes, you tell him behind the Crock-pot. He remembers. He comments that you haven’t seen Helen and Darian in a long while. You’ve grown a  hiccuping human since then.

You go upstairs and pick out your clothes. What to wear? Oh right, it’s Take Your Kids to Work Day tomorrow, you have to wear your att shirt. Well that makes life easy. You put your clothes out, change into something more comfy, put up your hair, floss and brush your teeth. You head back downstairs. It’s Star Trek time!


You put on DS9. Bryan uses the elliptical while you walk/jump on the mini trampoline. Not the best episode ever, but not awful. Bryan sees a centipede in the laundry room as you’re heading out. He tells you to go on while he kills it. He says it was a female, very big and in a bad place.

Step check: 10049

You head upstairs, take out your contacts and get ready for bed. You read your pregnancy book on your kindle while Bryan showers. He gets out and you have him rub the belly oil on. You cuddle for a little while and then say goodnight and try to drift off to sleep. Oh that was definitely the baby moving, probably, it tickled.


You have a dream about a big mall with a space museum attached and Bill Nye the Science Guy was there. Also a dream that you backed into a space perfectly, accidentally, but it was a reserved spot, but the person said you could park there anyway since your neighbor was in your spot. You wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back asleep, but you must have drifted off at some point because your alarm wakes you at 6:30.

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  1. Wow, this post was long! Sounded like a pretty good day. I can’t believe you remembered all those little details. You must have been writing all day to get all the details down. I don’t think I’ve done one of these before. I did a week in the life kind of thing, but it did not go into as much detail. Perhaps I’ll give this a shot one day.
    Oh and I really wish you hadn’t posted that reddit link. Wow, can’t believe some of the things people have done/went through. Very disturbing. I like my happy little life, thank you very much!!
    Pregnancy dreams are so weird!! It’s crazy the things that the mind dreams up!! Haha, love that Bill Nye was in it!!
    I think it’s so cool that you can feel the baby!!! I am sure it will start moving more and more :D

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