Friday, 2/24/17


You wake up to the sounds of Owen whining. He cuddles with you, but tosses and turns before falling back asleep.

???? Too early to be awake am

He’s up again. He asks to cuddle. You are cuddling. Go back to sleep kid.


He’s up again, this time, the light is green, so he’s allowed to nurse. You tell him you’re going to unlatch him and count to three, he pulls off himself, but whines a little and asks you to fix his pants. “Mama cuddle?” Sure baby. “Go sleepys?” Glad you’re on the same page. He tries to sleep, tries cuddling this way and that. At one point he’s still for a while, you start drifting off, but he moves suddenly and says, “I go play Woody? Where’s Buzz?” Guess the sleep thing isn’t happening. You two cuddle for a little while longer before finally getting up.


You start getting out of bed. Owen hops on your back. “Oh no! Baby on back! Get it off! Get it off!” You give him a ride into the hallway. You go into the bathroom. You both brush your teeth and then you brush his teeth for real. He picks up a Mickey keychain. “It’s Mickey!” He makes it fly. “To infinity and beyond!” “Wear Donald?” Sorry baby, all your Donald shirts are in the laundry. “Wear Mickey?” Er, maybe… you change his diaper, he asks you to kiss his hands. He asks you to read him the last few pages of the Cat and the Hat. You pause for him to fill in words. The two of you look for a Mickey shirt. Success! There’s a couple left! He’s runs around the nursery with his Buzz costume “it’s Buzz! To infinity and beyond! Go downstairs? Mama car?” “Hold Buzz please?” He hands you the Buzz costume “sure.” “Thank you!” “You’re welcome.” You carry him downstairs. 

You make two Mickey waffles for Owen and a regular one for yourself. You let Owen stir to put in some extra love. You even throw in some whey from your homemade yogurt. They turn out pretty good. Owen sees the waffle and climbs into his seat. He asks for syrup. You have yours with apple sauce. You also have some green tea. In an unusual turn of events, Owen asks for “Poppins” music instead of Toy Story or Moana. “Fresh water?” You knew you forgot something.

Owen finishes one waffle and takes the second half of the second waffle to go while he looks for Little Buzz. You check the weather, too nice not to go out. You go upstairs and gets pants for both of you. Owen still hasn’t found Buzz, so he takes Mickey out who flies to the park saying “to infinity and beyond!” Owen wants to take the “stairs” to the playground. You correct him telling him it’s a hill. He run to the slide and declares everything is “too wet” and then starts climbing anyway. He doesn’t go down any slides. He has a great time on the swing though. 

You ask him if he wants to go back to the house and get his bike. He starts running towards the house, but sees his doggy friend, Daisy and decides to stalk her instead. He introduces her to Mickey. You follow them out through the park and say goodbye. Owen runs to your back deck and does a couple laps before heading to your car to get the bike. You eventually convince him to let you hold Mickey so he can ride. You get about a block down the street when he meets up with kids waiting for the bus. He desides these kids aren’t much fun and says goodbye and continues riding his bike until he gets to his tree. He asks you to pick him up so he can give you a big hug. Awwwww.

His tree climbing is interrupted when he sees a couple of his friends heading to the bus stop. He runs to them and tries to get them to chase him, but they have to go to school. He gets confused about which way they’re going and stops in the middle of the steeet. You have to drag him back to the sidewalk as he screams for you to put him down. After that, he’s less cooperative and keeps running up to peoples’ houses. You decide to take him home. You spend the next 15 minutes trying to convince him to ride his bike so you don’t have to carry it. Finally, you prevail and he rides it all the way back to your car. You go back inside and take him upstairs to the bedroom to look for Buzz.

He still hasn’t found him, but you look in his purse and find Baby Buzz. He’s very happy. You change his non poopy, but very wet diaper before taking his laundry downstairs. You throw it in the machine along with some of your stuff while you wait ten years for your computer to boot.


Time to start work. Ugh, two meetings starting at 9:30, both on the open ecomp stuff. You’re so happy you’re leaving MSO. You hear Own running around upstairs. You have to go to the bathroom, so you sneak upstairs at the end of the first meeting. Owen asks you to change his diaper. You tell him Dada will change it. You give him a kiss on the head and head back downstairs. He whines a bit, he doesn’t want you to leave.

Boring meeting #2. You decide to walk during this one despite your rumbling tummy. You raise your desk and turn the treadmill on to 1.8mph. You all join the bridge, but Steve points out Bob is off today. You let everyone know and ask Pramod and the Belgium folks if they want to continue their discussion. You talk about the project split and junits. Pramod asks you to review his pull request. Jane Qs you and asks if you downloaded the machine learning project as a zip instead of using git. You did.

6223 steps so far today. You stop the treadmill and stand for a while. You join your new team’s morning bridge. Your client asks you about the weather. You say it’s beautiful, 70 today. He’s in California, he says it’s 32 there. 

You tell the team you’re mostly available today, so they pair you with Jie. Oh good, they acknowledge CDT folks should get first dibs at project PMTs.

You go upstairs for a snack of trailmix because you’re sooooo hungry. You walk a little more to get your 250 steps for the 11:00 hour and then sit. You think maybe you should grab lunch before you message Jie. You heat up a Somosa wrap and instruct Bryan on how to heat up a sweet potato for Owen.

