Easter Sunday, 4/4/2010

You wake up. You had a dream that Princess was alive, but really sick and you didn’t want to leave her because you were afraid she was going to die. You get up to go to the bathroom. You can’t get back to sleep. You sneeze, now you’re stuffy, you definitely won’t sleep. You decide to get up.

You make yourself breakfast. Oatmeal with cherries, strawberries and a little bit of honey. While it’s in the microwave, you turn on your computer and eat some nuts. You go and fetch your oatmeal. You take a picture with your phone. You have a text message, it’s going to be a high of 74 today. Squee! It’s awfully hard to read what you’re typing since you didn’t put your contacts in yet. You eat your oatmeal. You eat some more nuts. You check facebook which is difficult because you still haven’t put your contacts in you lazy bum. You check your blog. No Sunday Secrets yet :( OK, time to get up, brushy your teeth, washy your face and put in those contacts. You drop your acne stuff on the floor and you have to wash it off.

Your alarm goes off as you’re putting on your lotion. How is it 8:00 already? Better start getting ready. You go into the bedroom to pick out your clothes. The door doesn’t squeak for the firs time this year, which is good because you don’t want to wake Bryan up. You bought a new dress a couple weeks ago that you really want to wear, but it’s more for 80 degree weather than 74. Eh, close enough. You pick out a backup outfit ‘case that one doesn’t work out.

You tidy up a little, but there’s only so much you can do. You guys are really out of space here. If you were wondering, that weird looking contraption next to the cake is a hand mixer. Works well, but it’s a pain in the butt to clean. Ah, the cake. Didn’t come out to well ascetics wise, but you think it will be quite yummy. It’s this chocolate-peanut butter cake. You check facebook again now that you can read.

You put together the stuff you will be taking with you today. You call your mom to ask her to bring your Jornada. She doesn’t want you doing a Day in the Life today, but you already started it, so poo poo. You weren’t going to do it today, but everyone got so excited about it. You tell her to forget about the Jornada. You haven’t used it in like four years, the thing probably doesn’t work anyway. You’ll do this old school with a notbook and pencil … if you can find a notebook. You know there’s a Windex stained notebook in your car. Guess this means you should get dressed.

You go in the bedroom again to get tights and earrings. You notice you don’t have any Easter earrings. You ask your mommy to bring some. They found your Jornada o_O These aren’t the right tights. What happened to the pink ones with the feet?

You have some technical difficulties with the dress. You hear something rip when you’re trying to get it over your stick-on bra. Uh oh. You don’t see anything. Your mommy calls, she found your earrings. Oh my this is low cut. The sweater doesn’t really cover you. Perhaps not the best thing to wear to church. You decide to go with your backup outfit. These tights don’t have feet either??? Well, they look really cute, so you guess it’s OK. These shoes don’t really go. Where are your pink ones? You had that box of shoes. Where could they be? You hope they look less awkward with your black sweater on. Eh, not so much.

You comment on Kimm’s blog. You visit digg. Your parents call and ask if there’s room in the fridge for the food they’re bringing. Erm, no. You go and make room. Let’s see, this opened bottle of sparkling raspberry champagne from the Grand Marquis has been sitting in there for over a year, that can probably go.

You eat some more nuts. What, you’re hungry … You chew a piece of gum so you won’t eat any more nuts. For some reason you click on an ad for the att connect card thing. It says It’s $249, -$99 with a 2yr contract, -$99 for buying online = free … 249 – 99 – 99 = 0?

Your parents arrive. They brought matzos because they bought five pounds of it. You don’t think you can use the Jornada because you don’t have a compact flash reader or a USB cord that fit.
You leave for church. You get your sunglasses from your car first.

It’s not very crowded. You told your parents you wouldn’t have to leave early. There’s a dude with religious tattoos on his face dressed in pajamas. One of the girls they have singing is very nasally and flat. The priest is amusing. They come around with the holy water and you hope you don’t get splashed. You don’t get a chocolate bunny when you leave. Apparently you look older than 10 this year.