You Q Jie and let her know you’re available and oh crap you spelled her name wrong. Awesome first impression. You review Pramod’s PR while you wait for a response. She’s now idle, you go upstairs to go to the bathroom and give Owen a hug. Jie is back and invites you to her bridge. You watch as she works on the chat bot service. She invites Tim in to help her. You’re a little lost :)

You all join the standup call. You verify you do indeed have access to the code repo. Back to walking for a bit. You hit 10000 steps and your 250 for the hour. After the call, you setup your eclipse to get to the repo. Ah, that’s right, this is the system with stupid password rules. Ok, now how do you use SVN again… you only wrote a whole CVS interface for ISAAC, but that was like four years ago now. The eclipse plugin documentation is on github, well, that’s a little ironic. 

You go grab a snack. Ok, maybe you’ll just finish the bag of trail mix. Jie says you’ll pair again after the chatbot brownbag. That should be good. The brown bag starts, you’re still cold, will do some more walking. Steve wants you to join a connect to go over error handling changes he made. Not as much fun. You tell him you’ll join in a bit. 

Steve says Meera’s delete test failed. You check cockpit, yeah, yeah, it did, but you guys tested that with the real A&AI! You ask him to work with Kevin to test again in his local. You check on Owen, still sleeping. You grab some cheerios and almond button and apple sauce because you’re a piggy. And now you’re thirsty. Oh shoot, the laundry, you throw that in the dryer.

Jie is still having lunch. You listen for Owen on the monitor. He’ll probably wake up the second she gets back. You get the rest of your 250 steps for the hour. You think you hear Owen, you go up there to see, but he’s still sleeping through the nicest day of the whole year. You help Steve and Kevin with the delete issue. Your mom texts that she broke her toe. Poor mommy.


You go wake Owen up since it’s so late. He needs many hugs. He’s very offended you woke him up and just left him with Dada. You can hear him still crying. Your pairing partner is brb, so you go check on Owen. He’s so upset. Dada is out of the shower and changes his diaper. You tell him his friends said they would play with him after school.


Jie has to go pick her son up from school, so you say goodbye for the day for the day and cut out a little early to enjoy the beautiful weather. You find Bryan’s and Owen playing with Nolan! 

But he has to leave which makes both boys very upset. Owen continues playing with the big kids, handing them their football and saying “you’re welcome friend!” When they say thank you. 

Dada heads home to make dinner and the two of you put his bike back in your car and then go to the playground for a bit. On the way he sees his neighbor friend playing. You say hi to his mom.

He wants to watch the boys on the basketball court. It gets dark, so you suggest going home, he says no, but then says he wants to go get Woody. He asks to watch Toy Story, you say, sure, you can go home and watch Toy Story. Dada puts it on for you when you get home. 
Owen comes over and sits on your lap. Bryan brings over your dinner, salmon pasta. You and Owen share at his little table.

You march in place to get your 250 steps for the hour. 10/12 and 15408 so far. Excellent step day. Good, Owen seems to be eating a lot. He needs the omega 3s and a full tummy will help him sleep tonight. Carolyn texts back that they can’t hang out tomorrow morning, but maybe Sunday. You’ll probably still go to the park tomorrow though.

Owen wants to do infinity and beyond. You fly him around.


Owen heads upstairs and you follow. Bryan tries to fix the baby monitor. You suggest book reading, but Owen hates that idea. You find Little Buzz, he was just hanging out by the crib. Owen is thrilled. You change his poopie diaper and a Bryan throws it away. He says he threw out a heavy bag of garbage from the basement. You don’t remember what you threw out.

You read Owen the Toy Story book and then Frozen while you nurse. Then you all head to the bedroom to say goodnight. You sing the goodnight Owen song and then explain to Owen that you’ll nurse him and sing a song, then unlatch, cuddle and you’ll go bye bye and he’ll sleep like every night. He asks for Mary Poppins. You sing Feed the Birds. He tries to sing while he nurses. The song is over, he unlatches and asks to cuddle. You do and sing some Toy Story together. You kiss him goodnight and leave the room.


You head downstairs to workout. You do 35 minutes on the elliptical while watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend. You stretch and head upstairs to shower. Bryan thinks Owen is asleep.  After your shower, you take out your contacts, but you’re out of lease solution so you need to go to the closet to get more. You put your robe on and go plug your old Fitbit in to charge it so you an use it while you sleep. 17334 steps and 12/12 hours with 250 steps today! You were active for 7hr 25min and stationary for 8hr 23 min. You make yourself some s’mores while you do your udacity machine learning course on your iPad. You’re on the evaluation section learning about Confusion Matrices. You go downstairs to use your laptop instead since it’s easier to do the programming exercises on there. 

You tell Bryan you stole his new keyboard, but you didn’t like it, so he can have it back. The control button was in the wrong place and there wasn’t a delete button. You plug back in your old one, but it’s not working, so you reboot. Your Apple Pencil needs charging. Ok back to learning. You unplug your pencil to take notes on your iPad. Oh, you finished the class. Onto the mini project. 

Oh boy, all you have left is the final project. Hopefully you can knock that out this weekend. You’re looking froward to doing the full nano degree now. This machine learning stuff is fun.


Ok, bedtime for you now. You kiss Bryan goodnight, go upstairs, brush your teeth, put on your PJs and sneak into bed.

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  1. Woah, where in California does your client live? Didn’t know it goes down to 32.. It’s cold here, but not that cold, where I’m at, at least. We’re getting up to 70 again in a few days. Anyhow, my chrome on mobile keeps crashing on your site.

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