You arrive back home. You wake Bryan up, his alarm didn’t go off. He asks you if you got a chocolate bunny. He’s sad you didn’t. Your mommy eats your nuts. You ask her if she and your daddy had breakfast. They didn’t. You offer your mom some cereal. You talk about the matzos. Your dad goes to put stuff in the car. You look for Mary Beth’s containers from a couple years ago, but can’t find them. You take your parents’ containers, one of which is actually your aunt’s.

You grab the rest of the stuff and head out. Your dad wants to put the cake in the trunk, but you opt to keep it on your lap due to the dog hair back there.

You leave for Tom and Mary Beth’s. Your mommy has the Tom-Tom on that you got them for Christmas. You tell your daddy it’s gonna say to take the express side, but we should stay on the local because if there’s traffic, it’s always on the express side. Bryan pets you. He says you have soft hair. Your daddy said he lit a candle for Princess. You said you don’t think the Catholics believe doggies have souls, but you think they do. Bryan thinks it doesn’t matter if doggies have souls or not.

You arrive at the house. The GPS got you there alright :) You bring stuff in and say hi to Tom, Mary Beth and the boys. One of the boys, Matt, goes off and you don’t see him again until dinner. Heidi, their dog, jumps on you and rips your new tights :( Ah well, at least they were from K-Mart and not Macy’s. You snack on yummy appetizers and chat. Mary Beth made peach iced tea with pieces of fruit in it. You drink a lot of that. The mushrooms are stuffed with crab meat. You talk about how Aunt Kathy can’t eat them because she’s allergic. Bryan says that also means she’s allergic to insects. Tom (little Tom) talks about what schools he’s thinking of going to. You talk about converting VHS videos to DVD.

Your Aunt Kathy and Uncle Paul arrive. They got stuck in traffic due to construction on the Parkway. They have some of the appetizers and a little while later, you all sit down for dinner. Tom says Grace while Heidi licks your hand. You’re sitting by the pierogies and get to serve them to everyone. They’re very yummy. You eat too many. You also really like your dad’s stuffed cabbage and your aunt’s chicken. You talk about the house you’re buying. Everyone thinks they’ll pay for the things that need to be fixed. You hope so. Everyone talks about their doggies. Your aunt and uncle got a new dog recently. You haven’t met him yet. They ask you if you’re going to get a doggy. You tell them you decided that you’re going to get a dog when our kid is old enough to ask for one. Everyone thinks Bryan said that we’ll get one when the kid can take care of it, but he just meant so that they’re old enough to learn responsibility. Tom gets asked about college again.

You show everyone the wedding album and your dad has some old pictures of his grandmother. You promise your aunt you’ll send her a couple of pictures and your dad that you’ll send him pictures of the dogs that you were supposed to weeks ago. Bryan keeps asking when we’re going to have cake ’cause he thinks it’s funny.

You go next door to see their neighbors kitchen. Mary Beth says they remodel every two years. They have a very nice house.

You come back in and it’s finally time for dessert. You eat a piece of Mary Beth’s carrot cake and a piece of your chocolate cake. Both are very yummy. Where are the reese’s? Did you take them?

Your aunt and uncle have to leave to take care of the dog. You pack up food. You give your mommy one of the containers back to take food in. You take some veggies, some chicken, some stuffed cabbage, some ham and of course, cake :) Bryan puts some fruit in a plastic baggy. Oh, you found the reese’s, they were in your purse.

Your aunt and uncle leave and you all go in the other room so Mary Beth can look at the wedding pictures. You get on the subject of your electric bills. Daddy says theirs is high. Tom tells him he should check their battery backup things because if they’re old, they could be draining power. Your electric bill is almost as high as Tom and Mary Beth’s. You’re not sure why. Then you go into the room with the TV to watch some of the video. Heidi jumps on Bryan lap when he sits down. You fast forward through most of the video, stopping of course at the part where Mary Beth rubs your daddy’s head. You watch yourself singing, and peoples singing and dancing.

You need to leave so mommy and daddy can go home and feed the Buffers. You grab all your stuff and say goodbye. It’s a lot easier getting home because there’s a parkway entrance right there, but there’s no exit.

You arrive back at the apartment. Your mommy asks you if you want some of the pierogies. Your daddy’s in a rush to get home and you tell her it would be better if we didn’t sit around trying to divide them. You take your stuff and say bye to your parents. You put the food in the fridge, grab some water and sit down to type. You listen to Bryan playing Rockband drums. He got five gold stars on something hard.

You decide to exercise, even though you did yesterday, so you don’t have to on Tuesday when you have choir. You dance around for a half an hour and then do Shiva Rea’s Creative Core and Upper Body.

You apologize for the video. You can’t do as many pushups as usual. Must be that food baby weighing you down. Boy did you eat a lot. As you stretch, you here Bryan in the other room on the phone with Brian. Brian’s going to Disney World! Bryan comes in to tell you this.

You put away your exercise stuff and go and shower. You rinse off your face brush when your done and put on your robe. You realized you never put the clean clothes away, so you don’t have the belt for your robe. That’ll make Bryan happy. You put your acne cream on that expired two weeks ago. Eh, it still works. You put the dishes in the sink in the dishwasher and run it.

You check if there’s anything good on TV. It’s Sunday, there has to be Law and Order on some station. No? Really? Did you clothes the soap compartment in the dishwasher? You check, you did. You try to open one of the videos you took, but the window freezes and you can’t get it back. You get one of the videos to play. Why is there no sound??? Did your camera break??? You try to play in on the camera, you don’t hear anything. Oh crap! You get your book and look up video. It tells you how to turn up the volume. You try that. You can hear it. Horray! So where’s the sound on the computer? The booklet says if you use their software, it copies the video better. You try that. Boy does your computer vibrate when it’s using the CDROM drive. Your old laptop did that too. Rebootin’ time.

Windows doesn’t want to edit the .mov files you filmed today. Well poo poo windows. You use handbrake to convert the files. Takes a looooong time. You put jojoba oil in your hair and comb it. Bryan comes in. He knows what you’re doing. You’re converting video. Maybe he doesn’t know what you’re doing. This is what he thought you were doing (typing). You brush your teeth. You talk about what stuff you missed when writing this and why your electric bill is so high. Speaking of which, you turn off the dishwasher midway through its drying cycle and open it up. Bryan gives you huggeses and kisses. You try to watch the converted videos in quicktime, but it couldn’t play them and they came out like silly music videos. You try again in WMP, that worked. the Bryan laughs at your videos. You and Bryan put away your clean clothes (finally). You pick out what you’re going to wear tomorrow. You take out your contacts, put on lotion, take your pills and get into bed. You and Bryan snuggle. He puts on the fan, turns off the light and you go sleepy.

10 Responses

  1. I had a dream about my dog like that before, but maybe not REALLY sick though…

    Woah, why is Bryan going to Disney World?

    Did you end up handwriting this, or that Jornada? I don’t know if you gave an update on that. Haha.

    LOL, that happened to me before, the no sound from the videos.

    Hmm, did having the software really transfer the videos better?? I only transfer it using the memory card, but I didn’t think it mattered.

    1. Bryan’s not going to Disney World, his friend, Brian is

      No, I sent myself some text messages and wrote the rest from memory. That’s why it’s a little shorter than usual.

      The software actually did do a better job of transferring the video. I don’t know why.

      1. Oops, haha, didn’t realize that it was Brian and not Bryan. Haha.

        You compared the 2 versions of a video? Hmm, weird… Maybe I should try that. What kind of camera do you have?

  2. Sounds like a nice day, and very interesting to read!! lol. Bryan sounds like a funny dude, and I loved the workout video! lol. Very cute.
    Where did you get this day in the life idea? It’s very informative. I felt like I was ACTUALLY THERE. =0p I’m trying to be dramatic, but it’s true.

    Maybe I’ll try that sometime.

    <3 saira

  3. Adorable and amusing! I like the pictures, although I didn’t watch the video (I pretty much never watch videos). Yay for looking older than 10 past age 20! Also, does acne cream really expire? I’ve def had some tubes for a long time..

    1. it’s prescription stuff that I need to keep in the fridge. *shrugs* it says to throw it away after three months.

  4. Oh my goodness this was so much fun! Thanks for sharing a day in the life! I’ve done them in the past but you’ve inspired to want to do one again. I’ll have to set aside a day to try one.

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